Saturday, February 10, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 11/02/07]

Bosco Wong Insists he is just Friends with Fala Chen

Bosco Wong has always had plenty of rumours surrounding him and although he has a steady rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu, this has not stopped recent reports that he has fallen for the flirtatious Fala Chen during recent filming, sending her a barrage of text messages. Appearing at a fashion event for Gas earlier, Bosco pointed out that he and Fala are just friends and he would rather just be linked with one girl, perhaps putting Myolie's mind to rest.

When Bosco arrived at the event, which was also attended by Eunis Chan, Janet Ma, Sophie Rahman, Xiong Dailin, Ana R and Kathy Chow, he was quickly hounded by reporters who asked him about his rumours with Fala, but he described the news as 'a funny joke', saying that the reports sugges that they have been sending SMS to each other, but they have not been sending any at all. He says: "Fala and I are just friends and colleagues and we have filmed series and promotional clips together, but have not kept in touch."

Asked if he feels she is interested in him, Bosco says: "No." As for suggestions that they have been quite close during filming, he says he has to ask what exactly they are talking about and insists that he and Fala were just chatting as many of their scenes were ensemble pieces in the series. The reports also suggest that Myolie has cried over this, so does he have to explain this to her? Bosco says that he and Myolie are closer friends and they get on better. He says: "One is a friend, one is a good friend!" Asked which is better suited to him, he says he does not have such a deep understanding yet. Is he afraid this will affect his image? He syas that he is helpless but hopes that he can keep to one rumoured girlfriend and not involve anyone else in the future. He also says that he will not feel awkward around Fala.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/02/07]

'Aggressive' Michael Tse Promoting New Series

TVB's new series "Best Bet" held a promotional event yesterday, attended by cast members including Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Anne Heung and Wayne Lai. The two couples wore Chinese and Western wedding outfits to play games and the men had to complete three challenges to win their 'wives'. Getting far too absorbed into the game, Michael was accused of being rather 'aggressive' towards Linda and for Anne who wore a low cut wedding dress, she almost revealed herself.

During the games, MC Carlo Ng was cracking plenty of innuendos, for example when Wayne put the gold nuggets down his trousers, he warned Wayne to be careful of causing himself an injury and then when he noticed Michael being rather forward, Carlo threatened to report him to his wife. The four leads then had to present tea to the elders and to adjust for the camera, Michael and Linda ended up lying on the ground. When it was Anne's turn, she had to reach out, but fortunately she remembered to cover her chest to avoid revealing herself. When Anne was playing games, it became obvious that her bust appears to be bigger than before and she says that the cast often laugh at her about this as there is another costume that emphasises this even more.

As for being labelled as aggressive, is Michael worried about being scolded by his wife? Michael says: "I am scolded by my wife every day." When she was picked up by Michael, Linda's headdress fell to the ground and she smiles that this is the reason why she should not get married this year. She says she has been very happy filming this series and she has been joining forces with Anne to play tricks on Michael, treating him like a human toy. Talking of Michael being aggressive towards her, she says that Michael has always treated her like a boy and she sees him like a sister, so she will not lose out to him and even kiss scenes are very relaxed. Wearing a Chinese Wedding Dress, she cannot be compared to Anne in her Western gown, but Linda does not mind because she likes the Chinese dresses and their traditional flavour.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/02/07]

Shirley and Nancy Judge Fresh "Minutes to Fame" Wannabes

After fashioning a craze, TVB's talent show "Minutes to Fame" will be returning to the screen in March and yesterday, the first round of heats were held at a Tseung Kwan O shopping mall. Two past winners of the contest were invited to relive their experiences and guest judges Shirley Yeung and Nancy Wu joined producer Chin Kwok Wai as the judges for the day. Several tens of hopefuls passed through the auditions and Nancy was particularly cruel in sending people off. She smiles that she has taken part in the New Talent Singing Contest in the past and has been 'pinged' off the stage, so this time she is seeking her revenge.

This is the first time that Shirley has been a judge for something like this and she feesl that the most important thing is for the contestants to have confidence and entertainment value to keep the attention of the viewers. She says she has never auditioned people before and finds it quite exciting. However, she understands that the participants are quite nervous, so she will go easy on them.

Shirley has just returned from promoting her series "Always Ready" in Shanghai and she has enjoyed a special crab banquet on this trip, putting on some weight in the process. For the Chinese new year, she plans to join with some old classmates and friends and go on vacation to Europe for around a fortnight. She says she has not taken a break for a while now and it is quite difficult to find the time with her friends. Asked if her boyfriend will be going with them, she smiles she is not saying because everyone knows about her relationship and she does not need to keep talking about it. With her known to be quite careful with money, is she preparing some spending money to go shopping? She says she is used to this title now and she says that this trip is about sightseeing, so she will not be buying very much.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/02/07]

Claire Yiu Seeks Husband for Rabee'a Yeung

Claire Yiu and Rabee'a Yeung took part in the opening ceremony of a Causeway Bay Wine Room yesterday and wearing a sexy low cut top, Rabee'a attracted the attentions of the public, who tried to photograph her, but she happily posed for them. Afterwards she indicated that she was not embarrassed because she was dressed so beautifully to tie in with the event.

As for the limelight being stolen somewhat by Rabee'a, Claire did not mind and laughed that that best thing would be for Rabee'a to take all the attention because they are good sisters. Earlier at Claire's wedding, Rabee'a received the bouquet, so Claire has been looking for a suitable husband for her since. She adds that this wine shop has been opened by her friend, so she invited Rabee'a along for support.

Talking of drinking wine, Claire syas that she is not a strong drinker, so her husband Thomas Lam will only allow her to drink at home and refuses to allow her to drink outside. Asked if she is very uncharacteristic when she is drunk. she says that when she was 21 and studying overseas, she experienced drinking very strong alchohol and within a minute, she was sick everywhere and then fast asleep.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/02/07]

Elliot Yue's Wife Joins Him for Chinese New Year

A group of veteran artistes from the Shaw Brothers Group, including Elliot Yue, Tanny Tien, Feng Ku, Yu Feng, Man Suet Yee, Shaw Yin Yin and Gordon Liu took part in a new year event yesterday in Mei Foo visiting an old folks home. At the event, Yin Yin donated $1000 for the lucky draw and they presented the residents with New Year Pudding in a party atmosphere.

Elliot is currently filming for TVB's grand production "Jewels Splendor" and his wife Tanny has flown back to Hong Kong from Canada especially to spend the Chinese New Year with him. They will be taking a short break together in Panyu for the holiday. After returning to TVB, Elliot has been filming very long hours and asked if he is finding it hard work, he smiles that he has good stamina and usually he does enough exercise, so he is able to adapt to filming and he has not fallen ill yet.


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