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[Ta Kung Pao 26/01/07]

Hacken Explains Charmaine's Flirting

Hacken Lee, Yumiko Cheng, Alex Fong and Krusty were the guests filming for Jade Solid Gold earlier and asked about losing his voice last week before his performance on Miss Chinese International, is Hacken better now? He says that because he has been busy filming for the film "Beautiful Goddess of Cooking", he has not had enough time to rest and so developed an infection, but he is much better than last week and he insisted on singing live for the show.

Talking of his last performance, he said mockingly of himself: "Although I am not at my best tonight, it is much better than last week, because I was so croaky that it sounded terrible. I hope that the usual Hacken will be back at the 'Top Ten Chinese Songs Awards' this weekend." Talking of the reports that on the set of his film, he was subjected to some wild flirting from co-star Charmaine Sheh, he explains immediately: "I have a family now and from working with Charmaine, I find her to be a very professional and punctual person. The short skirt was her costume and the things in the report never happened. I really didn't feel that she was flirting with me." Asked if he had explained the reports to his wife, he says that there is no need to explain himself to her for everything.

Also a co-star in the movie, Yumiko also says that she does not feel that Charmaine was flirting with Hacken and laughs that she is the flirtatious one in the show. She says: "Because my character in the show is called 'Flirty May' and she is greedy for money, vain and wears a golden wig. This is my first time in a Chinese New Year movie and the first time I have played such a provocative character." After this movie, Yumiko hopes to move her music-focussed career towards acting in films and series and her company is supporting her. She will be heading into the mainland to film a series there in May.


[Ming Pao 26/01/07]

Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng Popular in Shenzhen

TVB's first licenced outlet in China opened in Shenzhen earlier and Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng were there as guess for the event. They took part in the press conference first, where they met some fans and split off into two teams 'Hai Hai Team' and 'Kei Kei Team' to play games. Shirley's team won in the end and they all grouped together for a photograph.

Then Ron and Shirley rushed over to the store for the opening and some fans watched some of their new series inside the store and when they saw the two stars, they were stunned and hysterical. The store was totally packed with fans and Ron and Shirley shook hands with them, whilst telling them to be careful.


[Ming Pao 26/01/07]

Anita Lee Back on TVB Briefly

Anita Lee joined Angelina Lo and Gigi Wong for the filming of quiz show "Is that Right?" earlier and having emigrated to Vancouver, Anita says: "I have done some shows for a TV station in Vancouver and when I have time, I often go online to read the news, so current affairs or showbiz gossip is no obstacle for me. However, this month, I have been in Hong Kong meeting friends, so I have not been paying attention to the news."

Anita has returned to Hong Kong with her husband and daughter for a vacation, but she says that she will be heading back to Canada in the next few days because her daughter will be starting school and she has to go back to work at the TV station. As for the earlier reports that she was helping Sheren Tang to find a boyfriend in Vancouver, she smiles: "We just invited him out for dinner and he was single and Sheren went down well. It is not really up to me to worry on this, but I will still continue looking out for her. Vancouver has many single handsome men.


[The Sun 26/01/07]

Leanne Li Targets Property in 2007

After winning the Miss Chinese International contest two years ago, Leanne Li has filmed several series, including "Dicey Business". To be able to work with a great veteran such as Michael Miu was an exciting experience for Leanne: "My Cantonese is not very good, but luckily I have done some hosting work and filmed a couple of series and the crew and cast were all very good to me, so I was not too nervous." Going from being a student to an actress, she says that there have been a lot of memorable experiences: "Society is very complex and is full of things happening that were impossible and this has made me mature a lot."

As for her future targets, she smiles: "Linda Chung is very smart and has saved enough money already to buy herself a home. I would like to have my own property too." Leanne says that this year's winner Sarah Song was one of her choices for top three in this year's competition.


[The Sun 26/01/07]

Leila Tong Uses Sammul as Archery Target

Leila Tong and Sammul Chan have been working together again recently, filming in Hengdian for mainland production "The Last Princess". They will be there until March and although the weather is very cold there and there is not much leisure, they are busy filming from morning to night so it is very fulfilling and they are not bored at all. Leila has fallen ill though and had to go to hospital, where she was put on a drip. A rather untactful Sammul made things worse by complaining to her, because they were due to film a kissing scene. He said: "She is still unwell and I am scared that she will infect me."

However, in another scene, Leila sought her revenge as her character used Sammul as a target for her archery practice. When the cameras rolled, Sammul was so frightened that he was covering himself up, calling to her saying: "Hey, watch it! Don't aim randomly."


[The Sun 26/01/07]

Raymond Lam Spreads Germs to Sheren Tang

TVB Grand Production "The Drive of Life" will be aired across South East Asia on 1st July and originally, the show had been scheduled to air on China Central Television Channel 1's prime time slot at 8pm, but another series marking the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong has appeared on the scene entitled "Hong Kong Sisters" and this series has won the coveted spot, with "Drive" being moved to Channel 8 instead. The theme song to the series has been confirmed to be sung by Hacken Lee and written by Joseph Koo.

Also, with the weather recently being up and down, some of the show's cast members including Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan and Sheren Tang have all caught colds and filming on location in a Happy Valley funeral scene yesterday, Sheren looked very tired. To avoid infecting other people, she wore a face mask when she was not filming. She reveals that she was already unwell when she was filming on location in Canada and she had to take a couple of days off to rest earlier. Many of the other cast and crew are unwell after a lot of cross infection and as Raymond was the first to be unwell, he has been blamed as the source of the illness. He says that he is always ill whenever he is filming and admits that he was the first to be unwell.


[The Sun 26/01/07]

Linda Chung Takes Inspiration from Paris Hilton

Linda Chung has a part in the forthcoming grand production "Jewel's Splendor" and for Linda who has usually played the good girl, this will be a great challenge for her as she plays a conceited and rebellious rich girl. She says that she is feeling the pressure.

As well as working with great names in the show such as Bowie Lam, Ada Choi and Moses Chan, Linda will also face the greatest challenge to her acting skills to date. She says: "I have always played good characters up to now and I have never played a villain, but this time I play a bad girl because I am too rich, then I see men as playthings and manipulate them at my will."

Linda says she does not have experience of flirting with men, so she will be drawing a blueprint for her inspiration from real life Hollywood bad girl Paris Hilton. She smiles: "I have bought some films about her to watch as she is very similar in behaviour and personality to the character. I am afraid I will not be as extreme as her, so I will have to make up for it with my costume, so I think there will be short skirts, low cut tops and high heels. Although this is a sacrifice, I don't mind doing this for the sake of the show." Also, Linda's series "Best Bet" will be airing over the Chinese New Year and she plays Michael Tse's 'Gambler Yi' character's wife in the show. However, she points out that she cannot accept a gambler husband in real life.


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