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[Ta Kung Pao 07/02/07]

TVB's Cost Cutting New Year Card Turns Artistes into Pigs

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, TVB sent out its New Year cards yesterday, showing head pictures of eighteen contracted artistes pasted onto pictures of pigs and with the greetings of riches and prosperity. However, a closer look reveals that the photographs have been taken from previous calendar shoots and as a result the smiles on Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh are less than radiant and Bosco Wong and Ron Ng look a little cross-eyed. Compared to previous years, it certainly lacks an air of celebration and gives the impression of cost and labour cutting. Those who are beaming in the photos include Sonija Kwok, Linda Chung and Moses Chan.

When Roger Kwok saw the card, he was complimentary, saying: "It's quite cute! However, the photos are the ones from the calendars. (Is that a bit cheap?) It's quite auspicious with the gold and silver and the greeting has the word 'wong' (rich) in it, so it suits me fine! I am pleased with it, it is the thought that counts and the greeting. (Did you not have time for another photoshoot?) It was arranged by the company and we cannot get involved in the production side. (Some of the artistes are not smiling widely enough for the new year atmosphere?) Moses and me are smiling! Maybe for some people their personality is a little cooler and if everyone was smiling you cannot distinguish one from another! The cartoon additions and the little piggy caps are a nice gesture and I find it quite colourful." As for Charmaine being portrayed as a fatty housewife piggy, Roger smiles: "It is just a picture! The plump pig is quite cute and if she did become like that, it would be worth a lot of money. (Even Sonija has a little waist?) Pretty good! The most important thing is that the year of the pig is prosperous and everyone makes lots of money."


[Ta Kung Pao 07/02/07]

Bosco and Myolie Play Flirty by Phone

Rumoured couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu joined together as they attended a promotional event yesterday for Sony Ericsson. The two held each others arms as they posed for photographs and then presented each other with a phone. They admit that they are happy working together and even if they are invited to do a wedding shoot together.

Also at the event with Bosco and Myolie were Amanda S and Karl Ng, who modelled on the catwalk. However, Bosco arrived half an hour late, delaying the start of the event. Maybe because of their 'good friend' status, Bosco and Myolie shared a good chemistry as they walked down the stage together and they struck many close poses such as arm in arm and with Myolie leaning on Bosco's shoulder. When the press commented that they looked very sweet, they seemed a little embarrassed, but still replied: "Thanks!"

Afterwards, Myolie was asked if this was the first time she had worked with Bosco as a couple and she quickly corrected: "Rumoured couple!" Asked if the fee was greater for this arrangement, she smiled: "It is worth it! It is more fun with the two of us, it gets boring when you are on your own." When the reporters mentioned about their chemistry, Myolie smiled that there is a little there and they had reached an agreement that they could not appear like strangers because they do know each other. Is she worried about more rumours after this event? Myolie says it is just work: "More would be better! (How about wedding salon shoots?) Yes, any ads will do! We are friends and we will have more fun if we work together." However, Myolie points out that they cannot be accused of using matching lovers phones because these are gifts from the sponsors! Will she be keeping the photos of them together? She says: "We were just posing!"

Bosco explains that he was due to arrive on time, but he was not allowed to park his car at the building and had to find somewhere else to park. When a reporter asked if it is a trend for TVB male artistes to be late, Bosco's expression dropped before he smiled again and said: "I am renowned for being punctual!" Talking of working with Myolie, he says that they have done this before and they have made arrangements before going on stage. Asked if he was invited to appear at this event because of his rumoured love of sending text messages, Bosco seemed a little embarrassed, but smiled that if this was the reason, then he will send more messages in the future, but not just to Myolie. As for Myolie's suggestion of doing a wedding shoot, Bosco smiles that if the pairing is popular, then he does not mind either. Will he be working with his other rumoured girlfriend Natalie Tong in the same way? He says: "No, I don't think so! If I have to have rumours, then it is better to be linked with the same person! Like Leo Ku, always linked with the same person for over a decade! Even one rumour is frightening though."


[Ta Kung Pao 07/02/07]

Fiona Yuen's Chef Friend is not Valentine Material

Valentines Day is nearly here and many ladies are sighing at their lack of a date and for Fiona Yuen, although she has been photographed with a suspected Canadian chef new love, she insists that he is not her boyfriend and just a friend. She explains that he is looking for inspiration in Hong Kong and as she is renowned for being a food expert, then he asked her for advice and guidance. Is he not her ideal partner? She indicates that although he is tall and handsome, they do not know each other very well and he lives in Canada, so he may not be the perfect partner for her. She will be spending Valentines Day at home because her family are all in Hong Kong and she feels she will be very happy spending time with them.


[The Sun 07/02/07]

Raymond Lam: Better to Arrive Early and Wait

With earlier reports that his lateness upset Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam was filming with Jessica and Joe Ma yesterday in a wedding scene at a Beverly Hill Villa. There seemed to be no animoscity between them and they chattered away happily without any awkwardness and even posed for the press together. Talking of the earlier incident, Jessica refused to comment on gossip and Raymond said: "In order to avoid this kind of news again, I would rather work a little harder and arrive early to wait for others. To prove this, I have not been late for a whole month. (Were you embarrassed when you met?) There has never been anything between us."

This is the third time that Jessica and Joe have got married in a series and Jessica says: "We have 'married' so many times that there is no feeling in it any more. It is such a headache, so when I get married for real, I will not do anything big. I like things to be simple, just inviting a few relatives and friends for a meal." Still single, Jessica admits that she does not have time to find her other half and she will leave everything to fate. Joe indicates that when he married his wife, they did not take any wedding photos.


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