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[The Sun 09/02/07]

Jessica Hsuan and Dr.Dog do Voluntary Work

Jessica Hsuan has been doing voluntary work for the Society for Protection of Abandoned Animals and she joined a Dr. Dog earlier visiting children at a special needs school. She says: "Dr. Dog and I are both volunteers, because the theme of this activity is for one life to bring life and for the dog to bring a message to children in need or disabled children and I find this very meaningful." Jessica carefully taught the children how to get along with the dog and before the event had been out with her manager selecting biscuits for the children and then packing them into 'lucky bags' for them, showing how caring she is.

Talking of her five dogs at home, Jessica was unstoppable: "Dogs are simpler than humans and it is very happy spending time with them. I have so much pressure in my line of work, but as soon as I get home and see them, then I have forgotten about everything. However, when I think back to last year when one of my dogs died, I was very upset, but I will continue to keep dogs and cherish the ashes of those that have passed away."


[The Sun 08/02/07]

Angela Tong Tearily Cuts her Hair

For Angela Tong to play her police officer role in new sitcom "Hot Sweet and Sour", she had to go to a salon to have her hair cut short and she nearly cried. "I have been growing my hair for four or five years now and I really can't bear to cut it. After the cut, I called Catherine (Tsang, TVB Executive) to ask her if it had to be very short. I understand that this is for the role, but this is an even greater sacrifice for me than playing the ugly role of 'Lee Siu Ho'."

On the day of the cut, it was quite a big occasion and her good friends including Margaret Chung were on hand for moral support. Angela smiles: "When I had the cut, I held onto Margaret with both hands, like having an operation done, but I was so nervous at that point. As a souvenir, I have kept one lock of my long hair."


[The Sun 08/02/07]

Kevin and Bosco Tour Taiwan with Five Pretty Girls

Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong headed over to Taiwan for some promotional work earlier and were accompanied by the "Five TVBS Flowers" - Lam Lap Man, Kei Man Wai, Yeung Pui Ting, Sa Sa and Chan Yi Ka as they tried out some local food. As Kevin had injured his arm, he was waited on by the girls, leaving Bosco a little envious.

The Taiwanese like to have supper in the form of congee and small dishes and Sa Sa and Kei Man Wai toko Bosco and Kevin to a speciality congee stall for supper. Faced with over ten different dishes, they found it hard to choose what to eat. Kevin saw one dish that was named 'mainland girl' and he found this quite amusing as he joked: "I don't want a 'mainland girl', I would like a 'Taiwan girl' instead!" When Bosco heard this, he laughed out loud, but the waitress didn't really understand.

After ordering, the four started eating, but as Kevin has injured his right arm, he found it difficult to eat and like a child, he had to use his own fork, but then the local guides decided to feed him and as he enjoyed the experience, Bosco looked on enviously.

Bosco is well known as a food lover and Sa Sa joined Lam Lap Man in taking him out to the well known street stands at night, where they treated him to a 'frogspawn' drink, tricking him into believing that the little tapioca pearls were actually real frogspawn and leaving him a little revolted. The two flowers know that Bosco often has to work late into the night, so they took him to try the 'Medicinal Herb Ribs' and after eating it, he said that he was full of energy and ready for anything.

As well as eating at the night markets, Taiwan also has other great places to go and Bosco, Sa Sa and Lap Man also went to play a ball throwing game and although he lost to the two girls, they still presented him with a 'carrot top phone case' as an encouragement gift for good luck.

With this luck, Bosco decided to try his fortunes by asking Chan Yi Ka and Yeung Pui Ting to take him to buy a local lottery ticket, where his eyes lit up when he heard that the top prize was NT$1 billion (HK$30 million). He quickly scratched at his card in the hope of winning lots of money and dreamed of how he would buy a new house, new car and new dog.

After this, Lap Man and Man wai took Bosco to go on Asia's tallest big wheel and when the three of them enjoyed the views of Taipei, Bosco asked the girls to teach him some Taiwanese, but when he tried it it made them all laugh. Bosco was a good sport though and continued to speak his heavily accented Taiwanese despite the laughs from everyone.


[The Sun 09/02/07]

Selena Li Goes Numb in the Snow

TVB's up and coming female lead Selena Li was filming for "The Seventh Day" in Nagoya earlier and in one scene, it tells of her character trying to freeze to death and this meant she had to wear some think clothing and roll around in the snow. Shivering all over whilst filming, Selena smiles later that she was so cold, she had lost all feeling in her body: "Although I had two thick items of clothing on underneath, I was still so cold that I could not feel a thing and I did not even know when my nose was running."

Fortunately, this filming trip was like a holiday and Selena was very happy: "This was my first time in Nagoya and the food and accommodation was good, like a luxury tour! However, the happiest thing was being able to build a snowman. When I was young I would play in the snow in Canada and this is like going back to my childhood and it feels very warm."


[The Sun 09/02/07]

Annie Man Awaits her Valentine

For singleton Annie Man, it has been several years since she has been dating and as she was born in the year of the Dragon, then the year of the Pig should bring her some romance and she won't be lonely because a 'backup lover' is always on hand for her.

After reading through the horoscope books for this year, Annie found out that this year will be a strong year for romance and popularity, so she is considering taking part in a 'singletons party' for this years Valentines Day organised by a friend. She says: "I am considering whether or not to go because I am worried that if I am too forceful, it will be awkward, but I do feel that meeting more friends is a good thing and if I really don't have a date, then I can always rely on my 'backup lovers', they are my two dogs."

Although Annie is not a superstitious person, she will still be trying to raise her popularity luck and says she longs to find a date: "I would like to and there are people in pursuit but I am not in a hurry and work comes first. Romance comes with getting along with people and in this industry, popularity is important. Over the new year, I will be going out to the mainland to film for two or three months, so maybe I will find some romance whilst I am there."

Annie has a strange phobia of carrying a big bunch of flowers around the streets on Valentines Day: "I feel that it looks very strange. If you have to give me flowers, then one red rose is enough, you don't need to spend too much!" So if you see that she has only received one flower on Valentines Day, then please don't laugh at her!


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