Thursday, January 18, 2007

[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/07]

Myolie Wu and Suki Chui at 3D-Gold Opening

Myolie Wu and Suki Chui were invited to the opening of the new branch in Tsimshatsui, both wearing red low cut dresses and were presented with a pair of Golden Pig lover figures. They also assisted the fortune god with some magic tricks and handed out calendars and lucky packets to the public, but this caused some chaos.

Myolie has attended many openings for 3D-Gold and when she received the pair of pigs yesterday, the MC joked that the other one was Bosco Wong. Afterwards, Myolie says that she was not embarrassed because she had expected it. As for whether she would mind being invited to do this job together with her rumoured boyfriend, she smiles: "I don't mind, it's just making money. I will let the company organise it." Talking of Myolie being born in the year of the goat, then she should wear a rabbit, dog or a horse charm to improve her luck. She hopes that she will make more money, with good relationships. As for her most expensive piece of jewellery, this is a diamond watch worth a six figure sum, but she felt it was too lavish after buying it and does not have much opportunity to wear it usually. She does hope to be like Gigi Lai and spend a million dollars on something to encourage herself. Although she did make a fair amount last year, she still feels that diamonds are still better coming from a man. Asked if she would like to meet a rich boyfriend, she says: "I will not look at the money, gifts are all about the thought, but I will accept both!"

This is Suki's first opening ceremony for 3D-Gold and she says her fee should be not bad, but she has not asked the company. She plans to put her golden pigs on display at home. She was only lent one piece of gold jewellery for yesterday's event, but Myolie was asked to model a set worth $680,000. Does she feel that she is being treated differently and inferior to Myolie? She says diplomatically: "She is my senior, so I won't mind. We both look good." Suki also likes diamonds, but she smiles she has no ability to buy them herself, but her boyfriend will buy them for her. Has he presented her with a token in the form of an engagement ring? She smiles: "I would like him to." Also there have been reports that she, Fala Chen and Sharon Luk have been dubbed as the 'busty stars of 2007' who will be promoted. She says she does not mind this title, but she does not want the focus to be placed on her figure and hopes that the viewers will see the hard work she has given.


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