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[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/07]

Linda Chung Avoids Kiss from Michael Tse

Cast members from TVB's Chinese New Year series "Best Bet" including Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Anne Heung and Wayne Lai donned their costumes to attend a promotional event yesterday, which was held up by half an hour as everyone waited for Michael to get changed. During the event, they played three games and in one of these, Anne and Linda had to put some bright red lipstick onto their male partners lips and make an imprinto on a card. The playful Michael tried to print it onto Linda's forehead, but she escaped quickly, leaving Wayne laughing he should have tried to kiss her body instead. In the later treasure hunting game, Oscar Leung scared everyone off by flicking water everywhere with his net and it was down to the intervention by MC Kanin Ngo to calm everyone down.

Linda laughs that this is the first time that she has put lipstick on a man and she gave Michael some full plump lips. She found it great fun and talking of nearly being kissed by him, she said nervously: "He has a wife! (If the ratings are good, will you kiss Michael?) If the ratings break 30 points, I will consider it." Asked if she does not want to kiss Michael, she immediately denied this and unable to handle the fierce questioning from the press, she signalled for help from Michael. As for the recent reports that she has been given special treatment to go and film a movie, Linda explains that this was all arranged by the company. As for the favouritism shown by the director Yip Nim Sum for her and Stephy Tang, she says: "In that wedding scene, I was wearing a dress with a very long train, so to avoid getting in the way of other people, I sat a little further away. The director is very fair with everyone." As for the rumours between Stephy and the director, Linda says that this is their private matter and she will not interfere.

Michael indicates that the kiss scenes in this show were all just done by camera anglesand in response to Linda's pledge to kiss him if the ratings top 30 points, he smiles that she can push the limit to 31 if she wants. However, he says that he is a little worried about the ratings over Chinese New Year, because people will be going away on vacation and so if he gets good reviews, then this is already a reward. When the reporters joke about whether he is worried about upsetting his wife, who is suspected to be pregnant, so he evades the topic of kissing, he smiles: "No, I am not avoiding it! If we are expecting a baby, I will let everyone know."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/07]

Bobby and Yoyo are Soaked in the Street

Bobby Au Yeung and Yoyo Mung were originally due to film for new series "Trouble Daddy" in Prince Edward for a soaking scene on the street, but the location was changed to Tsimshatsui near the Space Museum. The scene tells of Yoyo and Bobby chatting to each other, but there is a taxi driver nearby who is washing his car and he throws a bucket of water over Yoyo, but Bobby dashes over to protect her and ends up covered in water himself. Bobby was very professional and although the crew had just prepared half a bucket of water for him, he insisted on filling it up so that it tied in with the storyline of him catching a chill from the soaking. In the end, the water came in waves and in order to capture the many camera views, they had to repeat the scene six times. Bobby continued to film in wet clothes for 45 minutes and passers-by couldn't help laughing at his bedraggled look.

Yoyo had another water scene with Bobby earlier and she was complaining that her shoes from that scene were still not dry, but she had to wear them anyway to ensure there was continuity between the scenes and she found this very uncomfortable. To seek revenge on Bobby for his joking around, she had planned to buy some ice and add it to the bucket for this scene, but after visiting three convenience stores, she gave up on her search for ice and Bobby got away lightly. When the scene was being filmed, there was too much water and she was still soaked even though standing behind Bobby. She says: "My earring was washed away and even my underwear and shoes were totally soaked. At first, I had not planned to get wet and it was a good job I could not find any ice, otherwise I would have suffered along with him. I have learned not to be so nasty in future!"

Yoyo also reveals that she likes to play games and she remembers when she was filming a movie earlier, she took time out to visit an amusement arcade in between shoots and was scolded by her manager because although the people there were not too rough, she still felt that she should not have gone. She has also played non-stop on a flight and became delirious when she landed. It seems she is perfectly matched to her game fan boyfriend Ekin Cheng.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/07]

Selena Li Works Hard at her Mandarin

Selena Li, Koni Lui, Cindy Lee, Ken wong, Rocky Cheng, Eddie Li and Maria Chen took part in a press event for the build-up to the Beijing Olympics yesterday and asked if she would be representing TVB in Beijing next year, Selena indicated that she was approached by a producer to host the Athens Olympic coverage, but as the hosts have to be fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, she had to turn it down because her Mandarin was not up to scratch.

She says that in order to have the chance to do this job, she has been attending Mandarin classes in between filming, often up to three times a week and she hopes that she will be selected again this time. Asked if she was replaced by Michelle Ye at the Athens games, she says: "I don't know, maybe the producer had a few people in mind and I don't know if I was replaced." Asked if she was annoyed by this, she says: "Well, Michelle's Mandarin is much better."

Talking of sportsmen, Selena says that she supports the Chinese athletes and her favourite is basketball star Yao Ming. She says: "When I was studying in Canada, all my schoolfriends loved him, no matter if they were black or white." Selena was a member of her school basketball team and she syas that at the time she was taller than her classmates and took a centre position, but she stopped growing after that. Asked how she will be spending Valentines day, she says that she will be flying back to Toronto to visit her family. Asked if rumoured boyfriend Patrick Tang would be with her, she says: "No, I will be going on my own. (Not taking him to meet the parents?) No, my parents are in Hong Kong and I am going to visit my friends for about 2 weeks."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/02/07]

Kenny Wong Doesn't Mind Being Prison Spokesperson

Kenny Wong has been taking part in many prison-related activities lately and yesterday, he was invited to appear at the graduation ceremony for a 'Beauty Rehabilitation Project' held by the Hong Kong Hair and Beauty Association and the Correctional Services Department.

Kenny joined Ander Jun in encouraging the graduates to find their own potential and shared their own experiences in life. He says that to see the students do so well in the rehabilitation programme and complete the course, gaining recognition makes him very happy. Ander then revealed that the supervisor felt that with Kenny taking part in so many prison-related events lately, then he should be invited along more often and become a spokesperson for the prison service.

Kenny smiles that as long as he is not sent to prison, then he does not mind being given the 'prisoner' image and is happy to go and visit the institutes. "When I filmed the ICAC show, I played a prisoner, so I really don't mind. Not everyone can go to the prisons to visit, so it is a rare experience for me to go there." He also smiles that he has been to most of Hong Kong's large and small prisons and is just missing a visit to the Pik Uk Prison, which he hopes to see at some point. Aside from this, Kenny will have a few days off during his year's Chinese New Year, so he plans to go on vacation with a few friends to relax a little.


[The Sun 08/02/07]

Esther Kwan Challenges Stamina Filming and Looking after Daughter

Esther Kwan and Alvina Kong were filming on the first day of their new sitcom "Hot Sweet and Sour" yesterday and Esther reveals that she was so nervous on the night before that she could not sleep. "I thought that as I would not see my daughter at work, I woke her up to play with her and then feed her. I played with her for half an hour before I left the house for work." She has left her daughter with a good friend to look after: "Maids are usually less careful. Once she made the water 4 degrees too cold and my daughter was screaming. I would rather pick up her care after work and see it as a challenge to my stamina."

As for Alvina, she reveals that she was in bed asleep for 10pm: "After taking on this series, I won't be able to party late any more, so I will treat it has having some healthy lifestyle treatment in Africa. I even sent an SMS to my husband, telling him that I won't be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with him and asking him to forgive me."


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