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[Ta Kung Pao 06/02/07]

Jack Wu Almost Drops his Pants

TVB will be airing the series "Ten Brothers" next week and a group of young cast members including Nancy Wu, Jack Wu, Matt Yeung and Don Li were promoting the show at a school in Siu Sai Wan yesterday, where they joined the children in games and handed out gifts at a very happy occasion. Jack indicates that he has lost weight since he filmed the series and his costume is too wide for him and his pants nearly fell down! Leading stars of the series Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok were both absent from the promotion.

Matt has been photographed partying and clubbing on various occasions and as punishment, he has been sent back to study at the artiste training class again, but once again he has been photographed by the press at a club. He explains that this was a celebration after completing the three month end of study project with his fellow class members and they had received a good report from the producer. He says: "I know that I am in the wrong, so I left very early. (Why don't you change your habits?) I would like to, but whenever I try to, I get photographed again. Afterwards, I called the company to explain and Ms Lok knew that I was with the other students, so she understood. (Will you quit alcohol?) That is a bit too serious!" This series was aired last year at Chinese New Year on the Pay Vision channel and for it to make it onto the mainstream channel this year, Nancy is especially happy. Is she worried about the ratings being low while people go away for the new year? She says she is not worried, because people can still record it and watch it later!


[Ta Kung Pao 06/02/07]

Eason Chan Sings for Free in Thanks for TVB

Having completed the Chinese dubbing for animated film "Open Season", Eason Chan and Jan Lamb were invited to the premiere of the film earlier and joined two life size versions of Boog the bear and Elliott the deer. Eason and Jan both promoted the charity auction for some four foot high figures and other souvenirs for the show, with the proceeds going to the Hong Kong branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Eason has dubbed other films in the past, but the pressure was especially great for this film because the American executives flew over especially to keep an eye on things. Before dubbing, he had seen the English version and he felt it was very difficult to translate it into Cantonese because you have to match the lip-sync as well as maintain the expression. After the premiere, Eason rushed over to TVB City, where he hlped to film the Chinese New Year Song. Asked if he was worried that this gesture would be mistaken as his payback for winning the Most Popular Singer award this year, he seemed shocked by this and said that the tradition has always been the the winners of this award sing the New Year song for TVB and it is a voluntary gesture. Joey Yung and Hacken Lee were not paid for it last year either, so it is not an exchange at all.

Miriam Yeung spent her birthday on a film set earlier and Eason presented her with some flowers. He explained laughing that it was just for the shot, because it would not be as special if a crew member presented them to her, but he did give her a present. As for the rumours that Miriam and Eason are playing around too much on set, he syas that during filming, he was suffering from gastroenteritis, so he didn't have time for much else. He has also been suffering from an infection in his right eye, but it is fine now.


[Ta Kung Pao 05/02/07]

Myolie Wu Aims for 'Outstanding Youth Awards'

Myolie Wu and Wong He took part in a Towngas Chinese New Year Promotion, where they joined volunteers and elderly people in a mooli shredding competition and other games. To welcome the year of the Pig, Towngas have prepared 3000 gift packs for the elderly and needy families in the Tung Chung area.

Myolie indicates she loves doing voluntary work and although she is very busy with her filming, she will offer to do voluntary work whenever she has time, admitting that she is aiming for an 'Outstanding Youth' award. Asked when she would like to achieve this, she says: "I don't know! Hopefully soon!" She has been busy filming recently for the 60-episode series "The Drive of Life" and in response to the suggestions that Raymond Lam was late and this made Jessica Hsuan storm off the set, Myolie indicates that she does not know about this because she does not have many scenes with Jessica, but she is a very professional artiste and Myolie believes that she would not do this.

Myolie says: "With so many cast members in the series, then being late for one or two scenes is nothing unusual. (Raymond is often late?) He is a little late sometimes. Punctuality is a good thing, but everyone will be late. Sometimes I get stuck in traffic and as long as it does not affect other people, then this is not a problem. (Does it affect you?) I have time, so I don't mind."


[Ta Kung Pao 05/02/07]

Bernice Liu Will Spend Valentines Day Working

Computer-fan Bernice Liu took part in a promotional event for Lenovo yesterday and still not recovered entirely from her flu, she was still coughing a little, but she still posed with each of the computers. Bernice says that this brand is represented internationally by Ronaldo and this is the second time she has been at a promotion for them.

When the press asked her about her fee, she smiled that the fee was very good. Bernice says that she often goes on the net and likes to keep her phone and computer up to date. Her brother and sister are also always using computers, so she will buy them new software all the time. Asked if she uses MSN, she says: "As my family are all abroad then I will use live chat with my sister at night because it is the morning there and thet timing is just right."

With Valentines Day approaching, Bernice will be filming on that day for "The Entire City Dances" which will continue filming until Chinese New Years Eve. Asked if she has been asked on a date, she says: "Not yet!" She indicates that she was also working for Valentines Day last year too. Asked if she has bought a gift, she says: "I will not usually buy gifts for Valentines Day because overseas, it is not customary for the girl to buy a gift as it is usually the guy who buys something for the girl."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/02/07]

Cecilia's Fake Teeth Makes Painful Kissing Scene for Dayo

Dayo Wong and Cecilia Yip were filming for "Evil Kin" yesterday in a scene that tells of Cecilia knocking into Day during a chase scene and they fall to the ground. Cecilia's buck teeth end up clasping onto Dayo's lips and as they were false teeth, it was quite difficult to control their positioning and as a result, the scene had to filmed several times after some NG's and during the shoot, Cecilia bit Dayo squarely on the right of his lips and this left him crying out in pain as he said: "Don't do it so fast, you will kill me!"

Cecilia spoke of biting Dayo saying that this was needed by the storyline and as she does not have big teeth in real life, she has had to learn to control her false teeth again. She says: "I often can't hold back my laughter, especially when we are filming romantic scenes because as soon as I see Dayo, I just want to laugh. I hope that I will not suffer discrimination because of this set of false teeth! (Have you cleaned the teeth?) The doctor says it is not necessary." Cecilia will become beautiful at the end of the show, but there are plenty of buck-tooth scenes at the beginning and to present her best buck-tooth look to the viewers, she will practise smiling with her false teeth at home.

Dayo indicates he has never kissed a buck-toothed girl before and although Cecilia's teeth are at a 'grade 8' level, he has no complaints and smiles: "This is not a forced kiss, more like a forced peck. I remember once I was bitten on the arm by Helena Law and although she was already holding back, the experience has been deeply engrained in my mind and my arm, so I hope this will not happen next time." As for how he felt after this scene, he says: "Apart from the pain, I have no other feeling and although it was very painful then, I was quickly numbed! However, she managed to control the strength and she is now a master in thet toothy arts. (Cecilia says she has not cleaned the teeth?) If she is brave enough to wear them, then I am brave enough to be pecked by them."


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