Tuesday, February 13, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 14/02/07]

Matthew Ko and Tracy Ip Embarrassed at Playing Lovers

Tracy Ip, Stephen Wong (Cheung Hing), Suki Chui, Matthew Ko, Aimee Chan and Lo Chun Shun dressed up in traditional Chinese and Western-style wedding gowns for a Valentines Day promotion for TVB Pay Vision yesterday. To tie in with the loving atmosphere for the festival, the three couples were asked to pair up to share a little kiss. In a little trick played on Tracy and Matthew, they were unpaired with their original partners and forced to share a kiss. Despite there being a plastic sheet between them, Matthew was still very awkward and would only kiss against Tracy's cheek. Aimee would only let Lo Chun Shun kiss the back of her hand and in the end, not one couple were willing to do a mouth-to-mouth kiss. Afterwards, they then shared an arm-in-arm drink and Tracy and Matthew were joked with again, leaving Matthew very red faced and embarrassed.

Tracy has been reported to have split with her rumoured boyfriend Don Li and she will be working at TVB City for Valentines Day, but she does have a small gift in that Don will also be there filming for "Jade Solid Gold". Asked if she was worried about the awkwardness if she bumped into him, she smiles: "If I see him I will be even happier because I have not seen him for a long time. We are friends and the rumours have passed now, there should be some new topics now." She also indicates that she loves wearing wedding gowns because weddings are full of fantasy, so when she saw the reports of Cathy Tsui and Cecilia Cheung's weddings earlier, she felt very happy for them. She does not wish to marry into a rich family though and just hopes that she will have a romantic wedding in the future. For now, she will be concentrating on her career because the fortune teller has said that her destiny has not come yet. She will not date anyone from within the showbiz industry because there will be too much misunderstanding and gossip. Asked if this is to do with her failed relationship with Don, she says it is unrelated and she has never admitted to dating Don.

When Suki was 19, she was invited on a date by a man, who proposed to her with a gift that held a note 'Marry Me'. Of course, she quickly turned him down. As for this year, she will be working on Valentines Day and has not prepared a gift for her boyfriend yet, neither has she received anything yet. After work, she will be having a meal with her family and then returning home to sleep. Although Aimee has plenty of pursuits, she will not be going on any dates because she would rather go out with her family. She also has to work, but she will be sending flowers to her parents and godmother. Her pursuits have mainly sent her flowers, but as a design student, she likes people to give her gifts that are hand-made. Her fans understand this and have made soup dumplings, calendars and lucky stars for her, making her very happy.


[The Sun 14/02/07]

Mannor Chan Straight Back to Work after Surgery

Mannor Chan was suffering earlier from high fever, stomach pains, sickness and diarrhoea and after an inspection at hospital was diagnised with helicobacter pylori and a tumour was also found in her intestines that needed to be operated on straight away. Back at work filming for "The Entire City Dances" yesterday, she says: "I have to take antibiotics for a month and the doctor told me to take more rest. Fortunately it was detected early, otherwise it could later have turned into a cancerous tumour." She had to start work at 9am for a dancing scene.


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