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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 08/01/07]

Myolie Says Bosco's Cooking is Delicious

The Hong Kong and Kowloon Community Chest Charity Walk started in the morning yesterday at the Hong Kong Stadium and rumoured couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu were there together and immediately became the focus of media attention. However, the two were very open and even posed for photographs together, insisting that they are just good friends.

Although there were many other celebrities at the event including Ron Ng, Elaine Yiu, Shirley Yeung and Koni Lui, Bosco and Myolie attracted the most attention. TVB General Manager Stephen Chan also made an appearance and was also joined by Lai Lok Yi, Tracy Ip and Anne Heung. With the weather quite chilly yesterday, Bosco was asked if this was the warmest walk he had been on. He says that he feels that this is the coldest year yet and that he and Myolie are just good friends. He says: "You can see she is wearing a jumper and a woolly hat. I just have a scarf." He has also had some rumours generated recently after filming with Natalie Tong, has this affected their relationship? He says there is no relevance and he will not think about his rumours too much.

Myolie was also openly speaking to the press and posing with Bosco. Asked if she felt awkward, she smiled she did not because people have gossiped for so long already. As for being photographed earlier looking shocked, she says that it was night time and a dark shadow suddenly appeaered and she was genuinely frightened, but not about being 'spotted' by the reporters. Myolie says that everyone at the event that night were just friends. Is Bosco's spaghetti dish especially good? Myolie praises his cooking and says that he can be a guest on the celebrity cookery show.

With Bosco being able to cook, does this give him more brownie points? She says: "He is very clever at cookery and this is quite hard to find, but as friends, you don't need to keep score." Asked if Bosco knows her family very well, Myolie says not really, but they have met before. Does this incident mean that their relationship is becoming clearer? Myolie continues to deny this, saying that they are just good friends. Of course there are a lot of things that can start off as friends and if they do progress, then she will let everyone know.

As for Bosco's rumours with Natalie, Myolie says is not clear about this and suggested to ask the two people in question. If she finds her boyfriend two-timing her, what would she do? She smiles that it is hard to say what if, because she has never been in that position before. Does she feel that Bosco is a player? She says: "As a friend, I will not judge him like this."


[The Sun 08/01/07]

Mandy Cho Meets New Boyfriend in America

Mandy Cho has been spotted earlier with a Sunny Chan lookalike in the streets and she admits openly that she is dating him: "That man was my boyfriend, he is a friend of my sister's and I met him when I was studying in America earlier and he really looked after me." She also smiles that her boyfriend is from outside the industry, so she hopes to keep their relationship low key and she does not wish to say too much.


[Ming Pao 08/01/07]

Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong Still Friends after Break up

Two pairs of ex-lovers Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong and Sam Li and model Carrie took part at the Nike party earlier. Amigo arrived earlier and after an hour later, Natalie arrived with Tavia Yeung. Amigoa indicates that he did say hello to his ex-girlfriend: "I stood near the door, so when I saw Natalie, I said Hi. The split was a peaceful one, so we still get in touch once in a while." As for the rumours that Natalie has found herself a new love who is a rich businessman, Amigo says: "I am not sure, there were rumours of her with Bosco Wong earlier, but I have seen the photographs in the papers and they were just from filming."

Carrie on the other hand was less accommodating when she spoke about Sam and said: "I did not know he was coming and have not seen him. We split up a long time ago and are no longer friends, neither have we been in touch. He hurt me in the past, so even if I see him, I don't want to speak to him." Asked about the reason for their split, Carrie said: "He has numerous third parties and I was very upset by this for a long time. I have been with my choreographer boyfriend for three years now and I am very happy. We plan to make some more money and then get married."


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