Thursday, February 15, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 16/02/07]

Sonija has Quiet Valentines Day - Roger Prepares 600 Lucky Packets

Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok were filming on the evening of Valentines Day for "Curious Detective" where they were passed on the streets by many couples. The scene tells of one where she finds her lover cheating on her and Sonija has bought two cinema tickets ready for her and boyfriend Kenneth Ma, but he refuses on the grounds of work. She does not want to waste the tickets, so she asks Roger to join her, but they bump into Kenneth and Queenie Chu at the same cinema. To avoid Sonija getting hurt, Roger tries to stop them from seeing each other.

Sonija says that if she met two-timing boyfriends in real life then she would definitely dump them and she has met people like this in the past. "Women are especially senstive about these things and when I was dating, I had a partner with a third party and then they ended up getting married. Sometimes when I think back, I do find them to be the right couple." Although she had to work on Valentines Day, Sonija had no complaints and she felt that she had a very happy time with the crew. She says: "I have received no flowers and no gifts this year, just some perfume from a girlfriend. I am currently busy filming, so I don't have time to meet people. I feel that not having anyone to date is even better because it is less hassle." She says that she is enjoying single life and is in no rush to find her other half.

On what was Roger's first Valentines Day after his wedding, Roger had left his wife at home. However, he rushed home after the shoot and had prepared a gift for his wife. He says: "My wife has just released her book and in order to show my support, I have bought ten copies and wrapped ten of them up decoratively to give out to her friends." Roger says that from today, he will have ten days vacation and he will stay in Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year before heading out to Singapore and North America to make some money in stage shows. Asked if his wife would be going with him, he said that she will be staying in Hong Kong because she is currently studying a Nutrition course at Hong Kong University and she will have to revise for exams in March. He says: "My wife would like to have a photograph wearing a mortar board, so she will stay in Hong Kong and study. After her exams in March, then we will go on vacation." With this being the first new year after their marriage, Roger has made all the preparations and visited the flower markets, buying a plum blossom for their home. As for lucky packets, he says that Cindy has prepared 600 lucky packets to hand out to family and friends.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/02/07]

Angela Tong Turns Ugly Betty

TVB Pearl will begin to air "Ugly Betty" as of 15th March and this series has already picked up Golden Globes for 'Best Series' and 'Best Actress'. To tie in the image of the leading role, Angela Tong was asked to help promote the show by giving her own rendition of the 'Ugly Betty' style and she was joined by former Miss Hong Kong contestants such as Amy Tsang and Chloe Nguyen to help promote the show. Wearing braces, thick eyebrows and thick lipstick, Angela put on the thick framed glasses and looked almost as 'good' as her 'Ah Ho' character.

Angela reveals that she did wear a brace when she was younger because she likes to suck her thumb as a child, her teeth started growing outwards and when she was 14, she asked her mother to take her to have them fitted and she had to wear them until she was 16 or 17 before she started attracting the boys again. After finding fame as the 'ugly' character of Ah Ho, Angela does not mind playing the ugly girl again, but she says that this is a harder look to pull off than Ah Ho: "Ah Ho's teeth were easy to put in and take out, but the braces are quite tihgt and the wires are difficult to remove. Luckily my gums are alright." As the character is quite plump, but Angela is fairly thin, she has put on quite a few layers and a turtleneck sweater to pad out, but as the weather has been quite warm of late, she has been sweating a lot whilst they have been out filming for the promotion. She says: "Yesterday, we were filming on location in Causeway Bay and the public recognised me as Ah Ho and complimented me on how pretty I looked. One granny even touched me on the face and said I was beautiful, I couldn't believe it!"


[The Sun 16/02/07]

Shirley Yeung Does Not Want to be Stuck to Gregory Lee

With recent rumours about her break-up with boyfriend Gregory Lee, Shirley Yeung was asked about this whilst filming for a new year show with Nancy Wu and Kenny Bee yesterday and said: "Everything's alright! I do not want to talk so much about my relationship because I am scared people think we are like conjoined twins and not paying attention to our work. Everything is as normal." Shirley headed out on her vacation yesterday wearing light make-up and from her tour group sticker, she seemed to be going to Vancouver. Xiong Dailin and Melissa Ng were also spotted departing from a particularly busy Hong Kong Airport.


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