Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 24/01/07]

Roger Kwok Longs to Become a Father

As spokesperson and shareholder of the Inmax Herbal Product Range, Roger Kwok attended the Hong Kong Superbrands Award ceremony yesterday, where he received an award for his product, which has been named as a Hong Kong Superbrand. Collecting the award, he says he is very happy because he has been promoting this product now for five or six years and to see it doing so well is a great encouragement.

Roger says: "Seeing the company grow from just a few staff to what it is today, with a large warehouse and a big office is the result of the hard work of all my colleagues and I am representing them as I receive this award today. (Will you be investing more resource into this company in the future?) The most important thing for me is to keep a healthy image, so I have to be strict with myself and hold off going out late too much. (Do you feel that your wife has brought you good luck, with everything going so well after your marriage?) You should not be too superstitious, the success is down to everyone's hard work and we do not really believe Fung Shui too much and we did not even consult a master when we moved offices because the company's image is more important." Will you be a father soon and show an even healther image of yourself? He smiles: "Yes, I will try my best. In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity, when it happens, I will let everyone know. (Will you rush to have a Golden Pig baby?) I hope so!"


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