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[The Sun 19/02/07]

Happy New Year from TVB and Lucky Packets Galore!

Happy New Year! Now, where are my lucky packets? In the new year, whether you are giving or receiving Lucky Packets, it is a happy occasion and TVB held its New Year celebrations yesterday and Liza Wang handed out lucky packets and even promised to give them out to the audience. Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu handed out $20 packets to the crew, but among the most generous was Margie Tsang, whose packets contained $100 notes!

TVB had a celebratory show at TKO TVB City to welcome in the year of the Pig, attended by TVB boss Sir Run Run Shaw, who was in good spirits accompanied by Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan and Miss Chinese International Sarah Song, and hosted by Liza and Margie and the two 'big sisters' went along with the tradition of handing out lucky packets and in this her first new year after her return to TVB, Margie was especially generous, handing out $100 notes in her envelopes to the cast and crew members. During the show Myolie became the brunt of many jokes and in the game show spoof of "Is Pig Right?", the host asked Margie if her boyfriend was 'Kenneth Pig' and Carlo Ng immediately replied: "Her boyfriend is Mr Ma. Myolie's boyfriend is Mr Wong." This left Margie a little lost for words, but afterwards she said she did not mind: "Maybe he thought I was a good sport. It is new year so it doesn't matter!"

The two leading ladies of last year Myolie and Charmaine showed their own 'big sister' status by handing out $20 packets and earning the respect of everyone. Myolie says that she likes to hear the greetings: "Gain Popularity and have Good Health!". Asked if she has bought any plum blossom this year, she smiled and did not reply. Charmaine handed out her packets to everyone and many people referred to her as 'Big sis Sheh'. She smiled: "It is quite good to see me handing out lucky packets. Usually it is me going out grabbing them at the new year! Once I managed to get 100 to 200 in one day!"

As for Carlo and Michael Tse who are married, they played the 'evasion' game and when people greeted Carlo, he said: "I don't know where I have put my lucky packets!" before speeding away.

Bosco Wong took part in an event on the eve of the new year and asked if he would be having a reunion dinner with Myolie, he smiled: "She is not part of my family! (How about visiting?) I will not go with her, she does not have lucky packets to give. Maybe I will go and visit Michael (Miu) instead." Although not yet worried, Bosco still handed out lucky packets to his fans just to make everyone happy!


[The Sun 19/02/07]

Roger, Ron, Moses and Tavia visit the Flower Markets

TVB stars Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng have had plenty of work last year and have made a fair amount. To continue this into the year of the Pig, they joined together to pay a visit to a flower market for good luck. Despite all his gossip, Ron will still be buying some plum blossom: "Of course I am afraid of gossip, but my family's tradition is to buy plum blossom every year and I hope this will help gain popularity, audience engagement and make everything good in the year of the Pig." Roger and Moses were very interested in the New Year Kumquat trees, with Roger wishing for a baby this year: "I hope that I will have a Pig baby soon! The year of the pig is quite special, because this is the first year handing out lucky packets after my marriage. I hope that this year will be a lucky one!" As for Tavia who has had a plentiful year after all her ads, her outlook for the new year is to continue with her lucky streak: "Last year was a very fruitful year and I hope that in the new year, my popularity will improve, I will get more and earn more so I can become big and fat like a pig!"


[Ta Kung Pao 19/02/02]

Gigi Lai Longs to Give Lucky Packets in her Husband's Name

The year of the Pig has begun and Gigi Lai wishes readers Good Luck for the Pig Year. She hopes for a happy life and good health and as her motto goes: In life, you cannot be too stubborn and you should live with everything in balance. In the new year, Gigi's work schedule is still very packed: "I hope to distance myself from gossip and choose the work that I life. The most important thing is to meet a good relationship in love."

Gigi has had a dream from when she was young and that is to hand out lucky packets with her husband: "I have always depending on myself to look after my life and handing out lucky packets, I have used envelopes with the name Lai on. If I get married, then what surname will I have using? Hung? Wong? Luk? It makes me laugh thinking about it." Gigi says she will work hard to find her fortune and to have a perfect family and career is her ideal life.


[The Sun 19/02/07]

Fiona Yuen is being Rushed into Marriage

Fiona Yuen took part in a Chinese New Years Eve event earlier and she planned to spend the evening having a reunion dinner with her family and celebrating her brother's birthday. Tonight, she has planned to go and watch the fireworks with her friends and asked if she will be meeting her Canadian boyfriend, she smiles: "I don't have a boyfriend! That friend is in Canada and I have sent him an SMS to wish him a happy new year!"

In the New Year period, Fiona says it is unavoidable to be hurried into marriage by her family and friends, but her friends are afraid of having one less partying companion. Fiona laughs that she would like to keep all her friends and have a boyfriend as well!


[The Sun 19/02/07]

Esther Kwan Shows Professionalism in Filming

After her return to TVB, Esther Kwan was filming for new sitcom "Hot Sweet and Sour" on the eve of the New Year. At around 2pm, she could be seen filming in Central on location and the scene showed her in a rather energetic scene, where she had to fall over. After repeating the scene over and over again, she did not show any change in demeanor and was extremely professional.


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