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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/01/07]

Yoyo Mung is Happy Just to Receive a Bottle of Water

Bobby Au Yeung and Yoyo Mung were filming yesterday for new series "Trouble Daddy" on location in a scene where Yoyo is dumped by Evergreen Mak and when she meets him with his new lover Eileen Yeow in a mall, she has to outdo him, but this is all seen by Bobby.

Yoyo says she took a rest on New Year's Day and yesterday was the first day back at work in 2007. She smiles: "In a moment, Bobby should by buying a round of drinks. He has already bought me breakfast this morning. (Why aren't you buying?) He is the main lead, so I will not fight him for this." For the new year, Yoyo spent it with her family going for lunch. Asked if she has been making long distance phone calls (boyfriend Ekin Cheng is filming away), she smiles she has not and now she is working, she has to concentrate on what she is doing. For Christmas, she syas she did give some presents to her friends and received many gifts too, but when asked what she received, she would not reveal anything, just saying: "Giving gifts is all about the thought, even if I receive a bottle of water, it will still make me happy."

Yoyo also reveals that there is a very difficult scene in the show that tells of her telling her mother why she did not get married. The director told her to cry as she spoke, but without changing her voice, so she will be preparing her emotions at home before filming. Asked how she will do this with her current good mood and basking in romance, she smiles: "I am an actor! Also, I am someone who cries very easily, all I have to do is think of festivals and I will become quite teary."

Bobby did not have any time off for Christmas or New Year this year and he could not even have dinner at home, having his countdown in the studios. Fortunately his wife has many good friends and was not lonely. Asked how he will make it up to her not being able to spend time with her, he says: "Nothing! I don't have time to go and buy her a present and I usually buy her gifts anyway, and this can work out even more expensive." Hopefully this show will finish filming by the Chinese New Year and Bobby plans to take a short break and have a vacation, but he has not decided on the location yet.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/01/07]

Kenny Wong is Happier the Busier he is

Kenny Wong was the guest on a radio show yesterday and stepping into a new year, he hopes for a strong and healthy body, because without this, he cannot do anything else. As for whether he will be marrying his girlfriend in the coming year, he says he will concentrate on making more money to make life more stable.

The stage production "Missing Sight" that Kenny is taking part in will open from 12th to 24th of January and he has been rehearsing for a number of months. In the show, he often has to throw some punches, but he insists he has never injured anyone because they have excellent acting skills and their reactions are very realistic to make it seem like they have been hit. As well as the dance routine rehearsals, Kenny is also filming for his new movie and although it is very hard work for him, he has no complaints, because he really likes his first theatre performance as every day has its own little changes.


[Ta Kung Pao 03/01/07]

Leanne Li to Perform Sexy Latin Dance

Leanne Li will be joining Grasshopper, Suki Chui and Sharon Luk to perform at this weekend's Yan Chai charity show and although she has learned how to dance a waltz in the past, this is the first time trying latin dance, so she has been busy practising, and she will be rehearsing with Grasshopper for the first time.

When it was pointed out that this type of dance is very sexy, Leanne says that she is prepared for it: "I will definitely have something underneath and be covered with tape. (With Yumiko's earlier incident, are you avoiding wearing a thong?) No I will not do that, but the clothes have to be fitted properly to ensure that I do not expose myself." She adds that she has always been confident with TVB's costumes and she believes that they will be safe and respectable.

Asked if she has lost weight for this event, she smiles: "Yes, earlier I was doing belly dancing for New Years Eve and I put on a little weight to give me a little belly. Now i have to lose weight but I think that this can be done through rehearsals and I don't need to diet especially.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 03/01/07]

"The Brink of Law" Promotion

TVB's new series "The Brink of Law" will begin airing next Monday after the end of "Dicey Business". As this show deals with combatting illegal gambling on horses, a group of cast members took part in a promotional event at the Shatin Racecourse and those present included Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma. As well as playing games, the stars also posed for photographs with the horses. However, they were not very co-operative, losing his temper and leaving droppings everywhere, so there was a lot of waiting around before they could successfully complete the photographs. During the shooting game, Steven accidentally aimed the gun at the floor, dropping all the pellets and causing everyone to laugh at him. Ron was blindfolded for his shot and this frightened everyone into running away.

Steven appeared wearing a smart suit and he smiles that he only realised yesterday that he only had one tie at home that he has worn before, so he had no choice but to wear it again. This is Steven's first show to be aired after winning an award at last year's Anniversary awards and he feels that this series has given him the chance to work with many new faces and will help him create some new chemistry.

Steven points out that in the show he plays brothers with Kenneth Ma and they are both referred to as 'Ma Jai' as a nickname. There is also a crew member from props who is called 'Ma Jai', so there are three of them. Originally, the crew had decided to refer to Steven as 'Siu Ma Gor', but he felt that this was rather sensitive, so in the end, they decided on calling Steven 'Ma Jai', Kenneth 'Ma Ming' and the crew member 'Ma Ye'.

There were reports yesterday that Steven was forcefully pushing himself into photographs with an old granny. To this he responds: "I am innocent!" He explains that the granny had asked him earlier to have his photo taken with her, but because she stood away, he ran up to her to avoid her coming back, so it was all a misunderstanding. With these reports already so early on into 2007, Steven says: "I don't mind, it shows my attraction. At first, I was a bit shocked that they were reporting about an old lady, but I don't really mind about reports like this."

Ron had earlier been linked with Toby Leung in rumours during the filming for "Men in Pain" and with the news breaking that he had spent New Years Eve celebrating with her and Raymond Lam in a bar, then of course the press questioned him about this. He says: "Raymond Lam was also there that night and a male artiste from the mainland artiste who is wokring with us in 'The Drive of Life'. We openly allowed the press to take photographs." He says that Toby also had other friends in the bar and as they played lovers in 'Men in Pain' and again in 'The Drive of Life', then they are good friends.

Asked if he is interested in courting her, he smiles: "No, she is an executive's daughter! (Are you not brave enough to pursue?) No, we are just friends." There were also reports that he and Raymond were drunk on that night and only left the bar at 11am the next day. Ron syas that it was their friend who was drunk and they waited together for him to wake up before leaving together. Of course they also drank, because having a little alcohol on New Years Eve is no problem.

So does going to a bar with Raymond make him a big hit with the girls? He syas that there were a lot of other friends there. Asked who he hugged after the countdown, he says that he was taking part in the countdown in Yuen Long and then he hugged Raymond. Asked if he would like to regain some popularity with "The Brink of Law", he played along and says: "Yes I want to spring back."

Bernice was born in the year of the horse, so she has always loved horses. When she was younger, she once told her mother not to have a pet dog any more and keep a pet horse instead, laughing that it could live under her bed. she says that Michelle did take her to the racecourse to experience it before and she realised that people in Hong Kong own horses to race, but if she was to own a horse, then she would keep in the grassy fields of Canada. Talking of her role in this new series, Bernice says that it is a new trial for her because as well as being slapped by Michelle, she is also hit by Eliott Yue.

Kate was dressed in a short skirt, revealing her rather thick legs. She says that she has been working on losing weight and has already reduced a lot of water mass. She has recently been introduced by a friend for a detox treatment that has reduced her water retention and now she has to depend on machines to help her slim the bottom half of her body. However, this is quite expensive, so she has to work hard to make money to stay beautiful. She also says that when she was filming for "On the First Beat" (aka 'Cadets on the Beat') she was like a tomboy so she lost interest in making herself up. Now she is filming for "The Entire City Dances" and has the chance to wear pretty clothing again, so she is starting to concentrate on her appearance again.

Recently the fortune tellers have said that Shirley has good luck this year and a chance of getting married in 2007. She smiles that she is happy to hear that she will have good luck, but she will not be getting married so soon. She says: "Unless it is a lightning marriage, but I don't think so. (What if there was a third person?) What? A dog? No. I like my job at the moment." She says that she has dated her boyfriend for several years and it is fashionable to have a long marathon of love, but she does intend to have children after she gets married. Shirley indicates that usually she does not dare to have her fortune read because it is ok if they say something good, but if they say something bad, then it will leave a shadow.


[The Sun 03/01/06]

Tavia Yeung is Hoarse from Screaming

Tavia Yeung was filming yesterday for "Trouble Daddy" and she says that she has been suffering from a throat infection after her performance on New Years Eve, but with such a good fee and the new year atmosphere, then it was still worth screaming and joining in that day. With her support on the day from Bosco Wong who went up on stage to help her out when she had a problem, is she worried that his rumoured girlfriend Myolie would be unhappy about that? Tavia smiles: "Don't be silly! We are friends and he wouldn't leave me out on my own like that."

The ratings for "Dicey Business" were very respectable last week and Tavia hopes that they will keep rising for the finale week. "The best would be a 36 like my breast size in the show! If it does, then we will get Bobby Au Yeung and Michael Miu to pay for dinner."


[The Sun 03/01/07]

'Leon Look' Michael Miu Attracts the Fans

Through his performance in "Dicey Business", Michael Miu's popularity seems to have shot through the roof and when he appeared in Lan Kwai Fong earlier, sporting a 'Leon Lai look' in a leather jacket and slick hair, he was immediate the focus of attention for the fans who asked to be photographed with him. He is currently busy filming for his new series and snatched a little time to celebrate the new year with his friends in Lan Kwai Fong, He says: "It is a public holiday, so it is a rare chance to see my friends. I am going home now. Happy New Year!"


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