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[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 11/01/07]

Sonija Kwok's Comedy Scene at Carnival

Sonija Kwok seemed to have become possessed by Siu Yee yesterday as she filmed at the Universal Carnival with Roger Kwok for "Curious Detective". It turns out that in the story, Siu Yee is a ghost, who borrows Sonija's body, making her put her hair into braids and dress like a young girl. When she sees Roger, then she jumps about excitedly and this caused the onlookers to laugh at her antics.

Sonija wore a short skirt for her performance yesterday and although she had two pairs of tights on, she was still unable to go on the rides and just watched everyone else having fun. She says she once went on a roller coaster in Canada many years ago and she was so scared that she felt faint afterwards. Asked if she has been to a fair with a male friend, she says that every time, she has been with her mother and although this is prime dating location, she has never been with a boy, so she is awaiting this occasion.

Roger Kwok says it has been a while since he has been to a carnival and the last time was when Ocean Park re-opened, he went there to do some filming for an ad. When he did this, he was supposed to be the lead, but because he played so hard on the rides that he went pale, they changed his role in the end for the shoot. Roger says that his favourite ride is the water chute and he also likes the haunted house. His wife however is not a fan of rides, so he has not been recently. He also reveals that when he was at school, he went with his friends to the fair to go on the slides, but he ended up splitting his pants and was so embarrassed that he made his excuses quickly and left without a word.

In his new movie "Kung Fu Mahjong 3 The Final Duel" Roger will be playing a rich guy and he can appear looking handsome, but he is infected by Shirley Yeung's bad luck in the film and he says it is even harder work than doing an action movie. He has two soakings in the show, including one where Nat Chan pours real ink over his head and he got it in his eyes. In another scene, he has water mixed with rice, vegetables, bread and prawn sticks tipped on him from a height and had to endure several NG's. At first, the water was not too dirty, but after being 'recycled' several times, it really did become like swill. However, compared to last time when Roger had crabs crawling all over him, it was already much better. The scene was filmed at night and the crew had prepared the crabs earlier, so by the time they filmed, the crabs were dead and giving out a foul stench that warded everyone away. When it was time for a meal break, Roger had totally lost his appetite, but he is willing to do this if the audience enjoys watching.


[Ta Kung Pao 11/01/07]

Margie Tsang has Lost Weight Since Returning to TVB

After her return to TVB, Margie Tsang has been filming a series and she will soon join Carrie Lam and Sharon Luk in hosting the new series of TVB's real estate show "Living Up" and a press conference was held to promote the show yesterday. There will be 13 episodes and Margie laughs that she can combine looking at properties with her work.

She smiles that she has been to see some super luxurious apartments and they made her eyes pop out. So is it her ambition to own one? She says: "No, I won't. I am more interested in looking around and see how other people decorate their homes." She says that she has a fear of moving house, so she is very faithful to her home. Margie says that she likes living in apartment-style housing because she does not like having to go up and down the stairs in the low rise houses.

With both hosting and acting jobs, Margie says she gains a different satisfaction from each role. She has been the MC for big shows before and she was invited to do this show by TVB executive Ho Lai Chuen. Her series "Curious Detective" will finish filming by the Chinese New Year and she has been able to adapt to the routine since starting to film. However, she suffered food poisoning and diarrheoa after eating at a buffet on 26th December and she was also vomiting. Since then, she has lost some weight and is currently just 100 lbs. She hopes that after filming the series, she can go on vacation and take a rest.

Carrie left TVB for several months ealrier and recently agreed to take on this hosting job again and signing a new contract. She has also been doing some PR work for a friend. Asked if she was helping out her boyfriend, she blushed and denied it.


Pic 1: Tina Leung (Seattle) & Aimee Chan (HK), Pic 2: Sherry Chen (Toronto) & Aimee Chan, Pic 3: Ivy Lu (Johannesburg) & Sarah Song (Sydney)

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/01/07]

Aimee Chan and Sherry Chen are like Neighbours

The twenty contestants for Miss Chinese International 2007 gathered on a leisure boat for an evening tour of Victoria Harbour after their earlier trip to Ocean Park and Ngongping. Many of the girls sighed at the beauty of Hong Kong's night scenes and took lots of photos. Early hot favourites Number 14 Susana Su (Vancouver) and Number 4 Sherry Chen were asked how they felt at being noticed and Susana says: "Everyone has their good points." However she admits that she is feeling a little pressure with Vancouver's track record of winning the title.

Sherry has been dubbed as the Lin Chiling lookalike and she says that this is her first visit to Hong Kong, but she is disappointed they do not have time to go shopping. Asked which of the other contestants she feels is strong competition, she says her biggest enemy is herself, because to do her best is not easy.

As for the suggestion that she resembles Taiwanese model Lin Chiling, she reveals that she is actually a junior to Lin because they both graduated from the same university and studied economics. However, they were in different classes and have never met each other because Lin was Class of 99 and graduated a whole 8 years before Sherry. A mutual friend has pointed out before that she does have some resemblance to Lin and Sherry says that she does admire Lin.

Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan seemed to get along very well with Sherry, because Aimee has also lived in Toronto before, so they have been talking a lot about the city and act like they are neighbours from the same village. Asked about her confidence for the contest, Aimee says that she is confident and will do her best, but she feels that the experience is the most important and whether she wins or loses is not a problem. She has the support of her friends and family though. Asked if she thought Sherry looks like Lin Chilin, she caused some amusement when she asked in return: "Who is Lin Chiling? I don't know. (Jerry Yan's rumoured girlfriend?) No idea!"


[Ming Pao & The Sun 11/01/07]

TVB Welcomes Return of Great Shows for 40th Anniversary

TVB General Manager Mr Stephen Chan revealed yesterday that in 2007, TVB's production plans will be heading in four different directions. These are digital broadcasting, the tenth anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to China, TVB's 40th Anniversary and the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He also intends to bring back "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" in the second half of the year, when he hopes to invite the return of many classic performers such as Du Ping, Chen Qisong, Sum Sum and Xi Xiulan to the show and previous hosts such as Ho Sau Shun and Helena Law. There are also plans to bring back some classic game shows from over the years such as Nat Chan's "Fortune Star" and "Super Trio Show".

With the popularity of Lydia Sum's "Where Are They Now?", she has agreed to take the show onto the stage at the Coliseum for this year's anniversary, but the number of shows has not yet been agreed.

As for whether there will be a pay rise, this is yet to be decided by the board.


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