Monday, February 19, 2007

[The Sun 20/02/07]

No Romance for Ada Choi in Year of the Pig

As we enter the year of the Pig, Ada Choi says she will be concentrating on doing well in her series "Jewels Splendor" because she will be working on it for most of the year. As a result, she will not have much opportunity to take on other jobs, so she will not be having a particularly prosperous year this year.

Talking of romance, Ada hopes to find a lover who will treat her as his finest jewel, but as she will be filming all year, she smiles that she will only be facing her co-stars such as Wong He, Elliot Yue and Ram Tseung: "This year I won't be able to hand out lucky packets again!" Asked if she longs to get married, she denies this and says: "No. The best would be not having to hand out lucky packets all my life, even after I get married! Last year I was not in Hong Kong, so I hope I receive more this year to make up for it!"


[The Sun 20/02/07]

Bosco, Natalie and Kenneth Make New Year Dumplings

When Bosco Wong, Natalie Tong and Kenneth Ma get together, they immediately start squabbling playfully as they tie in with today's 'Chek Hau' (argument) festival on the third day of the new year! After the traditional argument, they get together to make some soup dumplings to soothe everyone's tempers!

In the past year, Bosco, Natalie and Kenneth have been involved with gossip, but this year, they put their hopes on buying a new house. To reach this goal, they will work hard and not be lazy like a pig. Although they are all busy filming and don't have much chance to do any cooking, Bosco is actually quite a good cook, so no wonder the rumours suggest that a plate of spaghetti has won him the heart of rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu. So learning to make the rather complicated 'Nam Bak Hang Yu Fa Shek' soup dumplings was no problem for Bosco, but Natalie was quite clumsy. Bosco could not hold back the joking and he laughs about never seeing her as a girl anyway.

'Yu Fa Shek' (Rain Flower Stone) is made by putting carrot mash and spinach inside the dumpling to make a pattern of the orange and green like a pretty stone. The process is quite difficult though because you have to make several thin layers of the pastry without mixing them up too much. Whilst waiting for the dumplings to cook, the three then decided to use the remaining pastry to make little pig head dumplings and again Bosco's turned out the best. Natalie will have to work harder on her handicrafts!


[The Sun 20/02/07]

Kate Tsui and Ron Ng Voted as Worst Pair on TVB

Couple Ron Ng and Kate Tsui who have appeared in the recent series "The Brink of Law" have been voted by netizens as the Worst Actor and Actress on television. It would seem they need to improve their acting skills to increase respect from the viewing public.

Recently, netizens on the Uwants Discussion Board have been voting for the worst male and female on TVB and the results after 800 members cast their votes have resulted in Ron gaining 40% of the votes for the men and Kate also received 40% of the female vote. Member Tobeee comments: "Ron and Kate are a perfect couple. One tries to be stylish, the other tries to be cute, but when I see them together, I want to switch over!" Another member Kai Lan Keung says: "Kate's acting is remarkably poor. She doesn't really know how to speak or act and she is very exaggerated." Ron adds this latest criticism to his long line of negative press that includes poor English skills, bad singing and partying image.

Second place went to Andy Hui who returned to the screen after a long absence last year, and Linda Chung who was criticised as being emotionless and vase-like, but she has still been busy promoting her new year series "Best Bet".

Although she was voted as the worst actress, Kate is still working hard and she filmed a rainy scene earlier for "The Entire City Dances". Without insulated clothing, she was shivering after the scene and said: "Every time I film, I end up getting wet, so I am quite unlucky." The scene tells of her pulling out of a triangular affair with Matthew Ko and Tracy Ip and in her sorrow, she is caught out in a rain shower. In real life though, she has never been caught in such an affair and she hopes it will never happen to her.


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