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[Ta Kung Pao 07/01/07]

Watery Promotion for "The Brink of Law"

TVB will begin airing new series "The Brink of Law" on Monday and a promotional event was held at a hotel swimming pool yesterday morning, attended by cast members including Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Sherming Yiu, June Chan, Karen Lee, Yoyo Chan and Kenneth Ma. Ron arrived 45 minutes late and was first to be pushed into the pool as a punishment by the girls, whilst producer Mui Siu Ching said to him on the microphone: "Don't be late next time!" Afterwards, Ron said that Siu Ching was right and he knows what he did was wrong. He says: "Sorry, I feel bad because I set my alarm wrong. The event started at 11am, but I set the alarm to go off at 11:30."

Although it was quite cold yesterday, the pool was heated, so the girls all appeared in their swimsuits and showed off their figures in the water. Shirley's costume was quite conservative though and she says this is because they have to play games so she had to avoid exposing herself, so she chose a sportier swimsuit. As a result, with their better figures, Sherming, June and Karen stole most of the limelight in their bikinis. Shirley said graciously: "It doesn't matter, it is all just for the promotion. (Does your boyfriend not like you looking sexy?) Of course not! The most important thing was not to expose myself during the games." Shirley had to rush off to another event afterwards, so she was keeping a close guard on her hairstyle during the games and avoiding getting it wet.

Kenneth appeared wearing two pairs of shorts, cycling and beach shorts and he smiles: "It doesn't really matter what the men wear, we are all just here to see the ladies." As he does not know how to swim, he was just concerned about not getting embarrassed and not drowning and therefore he did not mind not winning the games. He smiles: "I play football, but I won't find love doing that, so I want to start playing badminton instead! (Is your new year wish to look for a girlfriend?) No, making money still comes first. When I sort myself out, then it will be easier."

Steven also appeared in his cycling shorts and did not wear any swimming trunks. He says that since he was young, he usually wears shorts because he says his bum looks too good and when he wears cycling shorts then other people get jealous. Asked if he would wear trunks to do a fashion show, he says: "You would have to give me time to get fit and a large six-figure sum as a fee because it would be my first time. I was approached by a thermal underwear company from the mainland earlier, but underwear is a little too close fitting, so I turned it down." If the ratings are good for "Brink" will you wear some small trunks? He says: "I am very miserly when it comes to these things. Give me more money because I am guarding my first time. When the right situation arises and the reward is right, then I will give my debut performance."

Steven also says that each time a new series is released, then people will pledge to appear in swimwear, but this rarely materialises. He finds this a little boring so promising a big meal is more practical. What would be a suitable rating for the first week? He says: "I hope for above thirty, because the ratings for 'Dicey Business' were not bad and we should be able to follow them."


[Ta Kung Pao 07/01/07]

Yoyo Mung Love Comes First for Year of the Pig

Yoyo Mung appeared in a black strappy dress at a promotion for 3D Gold's 'Year of the Pig Family' product launch yesterday and she was allowed to model the award-winning necklace design and asked to take part in a game where she had to position the five 'Golden Pigs' in a little house. Geomancy expert Lee Sing Chak indicated that she put the 'Love Pig' at the top of the house, so this means that love comes first for her. He also warned her to be careful when driving this year, to which Yoyo laughed: "Well the paparazzi had better not chase me!"

Master Lee also indicated that Yoyo is very excitable and says what she thinks, but needs to be careful about her elders' health. He adds that she has large eyes and a straight nose, which means she is very faithful, so she is well suited to her boyfriend, but she will not be getting married this year. When Yoyo placed the Love Pig at the top of the house, the MC asked if this house was in Sai Kung, she quickly responded: "I don't live in Sai Kung." As for the Master's words about her not getting married this year. Yoyo says that she will not be getting married for a while yet and she has no wishes for this yet. Asked if she believes the fortune tellers words, she feels it is a bit of fun and she will believe the good bits and not believe the bad bits. She says that your fortune grows from your heart, because you need to communicate with your partners and not leave each other guessing, just like having to communicate well with the director when you are filming.

With Ekin Cheng currently fiming on the mainland, does she not have as much time to communicate with her boyfriend then? She says: "I have not played badminton for a long time, now I play tennis. Of course sometimes we will have arguments, but you have to know when to turn down the temper. I have argued with the director before when I have been filming, but now I have learned to listen. (Do you put love first?) Love is important, but the most important thing is family, so my first place is family and health."


Sheren Tang Doesn't Mind Being Round in Middle Age

The 2007 Fur Federation Design Competition took place earlier and Sheren Tang appeared as the presentation guest and helped model the designs alongside Xiong Dailin, Christine Au Yeung, Eunis Chan and Sophie Rahman.

There have been reports that Sheren has put on some weight recently and that her big bottom has appeared and when she heard this, she laughed out loud and thanks the media for the attention they are paying to her. She admits that she had to put some weight on when she was filming earlier for "The Family Link" (aka 'Housewife Army') and she indicates that being boney and skinny is not necessarily beautiful. She feels that if you have a more rounded body, you give people the impression that you are happier. She will soon be filming a swimsuit scene and when asked if she will be wearing a bikini, she says: "Of course not, if I have to wear a bikini, I would be making a huge sacrifice for my art and the outcome would be very terrifying." Sheren enjoyed the time when she was putting on the weight and she says she loves to eat. Moreover she had the sponsorship from a slimming company afterwards, so she could eat as much as she wanted.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/01/07]

Tavia Buys a New Car with Rewards from Being Sexy

Tavia Yeung has been invited to be the spokesperson for a beauty centre and took part in the opening ceremony for the company yesterday. She indicated excitedly that the fee was very satisfactory and she can fulfil her wish of buying a new car.

To be asked to be the permanent spokesperson for the company by the owner, Tavia was very excited. This is the second time she has done an opening ceremony for them and she says that the fee is very good. As for the exact figure, she smiles: "I can buy a new car. This year I plan to change my car, so it is just enough to buy one." She hopes to buy a larger European car because her current Japanese model is too light and whenever her mother gets in and out, she will hit her head. What a good daughter Tavia is.

Tavia wore a low-V top with a checked skirt at the event and asked if she was worried about revealing herself in such a sexy top in public, she said confidently: "I have made all the safety precautions and it will not happen." Her series "Dicey Business" aired its finale on Friday and she says that her family have been watching the show and there was a funny incident when her sister called her after watching the scene where Benz Hui's character dies and she misunderstood, thinking that her pet rabbit had died and she started crying. Although the show has finished airing, this has raised her popularity a lot and the role was one where she could excel, so she has gained a lot from it.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/01/07]

Suki Chui is a Dab Hand at Making Rice

Shirley Yeung attended two events yesterday and in the afternoon, she joined Suki Chui at the opening of the JP One restaurant in Shatin. They demonstrated their cookery skills at the event making Chinese and western style breakfasts. Shirley has worked with this company for two or three years now and her fee has risen steadily making her very happy.

Shirley admits that she likes to eat, so in the future, she hopes to open a dessert shop. Asked if she can cook, she says that she knows how to make sweet soup and fruit jellies, but she rarely cooks for her boyfriend because normally he cooks for her. Asked if she will collaborate with him for her business, she smiles that she would rather he cooked more for her instead. Suki's cookery is not good at all and only her parents have tried her cookery, not even her boyfriend. Asked what she can cook, she says that she tried to do desserts and Western meals, but she is not so good with Chinese dishes. As for her signature dish, it is making rice. She can also fry eggs.


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