Monday, February 12, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 13/02/07]

Fiona Yuen's Thoughts with Canadian Valentine

Fiona Yuen released her fourth cookbook yesterday that concentrates on lovers dishes and at the launch event yesterday, she prepared a special Valentines menu that took just six minutes to prepare. As tomorrow is Valentines Day, she says she does not have a date, so she has chosen tomorrow to move into her new home.

Fiona was earlier snapped on a date with a man who was later dubbed her 'Chef Boyfriend'. She says that he has since returned to Canada and they will be spending Valentines Day apart. Asked whether he has made any gestures, she says: "I don't know. Maybe I will send him an SMS, but I have not prepared a present, because it will be difficult to get it to him. If we are dating, then he will send me a more thoughtful present, so I will wait and see what happens, hopefully he will give me a surprise."

Has she made a Valentines meal for this man? Fiona says that she does not know him very well and they were just introduced to each other by a Canadian friend, so she has not had the opportunity yet. Since the news broke, there has been quite a following in Canada and she feels that this has led to him becoming more reserved. They still keep in touch by phone though.


[The Sun 13/02/07]

Bernice Catches Sleep During Fainting Scene

Fala Chen and Bernice Liu were filming yesterday at the Gold Coast Hotel for "The Entire City Dances" in a scene that tells of Fala losing in a dance competition to arch rival Bernice and then in her anger pushing her dance teacher down the staircase. TVB requested a clear set for the shoot, but this led to some scuffles between the hotel staff and the press.

In her fainting scene, Bernice was taken away on a trolley, but she fell asleep as she lay on the stretcher. Woken up by the reporters she said: "I have not slept for three days and my flu is still not better, so I am very tired." The story tells of Bernice's retina becoming detached during dancing, leading to her fainting and co-star Steven Ma laughs: "It is the same injury that I suffered when I had my horse accident, where my retina became detcahed. I even asked the writers why they were copying my story!"

As for Fala who has been bothered by rumours of late, with suggestions she has been crying in make-up, she denies that this happened and says that she will deal with the gossip calmly.


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