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[Ta Kung Pao 12/01/07]

Bernice Flies Back to Canada for Grandfathers Birthday

Michelle Yim, Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma are promoting their new series "The Brink of Law" and were invited onto Nancy Sit's radio show yesterday for an interview. When Nancy laughed about their pledge at an earlier water games promotion that they would all appear in swimsuits, she turned to Michelle and said: "With such a good figure, it would be a shame to hide it away."

Bernice was a little husky-voiced yesterday and she indicates that she went back to Canada on a flying visit earlier to take part in her grandfather's 80th birthday and grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary celebration. The return flight was over thirty hours, but she only stayed for about 10 hours at her destination. The rush has left her feeling unwell. She smiles: "I have a large family, so we had 20 tables at the banquet and we had arranged to have a family photograph taken. As the series 'The Entire City Dances' was late starting filming, it left me in quite a rush, but it was a very meaningful trip. (Do your elders rush you to get married?) We did not have much time to chat, we ate and then we rushed back to the airport where we went off in our different ways." As for the rumours that she has fallen out with Fala Chen during filming, she says: "The storyline says that we don't get on and from the beginning for over ten episodes, we do not get along. This is the script though and the magazines are just telling you the story."

Michelle indicates that she will be playing a villain in "Brink" and she smiles that she has waited a long time for this role, but she was worried at first that she could not pull it off. The producer was confident in her though and when her friends' children watched her performance, they asked why she was so nasty, proving how convincing her acting was.


[Ta Kung Pao 12/01/07]

Benz Hui has Plenty of Housewife Fans

Isabella Leong, Sun Boyz, Benz Hui and Joe Ma were the latest guests on the quiz show "Is it Right" and after his character of Ah Wing won the hearts of the viewers in "Dicey Business", Benz was the main attraction with the housewives in the audience, who fought to be photographed with him. He was very accommodating and went straight into character, making his fans extremely happy and even host Alvina Kong laughed that he was a 'Housewife Killer'. On the other hand, TVB leading male Joe was pushed aside.

Isabella indicated that she had no fears of being quizzed about her own rumours in taking part in the show. Asked if she knows about showbiz news, she says tht she spent five hours at her record company reading the papers and magazines, because her manager Mani said she did not know very much. She will soon be taking on a Tsui Hark horror film, working with Angelica Lee as well as promoting her co-operation with Rainie Yang "Tattoo". In February, she will be going to the Berlin Film Festival, but she is relaxed about it because her film will just be a showcase film. As she has three films in hand, she has to complete these before she can concentrate on her musical career again.

Sun Boyz were Isabella's backup team and band member Steven indicated that he really wanted to win the money so that he can help pay for the electricity bill. He says that he has taken part in many TVB quiz shows over the year, but has never won any.


[Ta Kung Pao 12/01/07]

Yoyo Chen is not Afraid of Rumours Resurfacing

Director Clifton Ko, Yoyo Chen and Florence Kwok were filming earlier for "Is That Right" and Clifton indicated that he does not know much about showbiz gossip, so he does not understand why he has been invited onto the show. Asked when he plans to marry his girlfriend Perry Chiu, he says that they are waiting to register, gently handing off the question.

Last year, there was a story about a young artiste filming his girlfriend on a phone and then being subjected to blackmail after a builder found the phone and there was speculation that the girl in question was Yoyo. Asked if she was worried about this story being mentioned again, she said seeming relaxed: "No, because it has passed now and I was just one of those who was suggested." She says she does not usually watch entertainment news and with Clifton so clever and Florence so articulate, she thinks her chances of winning are slim.


[Ta Kung Pao 12/01/07]

Sheren Tang is Not Looking for a Foreign Boyfriend

Sheren Tang was filming earlier in Vancouver for "The Drive of Life" in the scenes that told of her emigrating to Canada with her screen husband Michael Miu and daughter Toby Leung. Sheren says that Michael knows Vancouver very well aand when they were free, he would drive them out to see the sights as well as taking them to relax at the beach at English Bay. Old friend Anita Lee who had emigrated there several years ago often came to visit them on set and the atmosphere was very good.

Sheren says that she now refers to Michael and Toby as 'husband' and 'daughter' even off screen. With Michael returning to television in recent years, Sheren says that when she entered the industry, Michael was starting to fade out his career at the time, so it is fate that has caused them to work together again. Anita was on hand to act as their tour guide on the trip, taking them to Chinatown to try the tasty Chinese dishes. As for the reports that Anita has been introducing Sheren, who has been single for a while, to Western men who have been very caring towards her and attracting her affections, Sheren denies this, saying: "I didn't know about this and only found out when my friends mentioned it. I find it rather amusing and I never thought that having a meal would cause this. Anita came to visit us on several occasions and when I mentioned to her that I wanted to leave Chinatown and have a Western meal, she arranged this and took me there. As for her introducing me to a man, she did not do this and I don't know what people are thinking, but I really do not have this intention."


Pic 1: Suzanna Wu (San Francisco), Pic 2: Aimee Chan (Hong Kong), Pic 3: Sirena Wang (New York), Pic 4: Ivy Lu (Johannesburg), Pic 5: Bamboo Cui (Montreal)

[Ming Pao, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 12/01/07]

Sirena Wang Takes First MCI Award - Girls Arrive in Foshan

The twenty Miss Chinese International Contestants took part in the talent contest at East Point City yesterday, where each of the girls performed an act. Among them, Number 3 Suzanna Wu (San Francisco) almost exposed herself whilst doing a fan dance and the award was won by New York's Sirena Wang for playing the piano and singing "Yesterday Once More" after a vote by the audience. Taking the first award of the contest was a great boost for Sirena's confidence and she smiled: "Taking part in this contest is to challenge myself and on the night of the final, I will do myself proud."

As for Suzanna, she says she did not reveal anything: "I did not feel it. When I am dancing, I just think about the performance because I love to dance." Local contestant Aimee Chan was not disappointed at not winning the first award and says: "The talent contest is all about your performance and being the local does not mean you will win." Talking of the magazines showing photographs of her armpits, Aimee was a little shocked and embarrassed as she replied: "I have not seen them so I do not know. I will be more careful next time."

The funniest act was the rather chubby Bamboo Cui (Montreal) who performed a peacock dance, wearing some kind of corset to squeeze in her belly, but it didn't have much of an effect.

During his guest performance, Alex Fong met with a jump in the music and this left him rather embarrassed. Afterwards he revealed that he did give advice to the contestants to stay calm and not be too nervous.

Carol Li (Pearl River)

The girls headed out to Foshan yesterday morning by boat to meet up with Miss Nanning Zhao Ying Ying to begin their location shoot. After arriving, they were planned to go and visit a social centre, but their plans were changed and instead, the pensioners were bussed over to the hotel to meet the girls instead. The contestants introduced themselves in a number of different languages and spoke of their feelings about Foshan and Number 10 He Mingzhu even sung a Sichuan song for the old folks, but they didn't understand and were bored to the point of numbness. Miss Pearl River Carol Li seemed to have a rather poor grasp of Cantonese and when she said that she wanted to meet more friends, it sounded like she wanted to 'eat' more friends. Hailing from Foshan, she says she will take the other girls around to show them the sights. Afterwards, Aimee indicated that she did not think the atmosphere was cold and held on that they were smiling from their hearts. Zhao Ying Ying finally joined the group yesterday and she does not feel she has lost out and will continue to do her best.

At the party, Toronto's Sherry Chen accidentally revealed the side of her panties and when this was pointed out to her, she said she would be more careful in the future. This is her first visit to Foshan and she says that she has no special feelings, but the old folks seemed quite warming. She says: "The lady sitting beside me was already 100 years old and I thought she was just 80. She was very lovable and complimented me for looking cute. She asked if I had a boyfriend and told me to find a handsome one." Asked if she has found one, she says she does not want to answer this question. She also praises Zhao Ying Ying, saying she is very beautiful.


[Ming Pao 12/01/07]

Myolie Wu Receives Share of $10,000 Lucky Packet at Sister's Wedding

Myolie Wu's sister Carrie held her wedding banquet yesterday at the Intercontinental Hotel and as Carrie's husband Cheng Wing Shun is the son of Po Leung Kuk Director Mr Eric Cheng, then there were many people from the high classes present. As Mr Cheng is a rather low key character, Carrie complied with his wishes and just sent Myolie to meet the press and indicate that they were feeling very happy. She smiles that as the sister of the bride, she is also very happy and that she received a share of the door-opening lucky packet that was over $10,000. Although there were over ten sisters to share with, but it was a good gesture.

Asked if Bosco Wong was there to take part, she says that he is busy working so was unable to attend.


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