Wednesday, February 21, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 22/02/07]

TVB Ratings Fall Over New Year

TVB's ratings took a dive last week, probably because of citizens heading abroad for the Chinese New Year break. The three prime time shows including "Welcome to the House" and "Best Bet" fell by 2 points and 6 points respectively, with the former reaching 23 points and the latter's first week averaging just 26 points, compared to last week's "The Brink of Law" finale, which reached 32 points. The repeat of "Ten Brothers" still pulled in viewers averaging 29 points, which is a respectable result.

The drop was the greatest on New Year Eve and New Year Day weekend, with the "Beautiful Cooking Reunion dinner" only pulling in 23 points, down 3 points on the previous week. The special new year show only reached 17 points, falling a huge 12 points on the previous week, probably because everyone was out celebrating or visiting the flower markets.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/02/07]

Tracy Ip Reaps More Lucky Packets This Year

After several days off over the new year, Tracy Ip was back hosting TVB's E-Buzz again yesterday and on her first day back at work, she was busy greeting colleagues and looking for lucky packets. In just one morning, she had received over ten and she has received fifty or sixty in total over the last few days. Compared to last year, when she only received the one from Sir Run Run Shaw, she has done well this year. Tracy says happily: "My father has a big family and has a lot of brothers and sisters, so if they each give me two, then there is plenty there already. Moreover, my mother also has a lot of relatives, so there are plenty from just my family and friends."

As well as greeting people and receiving lucky packets, Tracy also spent the new year taking her dearest dog out to Tsz Wan Shan for walks in the hill. As there is a romance stone there, has she been there to wish for love? Tracy says: "I did not see the stone, maybe I had turned back before I had reached it. (Are you not afraid of danger going hill walking on your own?) I have my dog with me and he is quite big. There are a lot of joggers and hikers there, so it is quite busy and I am not afraid. (Will you go to see the romance stone next time?) If I have the energy, I will go and check it out."


[The Sun 22/02/07]

Ada Still Smiling Despite Losing at Mah Jong

Ada Choi and Wong He were filming on location for TVB's new series "Jewel's Splendor" and Ada reveals that she lost money over the new year, but she is still happy: "I lost money when I was playing Mah Jong with my family, but we were all just playing together and I was very happy anyway." She also reveals that she parked illegally on the third day of the new year and received a ticket: "I thought that they did not give tickets out on the first three days of the new year! That was so unfair! I deserved it though for parking in the wrong place."

Ah He went out to the night markets on New Year Eve and says that he walked eastwards to receive good luck: "Someone told me that I had to walk towards the east to get my fortune. However, people treated me as the fortune god and kept asking to be photographed with me. After putting on so much weight, I can succeed Bobby Au Yeung and become TVB's third 'Fortune God'."


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