Tuesday, February 20, 2007

[The Sun 21/02/07]

Jessica Hsuan has New Year Fortune at Mannor Chan's Party

Mannor Chan had originally planned to spend Chinese New Year in America,but as she had to go into hospital earlier, she was forced to stay in Hong Kong for the festival. On the second day of the new year, she invited some good friends including Annie Man, Jessica Hsuan, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma and Matthew Ko to her home to watch the fireworks. They each prepared some lucky dishes and they had a big meal as well as received some lucky packets in what was a fun and fruitful evening!

This is the first time that Jessica has been to one of Mannor's parties and she and Kenneth were the lucky ones who picked out the biggest lucky packets containing $1000. Jessica says this is a great start to the year and Kenneth says he does not go visiting much, so he normally only receives $1000 overall each year, so he has broken his record in just one night. He laughs that his work is done now.


[The Sun 21/02/07]

Roger Kwok Tries Hard for a Baby

Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au took part in an event for Sowers Action charity yesterday and both said that they are planning to have children. Cindy says: "I would like to, but I have to wait for the arrangement from the heavens. (You will have to work hard!) We have always worked hard!" As for the couple handing out lucky packets at the event, Roger says: "This is our first year handing out lucky packets as a couple and I don't find it a drain, we are very happy. Yesterday we went to visit Cindy's family and even though we are married now, her family still gave us lucky packets, because we are the younger generation. I really have made the right decision to marry Cindy."


[Ta Kung Pao 21/02/07]

Louisa So Shows off Cooking Skills Over the New Year

Louisa So has been highly acclaimed as a great cook and this year for the Chinese New Year, she has stayed in Hong Kong to cook her guests a meal. She reveals that she invited around 20 friends and family to her home and she presented them with a feast of her own cooking. Louisa smiles that she had designed a number of different dishes, including her father's favourite Sea Prawn Congee, Glutinous Rice Prawns, Jade Chicken and Dragon Eel. Asked if she will be making some new year puddings for her friends, she says: "No, some of my friends work in a hotel, so they will always send me some mooli cake and new year pudding."

Louisa smiles that she has found that the puddings and cakes bought from outside are just as tasty as home made ones and so there is no need to make them yourself. She often makes up new dishes of her own. Asked if she is worried about putting on weight, she says she is not afraid of getting fat because she will lose it again once she starts working again. Louisa says that it is great to see all her friends during the festival, so she decided to have a very enjoyable meal with them. After the new year, Louisa will be going out to Macau and North America for some stage performances. Asked if she is making some money for the new year, she smiles: "I admit that this year has been a very rewarding one for me."


[Ta Kung Pao 21/02/07]

Suki Chui Has a Happy and Restful New Year

Suki Chui has entered the showbiz industry after entering Miss Hong Kong last year and in her first Chinese New Year since her appearance, she was fortunate enough not to work and she joined her family to go visiting and receive lucky packets. Many young people nowadays don't like to go out with the elders, but she smiles: "I have been busy working over the last year and I have not seen my friends and family for a long time, so I will take this chance to go and see them. I feel it is quite good. (But you are now an artiste, are you not afraid of them staring at you?) No, I am used to people staring now and most of them are friendly, so there is nothing to worry about."

Last year, Suki has been filming in series and in ads and her progress has been quite good. Asked what she has bought her parents for the new year, she smiles: "All their lucky packets have been paid for by me. It amounts to several thousand dollars." Aside from going visiting, she has been taking time out to watch videos to improve her acting. She says: "I hope that in the new year I will have more opportunities to film series and each time I perform, I would like to have a satisfactory result. (What is a satisfactory result?) Acting the way I would like to and getting good ratings. (Do you plan to go and study at the training class?) I have already taken classes, so I will put this to good use in the future."


[The Sun 21/02/07]

Angela Tong Eager to Pray for a Good Year

Angela Tong had a few days off over the Chinese New Year and she took the time out to fly to Las Vegas for a few days holiday with some friends. She says excitedly: "I am very happy. I am currently filming for the new sitcom 'Hot Sweet and Sour', but still to have time to go away and recharge my batteries is great. One bad thing though is that I will not be able to go to Wong Tai Sin on the new year to offer the first blessing." Angela says that when she gets back, she will rush over to the Wong Tai Sin temple, surprisingly, this Westernised girl is very traditional minded.

Asked if she is looking for a blossoming romance in the new year, Angela smiles: "No, I would like to pray for good health and good career progress. My friends and family are all very happy because in the past couple of years, I have been to visit Wong Tai Sin and everything has gone smoothly, so I will go again this year and I hope that I can bring the good fortune from the year of the dog into the year of the pig."


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