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[Ta Kung Pao 10/02/07]

Sheren Tang Wins Award from Performing Artistes Guild

The Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild held a special dinner earlier for an early New Year Celebration. The event was attended by many big names including Simon Yam, Chung King Fai, Sheren Tang, Bobby Au Yeung, Stanley Tong and Johnnie To.

To mark the successes of the artistes in the past year, the guild presented its first 'Golden Baton Awards', voted for by the guild's own members. Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau and Tony Leung (Chiu Wai) were selected as Most Outstanding Performing Actors in Film 2006, Chung King Fai, Sheren Tang and Bobby Au Yeung were named as Most Outstanding Performing Actors in Television 2006 and Eric Kot, Candy Chea and Sammy Leung were awarded Most Outstanding Performing Actors in Broadcasting and Radio 2006. The HKPAG Evergreen Award was presented to veteran actor Kuk Fung.

The Guild's President Eric Tsang, who initiated this event, was unable to attend as he was filming for a new year event in Beijing,but he recorded a clip in advance, where he spoke about the reason behind the awards to act as encouragement to his colleagues in the business and reward their hard work over the year. Sheren was extremely happy to receive this award and she feels that as the votes were cast by her colleagues in the industry, then the value behind it is so much greater. She feels that at the very least, she has received recognition for the work she has done last year. Asked if she feels that the votes are to do with her popularity among other artistes? She says that she does get along with them very well because she is never 'fake'.

Asked if TVB's double award winning Charmaine Sheh lost out on this award because she was not popular with the others, Sheren replied carefully, saying this was not related, otherwise the award would be a Friendship award instead. She feels that popularity is only one of the elements. Even if she did not win, she will not feel disheartened because to win is a great encouragement, but not to win is no big deal and she is already honoured to be shortlisted.

As for comments that the turnout was not very good at the event, Sheren says that bringing artistes together is a very difficult thing and when the Guild was first formed, Anita Mui and Jackie Chan did a fine job in rallying artistes to take part. In the past she has not attended this kind of event very often, but she now realises that to fight for the rights and better condiitons for artistes is not an easy task. After many years in the industry, she feels that popularity is not the most important thing for an artiste, it is working hard and not purely depending on the support of a big company.

Simon was not disappointed at losing out on the awards as he was already in the top five. He smiles that he is a junior to those who won and he only voted after arriving. Aaron Kwok received his vote and he feels he has not done well enough yet. Gordon Lam is busy filming for new film "Super Detective" and shooting promotional clips for a TV station. He seems to be covered in cuts and bruises and he laughs that with all the injuries on his bottom, he would be no good in filming a remake of "The Lover".


[Ta Kung Pao 10/02/07]

Shirley and Ron Take TVB to Xian

Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng continue their promotional tour to encourage people to watch genuine TVB productions in China and after visiting Shenzhen, their next stop was Xian, where they attended an event to reveal a plaque.

Ron and Shirley's series have been very popular in the mainland and when the fans found out that their idols would be visiting, they became very active and several hundred fans waited outside the TVB Image Station. Some fans had travelled from as far away as Yongchuan and Guizhou to see the stars, who were very touched by this. When Ron and Shirley appeared, there was a frenzy in the crowd as they held up banners and posters in support, called their names and presented them with flowers and gifts. Among the fans, there was an 80 year old lady who clutched onto a 2007 TVB calendar to show her support. Some fans were so excitable that they burst into tears.

To thank the fans for their support, Ron and Shirley played games with the fans and sung some songs for them. Ron sung the title song for "The Brink of Law" and a number of fans were allowed on stage to present him with flowers. Shirley sung the song "Mouse Loves Big Rice" and received rapturous applause. Finally, Ron and Shirley led the signatures on a petition to support the genuine film market in China.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/02/07]

Ursule Wong Focusses on Work as she Waits for Love

The three presenters for TVB's daytime magazine programme "Pleasure & Leisure" Ursule Wong, Angel Sung and Pat Liew joined Feng Shui Masters Lee Shing Chak and Mak Ling Ling at a New Year event in a shopping centre earlier, where tney played games with the audience and handed out early new year presents.

Despite rumours of their animoscity, Master Lee and Master Mak were chatting away cheerily at the event and Master Lee said: "I have known Master Mak for a long time and we are colleagues so we help each other out, so why would we fall out! (There are reports that Master Mak did not attend your wedding day?) When I got married, Master Mak helped me select the date and even gave me a big gift. (How many figures?) Over five!" Mak Ling Ling laughed: "I am good friends with him, but on that day, I had another wedding banquet to attend, so I sent my husband to go to his party instead."

Aside from this, Master Lee mentioned to Ursule that she has some romance in her fortune this year. With her recent split from pianist Phoebus Chan, she says: "I do not have a boyfriend at the moment. (Any pursuits?) There is no-one in pursuit at the moment so how can I have romance? (Has your mother rushed you into marriage?) No and no-one has asked me to meetings. I feel that if you have to depend on a man, then why not depend on yourself, so I would like to focus more on my career for now."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/02/07]

Moses Chan was Worried About Hospitalised Bernice

The Fendi 2007 Spring/Summer Show was held at the Central's No 7 Harbour earlier, attended by Bernice Liu, Jade Kwan, Man Bo Bo and Cheung Yiu Yeung. Supermodels Xiong Dailin, Mikki Yao and Lisa S were also part of the show.

Bernice has always been a fan of this label and talking of the approach of Valentines Day, she says that she has to film on that day. Earlier she was admitted into hospital with a fever and as a result, her parents returned to Hong Kong early, which means she can spend the new year with them. As for reports that her good friend Moses Chan being very worried about her condition, she smiles that she did not know about this, but all her friends were worried about her, Steven Ma in particular because he had to do a kiss scene with her and was afraid of being infected.


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