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[Ming Pao 01/03/07]

Myolie Wu Wants a Big House this year

Entering the year of the Pig, Myolie Wu's wish is to break into the China markets and to film on the mainland. She says that she previously filmed in China with Vincent Zhao in the series "The Taichi Master" and although it felt like she had been exiled for a few months, she had a lot of good experiences and learned a lot. Myolie says she would also like to carry on singing: "I have spent a lot of time filming series and I regret only being able to attend one singing lesson with Elisa Chan. However, I am happy that my song 'Miss Pig' is popular because this year is the year of the pig and it is a good match."

Myolie believes that this year she will learn a lot of things outside of just acting, such as Japanese, dancing and riding. Learning to ride a horse will be useful for her to film more martial arts movies and she does not want to learn at the last minute, so that if she has any riding scenes, she can tackle them without problems.

In the year of the dog, Myolie's gossip has primarily linked her with Bosco Wong and she says she has bought herself some plum blossom this year for good relationship luck and to avoid rumours. She says that her gossip with Bosco is not negative because they are good friends and often go out together, so having a meal together is very normal.

Myolie says: "At the moment, I don't want to date anyone because I want to concentrate on my work and make more money. I would like to buy an apartment for my family to live more comfortably." With her current status at TVB, then to buy an apartment is no obstacle really. Myolie has invested the money that she has earned, but not too much of it because she admits she is not fully accustomed to the financial markets, so sh daren't invest all of her savings in stocks. She says: "I like things to be secure, so savings accounts are fine."


[Ta Kung Pao 01/03/07]

Kenneth Ma is Afraid of being Zapped by Ella Koon

Ella Koon and Kenneth Ma took part in the costume fitting for the tentatively titled "Survivor's Law II" yesterday and playing lawyers for the first time, Kenneth and Ella will have a romance in the story. Kenneth says frankly that he is not afraid of rumours with Ella, but admits that she does have an enticing gaze: "I couldn't stand it, but I will only fall in love with her in the show." Talking of the strong cast and good reviews of the first series, does this put pressure on him? He says seemingly relaxed: "It is on the shoulders of the producer, I will just face it calmly."

After "Revolving Doors of Vengeance", this is Ella's second venture into television and with the two male stars Kenneth and Sammul Chan already having their respective love interests, is she not worried about any rumours developing? Ella says with embarrassment: "I don't know about their business, but I have known them for a while, so I will be happy if there are no rumours. The year of the pig is without bounds."


[Ta Kung Pao 01/03/07]

Michael Tse Not Up for Child Tax Cuts for Now

The new season of the American reality show "The Apprentice" will soon be airing on TVB Pearl and a promotional event was held in Causeway Bay earlier. Michael Tse, Sharon Luk, Heidi Chu and Stephen Wong attended as potential 'apprentices', firstly dressed in office gear and then playing games. In the end, Michael and Sharon's team lost and had to wear slippers and rough clothing, whilst Heidi and Stephen were rewarded with a caviar treat.

The suit that Sharon was wearing was worn whilst she was an air stewardess, but she says that she was a little embarrassed at having to change into flip-flops. She has watched "The Apprentice" before and asked if she has learned any skills to aid her progression, she says: "There is competition in any industry, not only in showbiz." Michael changed into shorts and slippers and his legs were described as 'fluorescent tubes' [slim and white] by the reporters. He says: "My legs are so attractive! They are my secret weapon and many girls are very envious of me."

Talking of the announcement of this years budget by Financial Secretary Mr Henry Tang yesterday, where he increased the tax reduction for people with children, Michael says that this will benefit people with children and those planning to have children, but he will not benefit just yet. He says that these breaks are like a reward really. Has he planned to have children? He feels that having children is something you need to plan ahead on and you have to look at suitable arrangements need to be made and if they decrease taxes this year but increase it the following year, then it doesn't mean anything. They will have to cut taxes for at least three to five years before it gives me that confidence. However, he says that he has gained in his personal income tax and general taxation.


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[The Sun 01/03/07]

Fala Chen and Bernice Liu Fuel Rumours of Animoscity

TVB series "The Entire City Dances" held a party earlier to mark the end of filming, but the rumours of animoscity between the leading ladies Fala Chen and Bernice Liu were fuelled when Fala rushed away quickly after the meal and Bernice did not even turn up.

The meal was held in a Kowloon City restaurant and was attended by Steven Ma, Kate Tsui, Tracy Ip and Matthew Ko and fuelling rumours that they had fallen out with each other during filming, Fala only appeared for about half an hour and there was no sign of Bernice at the event.

The event was led by Steven and Kate, and Steven also footed the bill and paid around $1400 for the meal. When Kate was asked who paid, she said that everyone chipped in, whilst Steven indicated he will be continuing the fun by joining everyone in a karaoke bar.

Fala was asked in a telephone interview yesterday whether she was rushing away to try and avoid Bernice and she said: "If I wanted to avoid her, then I would not have turned up at all. I had booked in for a costume fitting earlier, but I wanted to eat a little before leaving, but I didn't have enough time." Bernice's manager responded saying: "She wanted to attend, but she has gone to Singapore to shoot an advertisement."


[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 01/03/07]

Charmaine Sheh Pockets Seven Figures for HK Health Check Contract

Charmaine Sheh has recently signed a seven figure sponsorship deal with healthcare company HK Health Check and to mark the occasion, an event was held yesterday, where dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, Charmaine arrived at a hotel in a Rolls Royce, where she was met by her 'groom', a handsome Caucasian male model and also the company's Chief Executive, Choi Ka Yee, who is the daughter of Toy Company tycoon Choi Chi Ming.

Charmaine says that in her work, she does not have regular meals or time to sleep, so her health is getting work, so she has been for health checks and fortunately she is fine. Before becoming their spokesperson, the company provided Charmaine with a detailed body check and she will be undergoing MRI scans with them. Asked if she was embarrassed with her gynacological checks, she says this was done by a female doctor and the centre has a females only area, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Her contract is for a year to start with and is worth a seven figure sum. Asked if it is at the beginning, middle or end of the seven figure range, Charmaine smiles: "It is a good happy price! (Are you happy with your Westerner groom today?) He is okay! I would not choose to marry a foreigner though."

Talking of the changes in taxation announced yesterday where taxpayers can claim a tax rebate of up to $15,000 and cut service tax for two seasons, Charmaine says happily: "It is better than nothing. (You can have a $50,000 tax break if you have children?) So you [reporters] better have kids then! (You have just earned seven figures, so you should have more kids for a bigger tax cut?) I don't want to have kids just yet. (Would you like to buy another apartment to rent out?) I already have one that I live in and one that I rent out. I don't want another one for now because I am worried about the burden."

Ms Choi indicates that she invited Charmaine to be the company spokesperson because she felt that she has a great rapport with the public and she has a healthy image, especially after winning TVB's Best Actress award. Although Charmaine has recently been given a driving ban, Ms Choi says this is irrelevant and her image is still a good one. Asked why her father was not at the event, Ms Choi says that her father is busy with his own work, but he has kept an eye on her business results.


[The Sun 01/03/07]

Maggie Cheung's Old MV Appears on YouTube

Currently resting and having hidden away for a while, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee has not made a public appearance for a while, but many of her fans are missing her a lot. Recently, an old music video has appeared on YouTube, featuring Maggie during her time in girlband PPGals before she entered the Miss Hong Kong pageant. In the clip, she announces: "This is our first challenging song 'DJ Boy'!" and showing boundless youth and energy, she and the other girls are incredibly attractive as they shake their hips as they dance. As the band's guitarist, Maggie is totally absorbed into her performance.

As this clip is quite old, the colours have faded a lot, but still shows that Maggie's attractiveness has not reduced. Over 200 netizens have viewed the clip at time of going to print and one viewer commented: "Wah so old!".

You can see the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02r1i__09-M


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