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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/01/07]

Bosco Wong Shows off his Culinary Skills to Myolie

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu have been rumoured lovers for a while and were recently reported to have spent the night together by a tabloid magazine. Filming yesterday for "Questioning Showbiz", Bosco was asked about this and he says that on that day, there was a big group of them who gathered at Myolie's home to cook and he left with his friends at around midnight and did not stay over. However, the press did not photograph him leaving and insisted that he stayed the night.

As for Myolie looking shocked when she drove him back, Bosco explains that on that night, a reporter suddenly appeared in the road to photograph them and anyone in that position would have been shocked. Was he frightened? He says: "I am used to it now, so I even put my head out for them to photograph me." That night, Bosco helped out with the cooking and made Italian Fried rice and everyone praised him for how good it tasted. He smiles: "She was dieting earlier, so now her weight has settled down, I made her something to eat. I am good at cooking and can cook Chinese and Western dishes. (Was Myolie moved to tears by your cooking?) This is not the first time I have cooked for a girl because I have cooked for my mother before, but I really don't mind cooking." He also insists that this was a normal social event and just a small incident, nothing of note. However, the night in question was the night preceding the wedding day of Myolie's sister Carrie and for Bosco to have been invited, does this mean he has been accepted as part of the family? Bosco says that he knows Myolie's sister, but she did not invite him to the wedding. He says that he does invite friends back to his own home for dinner but he has never invited Myolie: "One day, I will have a big feast at my house and I will invite her to see if she will come."

The magazine adds that Bosco is trying to date Natalie Tong behind Myolie's back, but he says: "Who can date so many people? Rumours are hard to avoid though and I will not think about it too much."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/01/07]

First Look at Miss Chinese International 2007

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 will be taking place in Foshan's New City Area on the 20th and the twenty contestants have arrived in Hong Kong to prepare in their secret training camp.

TVB arranged a press conference for the event at the Regal Airport Hotel for the girls to meet the media for the first time. Number 21 Zhao Ying Ying is suffering from problems with her visa and was unable to take part in the event. The girls appeared in beautiful evening gowns at the event and introduced themselves briefly on the stage in Cantonese. Most of the girls were very calm, with only Number 11 Chui Chuk Ji from Montreal and Number 17 Manila's Chan Heung Lei who were rather nervous. The latter seemed very stiff on the stage and when the reporters told her to relax, she stiffened up even more and forced a smile. The most confident on the stage was Number 13 Pang Mei Ling who hails from Calgary, who used to be a magazine model there, so she struck a number of poses on the stage for the press. Number 18 Chui Ji Suen from Auckland has looks that are not bad and she is full of confidence. Also catching the attention of the cameras at the event were Number 2 Hong Kong's Aimee Chan and the younger sister of last year's winner Ina Lu, Number 20 Lu Yi Huen from Johannesburg.

When the reporters asked Aimee if she was confident of bringing the crown back to Hong Kong she seemed lacking in confidence as she said: "I will just be myself and try my best." She says that she has entered the training camp with the other contestants and she is excited to share the experience with girls from around the world. She adds: "They are all beautiful in their own right, so I feel a bit of pressure, but to be able to meet so many people from different countries and learn from them is a great experience."

Lu Yi Huen indicated that if she could follow in her sister's footsteps and win the award, then she would be very happy and even if she does not win, then seeing her sister there will be a great encouragement. She also reveals that her sister is currently working for a Taiwanese TV station and asked if she would like to follow her sister into showbiz, she says she has not thought so far ahead yet and will just enjoy the experience.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/01/07]

Halina Tam Seeks Justice for Wong He

Halina Tam, Carlo Ng and Tang Chi Fung were filming for "Questioning Showbiz" yesterday and Halina has been busy filming recently for "Trouble Daddy", where she plays a couple with Wong He, but they end up having a divorce. Halina says that it is quite difficult working with the children in the show. With the rumours that Ah He is difficult to get along with, Halina was asked if she got on with him and she indicated that she has a great affinity with Ah He, because they worked together on her first series "Nothing to Declare", she had worked with him already.

As for the rumours that Ah He is an artiste who is anti-social, Halina does not agree and she says: "I feel that Ah He has changed a lot since he became a Buddhist, he is not only happier, he has also opened his mind to a lot of things and is more easy-going now. He has also matured a lot." Halina adds that Ah He is very devoted to his religion and as well as teaching her a lot of Buddhist teachings and even how to read palms. He says she is a very lucky person and this made her very happy.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/01/07]

Vivien, Maggie and Ron Visit Malaysia

The annual spectacular event of the TV world in Malaysia "Astro Wah Lai Toi Television Series Awards 2006" will be taking place on 20th January. With TVB series highly popular in Malaysia, they have been nominated in a number of categories this year and to mark the occasion, TVB have sent artistes including Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Maggie Shiu and Vivien Yeo to Ipoh and Johor Bahru to help pull in the votes.

Moses and Bosco visited Ipoh in November to rally support for their series and they have both been nominated in the categories for Best Loved Character, Best Loved Male Lead, Best Loved Couple and Best Loved Quality Image. As well as building the hype up for the awards, they also met the fans and repaid the support from them.

Maggie, Ron and Vivien were invited to Johor Bahru for the promotional activities there and again another frenzy was whipped up among the TV fans. Ron has been nominated in Best Loved Male Lead and Best Loved Character categories. Maggie and Raymond Cho have been nominated as one of the Best Loved Couples. For Vivien who is originally from Malaysia, returning to her home town was a great chance for her to play host and take Ron and Maggie to try out the best local delicacies.


[Ta Kung Pao 06/01/07]

Gigi Wins the Hearts of Shanghai's Crowd

TVB Series "Beneath the Charm" will be the New Year Series for China's largest satellite TV channel Dragon TV and air to the whole country. The show's stars Moses Chan, Gigi Lai and Mandy Cho flew out to Shanghai earlier to take part in the promotional activities.

When the artistes appeared at the press conference, the fans who were waiting screamed out for them and many dedicated fans had travelled from Beijing especially to see them in a moving and overwhelming scene. Although Gigi was not wearing her costume, she still oozed the charm from her series and her beauty captivated the support from the fans. When the press asked her if she was worried that playing some argumentative or negative roles would affect her image, she said: "I am not afraid of hurting my image. I am an actor and this means I should try many different roles. When I get into character, then I only think one way and I will do my best to create a well-rounded role."

For Moses who always looks out for his fans, he even spoke to a fan on the phone who couldn't make it to wish her a happy birthday. Moses and Gigi were full of praises for each other's talents. Having already worked with Moses in seven series so far, Gigi indicates that they will be co-operating again for this year's 80-episode series "Jewels Spendour" in their 8th collaboration.


[The Sun 06/01/07]

Yoyo Mung Will Dump Unfaithful Boyfriends Immediately

Yoyo Mung was filming yesterday for series "Trouble Daddy" in a scene where she finds her boyfriend two-timing her. Asked if she has met this in real life before, she says the she has never encountered this: "If it happened to me, then I will leave the relationship with dignity because being unfaithful cannot be tolerated and there is no point in continuing with the relationship."


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