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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/02/07]

Mimi Lo and Stephen Huynh in Kiss Scene

Mimi Lo and Stephen Huynh were filming a wedding scene for new series "Curious Detective" and the happy couple had to do a kissing scene, with the director requiring them to repeat three times before accepting the shoot. Although Mimi has a boyfriend Power Chan, she was not embarrassed at all at this 'real kiss' and laughed later: "I have taken his first screen kiss! Haha!" However, Stephen pointed out that his first screen kiss was with Sonija Kwok and when Mimi found out, she showed a rather comical disappointed look.

In the scene, Kenneth plays the best man and he says that he has played the best man twice in series, but he has not done this in real life. Asked if he would like to be a real life bridegroom, he says: "I want to, but I would also like to make more money too. In real life, like in the show, I don't have a girlfriend and my love life is very dry. (How about Margie Tsang?) I am just good friends with her. (Have you improved your relationship by working together?) I only have a few scenes with her and we don't actually see each other as much now." Talking of this series finishing filming on the day after Valentines Day, has Kenneth prepared a gift for Margie? He says a little impatiently: "I am just friends with her, so I will not give her a Valentines present."

Margie spoke about her love life and indicated that she is still looking. Asked if she already has Kenneth, she immediately pointed out again that they are just friends and Margie says that after her divorce, she has realised that for two people to fall in love is very easy, but to keep the relationship going is a great skill. She believes in destiny and when the time and place are right, then the other person will appear, so she is in no hurry for a new love.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/02/07]

Linda Myolie and Balia at Macau New Year Promotion

Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and Balia Chan were guests at Macau's Star World Hotel for a Chinese New Year event. Wearing a fiery red dress, Linda also won the lucky draw at the event, pocketing a new year fortune of $40,000.

For Myolie, this was her first visit to a casino and she says that although she can play Mah Jong, she usually just plays online and has never gambled before. The sponsors have presented her with a VIP card, so she plans to come with her family on a vacation. Asked if she will come with rumoured boyfriend Bosco, she said a little embarrassed that she would not, because she was afraid of the paparazzi following them. Pointing out again that she has still not found a partner, she says she has no plans for Valentines day yet and is waiting for some gifts. She does not mind what the gift is, but she would like to receive something. As for the new year, she says that she rarely goes visiting, so she may not go to visit Bosco's family. Usually she will just go and see her elders, like visiting Liza Wang last year.

Linda has visited a casino with her father when she was younger to watch and play roulette, but each time that she won, she quickly lost it again and went away with a small win. As a result, she warns people to quit when you are ahead and just see gambling as a bit of fun to avoid becoming addicted. Linda says she has been in Hong Kong for three years now and she hopes to go back to Canada at the end of the year to visit her family. In the past new years, her family have not been in Hong Kong, so she will go to her friends' homes for the New Years Eve Dinner and join in the atmosphere.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/02/07]

Yoyo Mung Will Not be Visiting Ekin's Family

Yoyo Mung and Monie Tung took part in a New Year event at Festival Walk yesterday, where Monie performed on the Chinese Zither and Yoyo joined an art tutor to paint a traditional Chinese lotus painting. She seemed a little nervous as she painted though and said: "My hand was shaking a little because I was afraid of being compared to the teacher. I am very pleased with my creation." She says that painting with Chinese brush and ink is very soothing to the spirit and she smiles that if she has time, she will learn to do calligraphy.

With the new year approaching, Yoyo says that she likes to go visiting, but she asks people not to come to her home because she is afraid of tidying up. Asked if she will go and visit boyfriend Ekin Cheng's family? She says: "I do like to go to other people's homes, but this year I think I will spend time with my own family." As for Monie, she will be filming her new movie "Love Sex Village", where she plays a homosexual person. With Valentines Day drawing close, she hopes to receive lots of gifts as she has just started dating her boyfriend from outside the industry, but she still hopes to have other pursuits so that she can choose.


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