Sunday, January 28, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 29/01/07]

Injured Kevin Continues Filming

The film 'Vermicelli King' held its start of filming ceremony yesterday and cast members including Kevin Cheng, Charlene Choi, Leo Ku, Vincent Wong joined Director Eric Kot at the event. As the venue was in the main street in Tin Hau, this attracted a crowd of onlookers and too eager to see what was happening, a child fell over and caused some commotion.

Kevin had an accidental fall earlier and injured his right arm. This was bound in plaster and in a sling yesterday and Kevin indicates he will have to see how well it recovers before they decide whether or not he needs an operation. Asked how he washes himself, he says with a little embarrassment that he could not wash his left armpit, so had to buy a brush to reach it. Asked if he has sought anyone to help him, he says he cannot afford that, so he has to do it himself.

Kevin has to eat with a knife and fork and when he was performing in China earlier, he was nursing his injury. Fortunately, everyone was very accommodating and he says: "I have learned not to take shortcuts now. No matter how well I know my home, I should still switch the light on to go down the stairs." He says that he has never broken his arm before, even as a child and he never imagined that this would happen after he had grown up. He says: "Life is so curious."

Kevin's character in this film is called 'Cheng Yan Yee' - is he not afraid that Joyce Cheng [Chinese name: Cheng Yan Yee] will be offended? He syas that this was the creation of the writers and he doesn't think that Joyce will mind. As his arm is injured, they may have to add an extra scene into the storyline to explain his injury. Talking of the earlier reports about his kissing incident with Niki Chow whilst filming in Japan, Kevin feels there is no need to respond because they were all pictures from the series and he just feels sorry for the paparazzi who had to start work with them every morning at 4am. Fortunately they were all very courteous and the only intrusion was when the kissing scenes had to be filmed several times because the sound of the camera shutters could be heard in the sound. When the reporters laughed that he should be even happier about this, he did not respond directly, just saying that the press's hard work has paid off and they have something to hand in.


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