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[Ta Kung Pao 18/01/07]

Steven Ma Suffers on Rides - Unwell Bernice Watches the Fun

Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung and Kenneth Ma were among the cast memebers promoting "The Brink of Law" at the Tamar Site Carnival yesterday. They had originally planned to go on three of the rides, but after two, they had already had enough, so they changed the third activity to a sidestall to try and win prizes. In the end, it was Steven's team that won overall. Whilst Steven was going on the 'Speed Windmill' ride, the safety mechanism was pressing on his sensitive regions, but Ron and Kenneth were fine. Steven laughs: "Well, I am more well endowed than them!"

The stars split into two groups to go on the slide and rides and when Steven went on them, he could not keep his eyes open. He says: "I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid of the pull against gravity. I usually just go on the merry-go-round, but seeing the girls going on the rides as well, then I couldn't pull out. I have had an irregular heartbeat since I was a child, so I was worried about fainting if I get over-excited."

Steven went on to warn the men about going on this ride, because his genitals were being crushed by the safety mechanism all through his ride. He laughs: "I asked Kenneth about it, but he said he didn't feel anything. (Maybe you have more there?) Well I am more endowed, in the show, they all call me big brother!" Steven understands the need for the harness, but he feels that it does not cater for the feelings of their male customers and if he was a little fatter, then it could have crushed them entirely. Asked if he was in pain, he laughs: "Well we are very elastic! I can handle it." As for the chance of him fainting, he decided against going on the rather exhilarating 'G Force' ride and opted to throw balls to win toys instead because he has quite a good aim and once won over twenty toys for his nephew.

Ron used to love going on rides, but now he is very scared and has become less brave. Talking of Steven's crushing experience, he asks: "So strong? I didn't have it! I was just bothered about holding onto the water balloon. (Have you brought a girlfriend before to win toys?) I tried the game three or four years ago, but I did not have a girlfriend then. Usually when I go dating, we will go to the cinema and rarely play games. Buying them is better because sometimes you can spend several hundred dollars and just win one toy, so it is better to just buy one." Kenneth just has a cameo role in the show and his character has already died. He jokes: "I am wondering why they have asked a dead person to come and do this promotion. (Steven had a crushing problem with the safety latch?) I didn't. Maybe he has more than me."

Shirley dropped her water balloon very early on when she was on the ride and she says it has been eight or nine years since she went on a ride. Although she is not afraid of heights, she is very afraid of the forces and gravity, so she was a little dizzy afterwards. Asked if she will bring her boyfriend to go on the rides, she says she will not because the only reason she is going on them is for work. As for her role in the show being the villain, she says that some viewers have complimented her performance and not scolded her. This has given her a great satisfaction. Later in the show, she will be even more evil, getting someone to rape Kate Tsui's character and then murder people, so this may be a shock to the viewers.

Bernice has been working too hard lately and has become unwell, with her voice being husky for over two weeks and still unwell at yesterday's event. She is also suffering from an imbalance in her ears, so she dare not go on the rides at the amusement park yesterday, just supporting from the side. She says: "I suffer from vertigo and even if was not unwell, I cannot go on overly exhilarating rides. The most I will go on is a big wheel."

Bernice's dedication can be seen by all, so she thinks that this illness was brought on by her schedule being too packed. She says: "I had to go to hospital on two occasions because I had a high fever and I even fainted in my home. Luckily my uncle was around." Although the company has allowed her to take a few days off to rest, she does not want to affect the progress of her series, so she was rushing to get back to work. She says: "The company is very good, the work over the past few days has been very easy and relaxed, so I have paid for drinks and snacks for the cast and crew."

She also smiles that maybe because she won the award at the JSG awards and this left her too happy and so she developed a fever from the excitement. Asked if rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan has congratulated her, she syas: "I have not received a congratulatory message from him. (Will you celebrate with him?) No, because I have already paid for everyone's food."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/07]

Natalie Ng and Erica Yuen Talk Cosmetic Surgery

Natalie Ng, Erica Yuen and Wong Cho Lam were the latest guests on quiz show "Is That Right?" and Natalie was asked if she was used to her new appearance after her cosmetic surgery procedure last month. She says that she has been looking at her own face for over thirty years, so she is still adapting. As for her friends around her, they compliment her for looking prettier after her surgery, but say there is not much difference from before. She says this is because she has not had too much done, just readjusting her nose and having some fatty tissue from her thighs injected into her forehead and her chin.

Talking of Carisa Yan taking over from her as spokesperson for the breast enhancement and cosmetic surgery company, Natalie says: "She is even more daring than me. I just used my own tissue, but she is adding more." Has her work increased after the surgery? She says: "I am not sure, I just know that I will be going to Las Vegas with Chin Ka Lok at Chinese New Year for a stage appearance. I will be MC and sing three songs. I also have a film, which was accepted before the surgery, but it has not started shooting yet."

After chatting to each other, Erica and Natalie found out that they were from the same school, but Natalie graduated earlier. Talking of Natalie's surgery, Erica says: "I have taken note of her news and she does look a lot prettier after the procedure. (Will you consider trying it?) I do not oppose to cosmetic surgery, but I will not do it for now, because I fear pain." (There is anaesthetic?) I have heard that the time after this has passed and total recovery is very painful, so I will not do it. (If it didn't hurt, what would you like to have done?) I could try the fatty tissue injections and let it release from the body naturally, or maybe make my lips thicker, because I have thin lips and the superstitious may say that this is a little unlucky."


[The Sun 19/01/07]

Halina Tam Lacks the Patience to be a Mother

Halina Tam has been filming recently for "Trouble Daddy" where she plays the mother of a 7 year old daughter, but in real life, she says she has no patience to get on with children. "In the show, the little girl is very good and even gave me a card at Christmas, but when you get too accustomed, then she will always try to get you to play and I feel it is a little tiresome." She also reveals that her acting has been criticised by the child stars and she says a little annoyed: "One of the child actors has shot a few films and told me I should not be acting in this way, even more mature than me."

At home, Halina is the youngest and rarely played with other children. Even though her boyfriend would love to have a baby, she says that she has no plans: "I will not give way! After having children, what would I do if my figure goes? I have reached an agreement with my boyfriend that even if we get married, we will not have children yet and I would rather have dogs instead."


[The Sun 19/01/07]

Maria Chen's First Same Sex Kiss

Maria Chen has been filming for Taiwanese director Tony Shyu's English language independent film "Broken Road" that tells of a romantic tragedy that is set in Macau. Maria plays a prostitute and there is one scene where she shares a kiss with another actresss in teh show. Maria says she was quite nervous, but fortunately they had time to communicate before the shoot and it all went well: "If the storyline needs it, then actors should do their best to complete their work. However, this was a huge challenge for me." Aside from this, Maria's character needs to speak broken English, this is another challenge for Maria, who is very fluent in English.


[The Sun 19/01/07]

Stephen Wong Acting with his Eyes

TVB's new star Stephen Wong has taken part in "Land of Wealth" and "Trimming Success", but when it comes down to challenging his acting ability, then the currently airing series "The Brink of Law" is worth a mention. In the show, he plays the son of Elliott Yue and Michelle Yim, who is paralysed after a skiing accident. He says: "It was quite difficult! Filming crying scenes is not hard, the hardest was in some scenes where my head could only move slightly, so a lot of my emotion had to be conveyed through my eyes." Fortunately his 'mother' Michelle could lead him into the scene well: "At first, during the sad scenes, I was worried I would not be able to put myself into the scene and of course when you are acting, you have to show real tears. In the end I found I could do it, because as soon as I looked at Michelle, she naturally brought out my emotions and I learned a lot from her."


[The Sun 19/01/07]

Shermon Tang's First Ad is for Milk

Shermon Tang's 'Virgin Ad Shoot' involved her drinking a lot of milk and showing off yoga poses, but she says she has won on two counts and is very happy about this!

Daughter of established artiste English Tang, Shermon has caught the attentions of the sponsors after her portrayal of a healthy character in TVB sitcom "Welcome to the House" and was invited to film an ad for a milk company. As well as having to continuously drink milk during the shoot, she also had do some yoga demonstrations. Although she was standing for a few hours, she was without any complaints.

Shermon indicates that this was a fresh experience for her and it was good fun and very memorable. She says: "I do like to drink milk anyway and this ad is healthy and positive, so I have gained twice from this ad. I have practiced yoga myself after taking some lessons with Christine Ng and it has been around six months now. The positions for this ad are very basic and not too difficult, so I can handle it." As for her fee, she is very pleased and she will save it all up. She says: "Earlier when I got paid for the first time after filming 'Welcome to the House', I had already taken my family out to dinner, so this time I will save it up for when I need it in the future."


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