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[Ta Kung Pao 15/01/07]

Roger Kwok and Shirley Yeung Promote "Kung Fu Mahjong 3

A promotional event was held in the Dragon Centre yesterday for new movie "Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel", attended by cast members including Yuen Chau, Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung and Winnie Leung. They all played games and demonstrated identifying Mah Jong pieces by touch alone. In this game, the top 'feeler' was Yuen Chau, whereas Shirley has no idea about Mah Jong. She says she really does not know how to play. Asked if she has not played with her mother-in-law-to-be, she says that her boyfriend and his family do not play Mah Jong and she does not know how to win or score, so when she was filming, she had plenty of NG's when she was playing in her scenes, because she kept picking her tiles from the wrong end.

Although Shirley and Roger are both TVB artistes, they have never worked together before this movie, so this was their first co-operation and they even had kissing scenes. She says: "We had a hugging kiss. (Was it very passionate?) Quite! We filmed it in the first few days of shooting, then there were a couple more scenes at the end. (Were you embarrassed?) It was okay! Roger told me not to be so nervous."

She says that beforehand, she still greeted Roger when she saw him at work, but she knows his wife Cindy Au better, so she will not be too daring. Before she filmed one of her kiss scenes, she forgot to buy some gum and immediately asked the crew for some, feeling better afterwards and believing that Roger would have some too. Had she forewarned her boyfriend? She says it is just work so there is no need and she has reserved some tickets for him to watch. Her boyfriend has watched her shows in the past and will give her some critique.

Roger said that his Mah Jong skills are okay and he once promised a friend that if he won, then he would buy a gift for them with the money. In the end, he bought his friend a DVD recorder worth over $6000. He feels that playing Mah Jong is all down to luck and if he wins at Chinese New Year, then he will have good luck for the rest of the year. Will he let his mother-in-law win? Roger smiles that he does not play with older people, but he does play electronic Mah Jong with his wife to test his brain power.

Roger also indicates that in one scene, he had to film with a load of smelly crabs and be splashed with ink, so this film was hard work. This is the first year that Roger will be handing out lucky packets and he plays that this will cost him a five figure sum. He hopes that his wife will soon have a baby, because they are trying now and he hopes to be the father of a Golden Pig.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/01/07]

Patrick Tang and Selena Li Building their Feelings

Patrick Tang and Jacqueline Law visited some old folks in Shek Kip Mei yesterday, where in their capacity as "Fall Prevention Ambassador", they shared some safety tips with the elders. Afterwards, they also visited the old people's homes to help them tidy up and Patrick indicates he is quite domesticated and he likes to tidy up at home.

Patrick and Selena Li have had plenty of rumours after they filmed together and when asked about this, they have insisted that they are just good friends. When the reporters joked that they have only reached this point after getting to know each other for so long, he smiles: "You have to take time to get to know good friends, feelings have to be nurtured and a lot of things have to be observed." Talking of them being spotted together at the airport, he explained it was just a coincidence and says that he also met Andrew Lin and Sandra Ng on the plane. As for reports that Selena was leaning on his shoulder at the airport, he denied this saying: "They made it up, this was not the truth."

Patrick says that he will be filming a new series where he will play a chef and he says that he is good at cooking Chinese dishes in real life and he is learning how to make pork chops. Asked if Miss Li has tasted it, he says: "She is my good friend, Ellesmere Choy and Lai Lok Yi are also my good friends and all my good friends have tasted them." Asked if Miss Li has praised his cooking, he says rather pleased with himself: "Of course she was full of praises." After saying this, he changed the subject and reveals that he once tried to make medium rare steaks and ended up going to hospital with gastroenteritis, getting the taxi on his own. Asked why he did not ask his friends to help, he says: "None of them could help as most of them were not in Hong Kong."

Jacqueline is also the "Universal Hope Ambassador" and she reveals that she has put a lot of weight on recently and has been the heaviest in her life. She smiles: "If the slimming companies want to find a spokesperson, they can contact me." She explains that because a lot of her friends and family have returned to Hong Kong, she had to attend many dining occasions and this has led her to put on some weight. Asked if she would wear a bikini to shoot an ad, she says she does not mind wearing a bikini, but it has to give a healthy feeling.


[Ta Kung Pao 15/01/07]

Sharon Chan is Perplexed by Crying Princess

Tracy Ip and Sharon Chan took part in a My Little Pony Princess Contest yesterday and Sharon was the MC, whilst Tracy was the judge. There were a lot of little princesses taking part, but some of the children were so frightened when they got onto the stage that they started crying, leaving Sharon rather flustered.

This was the first time as a judge for Tracy and when she was younger, she loved cartoon characters and she was presented with a My Little Pony by the organisers, making her very happy. Her favourite character is Stitch. Asked if she entered competitions like this as a child, she smiles that she did not because she was very shy, but she did dress up as a princess and Miss Hong Kong. As a judge, she felt the most important was a pretty face and some attractive accessories. Will she let her daughter take part in these events in the future? She says that these events allow them to socialise, so she would definitely take part. She has always loved children and feels that they are an unmissable part of life, so she hopes to complete this plan after she is 30. At the moment, her work comes first.

Faced with a child suddenly bursting into tears, Sharon did not know how to respond, but when the second one cried, she had learned to go and give her a hug. She says that she does not know how to deal with or look after children, but she does like them. When she was young, she took part in a lot of dancing and singing contests and she revealed that she will hold 70's and 80's retro parties. She smiles that last year she had a uniform party and this year it will be a retro theme.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 15/01/07]

Aimee Chan Not Up to Standard in Performance

The twenty-one Miss Chinese International contestants were at a real estate promotion yesterday in Nanhai, where they also held the 'International Splendour Award' contest. When Number 2 Aimee Chan used a Bruce Lee DVD to introduce Hong Kong, she struck many of Bruce's poses, causing a lot of laughs, but she stuttered a lot and made a lot of mistakes, talking nonsense about Bruce as a comedian before making a quick exit. The award was taken in the end by Foshan local Number 8 Carol Li, who demonstrated the local papercutting art.

Asked if she failed in her act because of the pressure, Aimee said: "No, there is no pressure on me, I think I failed because I did not rehearse enough and I could not concentrate. People were laughing at me when I was posing and this affected me."

Angela Tong attended the event as a judge and when she announced the winner, she misread Foshan as 'forshan' (volcano), making everyone laugh. She later explained that this was because she had written the English phonetic as 'fo shan', so this confused her.


Bosco Wong's Ex Takes Over as Cosmetic Surgery Ambassador

Bosco Wong's former girlfriend and unsuccessful Miss Asia contestant Carisa Yan has been announced as the successor to Miss Hong Kong runner up Natalie Ng as the second generation of spokesperson for a Cosmetic Surgery company with a six-figure fee. Carisa indicates she is not doing this for money, but for her own health and her family.

At the event, Carisa revealed that when she was working as a model five years ago, she had to make her figure stand out and increase her workload in order to look after her family, so she underwent a procedure where she was injected in her nose and breasts with the chemical PAAG, which has since been confirmed as carcinogenic. She only found out later after meeting Siu Ding Yat that she found out she had undergone some unsuitable procedures that put her life at risk. There are many other women who have had similar experiences, so she would like to stand up and let everyone know that they should not opt for improper practices.

Asked what her enhancement plans are, Carisa says: "PAAG will harden in the body after six or seven years and this can lead to breast cancer. I will be having surgery next week to have the PAAG in my breasts removed. As for the small amount in my nose, this cannot be removed, but it should be fine to stay in the body. Then in February, I will be going for surgery in Korea, where I will have my double eyelids done. The doctor has said also that my wrinkles are quite deep and my teeth can also be tidied up. (How about your breasts?) I was originally a 32A, after the injections of PAAG five years ago, I became a 32B. I hope that after the Hong Kong surgery, I can go to Korea and have them put back to 32B." Company boss Siu Ding Yat immediately said: "At least 32B, we will be putting some gel sacs in there."

Responding to the earlier reports that Christy Chung had announced she would not be cosmetic surger spokesperson for only $1 million, Natalie says: "For money, then I would not do it for $1 million, but my hooked nose was due to an accident when I was younger and I had intended to have it corrected and pay, but fortunately I was approached by Ah Yat." Asked if she will have any more surgery done, she insisted: "No, I will say that even as a spokesperson, because you should not become addicted."


[The Sun 15/01/07]

Sheren Tang Spotted on a Date

Sheren Tang has been busy filming for her series recently, but she was spotted on a rare day off earlier having dinner with a moustached man in Central. They chatted and laughed during the meal and Sheren was so absorbed that she often made large gestures with her hand. After the meal, when Sheren spotted the reporters, she immediately responded defensively, saying: "I was just eating out with a friend! We were talking about my image. I am going home now." However, when she turned around, she headed into a club with the man and did not leave until the early hours.


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