Thursday, February 22, 2007

[The Sun & Oriental Daily 15/02/07]

Jessica Hsuan and Winnie Shum Do Voluntary Work at Animal Sanctuary

As we send away the dog to welcome the year of the pig, animal-lover Jessica Hsuan reminded people not to literally send away their pet dogs as she joined fellow animal lover Winnie Shum to do some voluntary work at a SAA Animal Sanctuary in Yuen Long ealrier, helping to clean out the homes of some pigs and dogs.

Jessica is always full of love as she looks after the stray dogs that have been abandoned and she and Winnie took part in cleaning the cages and mucking out for the animals. The funniest incident was when the girls noticed a dog called Sa Sa bore resemblance to a familiar face. They laughed: "It looks like Bobby Au Yeung, why don't we call it 'Au Yeung Chun Sa'?"

There were also some pigs at the centre and Jessica sighs that some pigs with illnesses were abandoned by the farms and were destined to be die when they are left out in the open. Whilst being photographed with the pig, it became rather affectionate and pushed Jessica into a corner where she ended up stepping in some pig droppings and she laughed out as she cleaned herself up.

Jessica was also worried that after the year of the dog, there will be even more abandoned dogs and she says: "Many boys will buy dogs for girls in the year of the dog and at first they find them very cute, but after the trend, then they are abandoned because of people's ignorance."

However, the abandoned dogs are still very sweet and Jessica and Winnie helped the trainers to give them some special training. When the dogs have learned their skills, then they will go out to the community in the new year to visit the elderly and orphans. Jessica and Winnie will be joining them again to lend a helping hand.

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