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[Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao & The Sun 18/01/07]

Esther Kwan's New Series Costume Fitting

After "Welcome to the House" finishes airing, TVB will be releasing a new sitcom "Hot, Sweet & Sour", produced by TVB executive Catherine Tsang herself and starring Esther Kwan, who is marking her return to TVB after the birth of her daughter, Alvina Kong, Angela Tong, Elaine Jin and foreign newcomer Bo Wai Kit, who all attended yesterday's costume fitting event.

Esther has stopped working for two years to give birth and as her daughter is so lovable, she has focussed her attentions on her, making her very single-minded and so she has not paid attention to what is going on outside. Now that her daughter is one year old, she has returned to work to avoid being completely cut off. She says: "As soon as Catherine called me, I immediately agreed, because she has given me a good card. I can work in Hong Kong, the schedules for sitcoms are quite stable and it will allow me to look after my daughter and satisfy my desire to work. The timing was just right, if she had called me earlier, I may not have agreed. (Does your husband [Nick Cheung] support your return to work?) He is very supportive, because he says I have slowed down since I had my daughter and he is speeding up. Our daughter is quite clingy towards me though and does not like him holding her." As for her salary, she says she has put the fee up a little on the past and this series will last at least six months, if they can extend it, then even better.

Alvina will be playing the boss of an advertising company in the show and she will be wearing a lot of designer gear, so she pulled out two sacks from home, full of designer bags and clothes. Even discounting for aging, they were worth at least a five figure sum. She smiles: "I have always been a party animal, so this time I will learn some early to bed and early rising OL [office lady] lifestyle. (Does your husband support you filming again?) Yes, seeing me still able to pursue my interest in my work and still be offered jobs makes him feel that this is a rare opportunity."

Angela will be playing a police officer in the show and she wore a short wig to the fitting yesterday, because she still has to finish filming for another series, so she cannot cut it just yet. She says a little troubled: "I am currently considering whether or not to cut my hair, because I will really miss my long hair." In the show, she has a westerner husband played by Bo Wai Kit, but he can not only speak fluent Cantonese, he can even read Chinese and this puts Angela to shame because despite working in Hong Kong forso long, she still cannot read Chinese. She smiles: "For my husband to be good at Chinese is a good thing, I can ask him then." Angela not only calls him her 'husband', she seemed positively smitten when she was taken photographs as she leaned against him. When the reporters reminded her that he already has a wife, she was awakened and said: "Really? I didn't know!"


[Ta Kung Pao 18/01/07]

Premiere for Kung Fu Mahjong 3

Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Yuen Chau, Nat Chan and Winnie Leung joined executive producer Wong Jing for the premiere of "Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel" earlier, where they held a celebratory champagne toast. Everyone took a drink, but Roger seemed a little awkward as he did not touch his. He explained that he had to rush back to continue filming for "Curious Detective" afterwards, so he daren't drink any alcohol. Asked if his wife Cindy Au has supported his film, he explained that she has to face some exams for her nutrition course, so they will go and watch it again together later. How will he be spending his Chinese New Year? He says: "The elders say that for the first year of marriage, I should stay in Hong Kong to hand out lucky packets." Asked how much he will spend on this, he says he has prepared a six figure sum, showing his generosity.

Shirley says that this is her first leading role in a movie and she smiles: "I am very nervous, becuase I have never watched myself so closely on a big screen." She says she has just invited some friends to the premiere because her boyfriend has to work and his parents did not want to appear. Talking of Wong Jing's trademark of sexy female leads, Shirley says: "This job was negotiated for me by TVB, if the company accepts it for me, then I will do it without any worries." Asked if he was worried about rumours with Wong Jing, she smiles: "I have been working hard and do not worry about these problems."

As for executive producer and director Wong Jing, he hopes that the Kung Fu Mahjong films will continue to be made all the way up to the ninth instalment. Asked why he invited Shirley to be his leading lady, he smiles: "Because I am on good terms with TVB."


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 18/01/07]

Ron Gets Mouthful of Lipstick After Kissing Kate

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui attended a radio interview to promote their new series "The Brink of Law" yesterday and talking about a kiss scene in the show, there were too many people on set at the time and it made Kate feel quite embarrassed. Ron revealed that during filming, Kate put on a thick layer of lipstick, so when they kissed, he felt like he was sticking to her and thinking back, he finds it quite funny. However, he says that it was just a peck and even without NG's, they still had to do it four or five times to get all the camera angles.

As for the recent rumours that Ron has frightened record company BMA by his behaviour and they are not signing any more TVB artistes as a result, he says he has not heard this rumour and does not believe that he will affect the decision of the record company to sign other talented singers. What about his own contract with them? Ron says that this is in the hands of TVB and he is unclear about this. He says: "I feel that for artistes who can sing, they will not be affected." As for the comments about the negative press he seems to be having recently, Ron smiles and says that this was last year and he has not had any this year. He says that he will work hard this year.

As for good friend Bosco Wong's ex-girlfriend revealing her cosmetic surgery stories, Ron says he does not know her and their relationship is in the past and should not be brought up/ Asked if he would accept his girlfriend having a boob job or surgery, he says directly he cannot accept this because he feels natural beauty is the best.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/01/07]

'Miniature' Love Goddess Gigi

Gigi Lai appeared as the spokesperson for a designer label at their Spring/Summer fashion show, leading a group of foreign models on the catwalk. Hong Kong model Kathy Chow and socialite Candy Law were also there to support her. Gigi wore two white dresses on the stage, but they were not very sexy. Moreover, despite wearing four inch high heels, she was still dwarfed by the models who had an average height of 6 feet, making her seem quite miniature and putting some pressure on her.

Gigi's outfit was not quite as alluring as her dress at the "Jewel's Splendor" costume fitting and she laughs that she did not choose the dresses, insisting that she had no part in the decision to appear so sexy. She says that she chose that dress because it fitted her, but all the tape that she used left her with a rash on her back. She says there was only one red dress and as it was size XS, it fitted her well. She says: "I really am size XS and I had to wear heels, otherwise the dress would drag along the ground." As for the label dumping Ada Choi as their spokesperson and just keeping her on, Gigi says that to be able to sign for another three years makes her happy, but she is unsure why they did not renew with Ada.

Gigi met with a group of housewife fans after the show, who gave her flowers and lucky packets and she says that these fans often give her lucky money. She remembers when she went to Panyu for a New Year show one year and she kept receiving lucky packets from her fans, totally a few thousand of them. She has also received valuable gifts from fans such as watches, handbags, purses and jewellery, but she has no idea who they are from. She does not want her fans to waste their money and they have been very good, not asking for anything untoward in return.


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