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[Ta Kung Pao 05/01/07]

Kenny Wong Visited in Prison by Beauties

Kenny Wong was joined by Miss Hong Kong winners Janet Chow and Koni Lui at the disused Victoria Prison in Central to promote TVB Pearl's airing of popular US series "Prison Break". Kenny and the other male artistes dressed up as inmates to build the atmosphere in the prison and there were plenty of photographs taken as mementos. Janet and Koni 'visited' the men in their prison cell for the day.

Kenny played a prisoner in RTHK series "Road Back" and he is aware of his rather aggressive looks, so people who met him for the first time thought that it would be hard to get along with him. Now he has met more people, this has improved. He smiles: "I take a while to warm to people, when I get to know you it gets better." For Janet and Koni, this was their first visit inside a prison and when Koni saw all the things that were written into the objects, she felt that life must have been very hard for people there, so it would help with their rehabilitation. At first, Janet thought she would be meeting some real criminals and was a little worried, but she was relieved when she found out that they were all artistes.


[Ta Kung Pao 05/01/07]

Eileen and Louisa Celebrate their Birthdays

Louisa So, Eileen Yeow and Wu Fung were guests at TVB's "January Birthday Stars" celebration yesterday. Louisa indicates that on her birthday on 16th, she will be working on Ronald Cheng's film, so she will be celebrating on the day before with her boyfriend. As for when she will be getting married to him after dating for so long, she says frankly that she has never considered marriage and her family have not put any pressure on her. What is her birthday wish? She hopes for good health and to make more money.

Yesterday was Eileen's birthday itself, but she was suffering from a cold and attended the party feeling unwell. Eileen says she has been ill since the end of the year, recovering from her last bout on 28th and then feeling unwell again so soon. Fortunately she did not have to work yesterday, so she will be sharing a celebratory meal with her boyfriend. She says: "If we do go out, then we will not stay out too late because tomorrow I have a kissing scene with Evergreen mak and I am worried I will infect him." Wu Fung will be celebrating his 75th birthday on 18th, but he does not know how he will be celebrating yet because he will leave this to his children to arrange.


[The Sun 05/01/06]

Matthew Ko Wins his Love First Time

Matthew Ko and Kate Tsui were filming for their new series in Mongkok earlier in a scene where Matthew declares his love for Kate and she accepts straight away, taking the lead to hold his hand.

Matthew laughs that his friends have already warned him about Kate being the 'queen of gossip' but he indicates he only likes mature women: "In the past, all my girlfriends have been older than me and people have warned me to be careful about rumours, but I am not worried because we share the same manager and we know each other well, so there is no chance of anything between us." Kate is not worried about an older woman younger man relationships: "He is only 22 years old, so I just treat him like a little brother, so there is no way anything can happen between us. I am very bothered by boyfriends being younger than me, because I like being looked after."


[The Sun 05/01/07]

Kevin Cheng Wants to Hold his Own Concert

Kevin Cheng had a meeting with his fanclub yesterday, sharing the memorable times of 2006, including winning the 'Best Actor' award and gaining recognition from Master Liu Jia Chang. He hopes to hold a concert this year and really challenge himself. Also, he had earlier donated a tennis racquet that his mother had bought him when he was ten years old to be auctioned for a charity to raise money for flu vaccinations for the elderly. His fans knew how much it meant to him, so they had actually bid and won the racquet back for him. When they presented it to him at the gathering, Kevin was very surprised.


[The Sun 05/01/07]

Claire Yiu Marries for the Second time in Months

Having just married her real life husband Thomas Lam on 11th November, Claire Yiu donned a wedding gown again
to 'marry' another groom!

Claire was joined by other cast members of new series "The Entire City Dances" including Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui and her 'husband' Wayne Lai for the wedding scene. The more superstitious would say that this was a bad omen so early on in her wedding, but for Western-educated Claire, she was not worried and said: "I never thought I would get married again so quickly. When I got married in real life Kate and Rabee'a [Yeung] were there as bridesmaids and today they are here again, so it is like re-living the experience again. (Are you worried about this being a bad omen?) No, people say that it is fine to do say anything a month after the wedding. (Do you plan to have children to brighten things up?) I have no plans yet, we are enjoying our life together first." Steven then revealed: "Claire says I am her first choice as a prospective marriage partner and says I am very attractive, making people mock me as being the sweet for the ladies."

Kate was one of the first to laugh that Claire was marrying twice in one year. Asked if she has plans to get married, she shakes her head and says: "No, I hope that I can get married before I am 35, but I am concentrating on my career for now and will give myself some time to find my true love." Bernice is also focusing on her career so she does not have any plans to marry yet.


[Ming Pao 05/01/07]

Charmaine Jilts Raymond at the Altar

TVB's new series "The Drive of Life" was filming earlier at the Gold Coast Hotel in a scene where Charmaine Sheh leaves Raymond Lam jilted at the altar on their wedding day. The grand scene involved many of the show's leads including Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Myolie Wu, Sheren Tang and over ten extras, showing the extravagance of the rich family and the grandeur of a white marquee brought back thoughts of Cathy Tsui's fairytale wedding.

Charmaine's scene is one where she is seeking revenge for her family, so she leaves Raymond's family in a highly embarrassing situation, refusing him on their wedding day, appearing not wearing her dress and then saying on stage that the two families will never co-exist, playing her part with the utmost emotion. Asked about her own future wedding, Charmaine laughs: "Of course it won't be like this, but there will be a party in Hawaii with my mother. I like it to be simple, but I will tell everyone. It is a little far off, I have to find a boyfriend first!"

Raymond was working feeling unwell, sporting a sore throat and a husky voice. He says: "They will dub over it later, I was out of sync with my lines earlier, but everyone is very professional and continued to film." Have you ever dreamed about your own wedding day? "I hope that I will be like Hacken and have sponsors. This is my first ever wedding scene since I entered the industry and it is unsucessful, but I am not afraid of this happening in the future, there is still a lot of time ahead."

Warning: Dicey Business Spoilers ahead

Stars of "Dicey Business" Jessica and Michael were also at yesterday's shoot and were asked about the outcome of the finale that will be aired this evening. Jessica revealed that there will be two versions of the ending, smiling: "I don't choose Michael in either ending. One is Bobby bringing out a baby, but it does not reveal if he is married or not and this gives the audience space for imagination. The second version I will keep secret and let you watch it, but I don't know which ending they will decide to air. (Your gambler role was very successful?) Yes, once I went to buy some chestnuts and I did not know how many I would get for $20. The seller laughs that I would bet more than that in one go and he made me laugh so much."

Michael says: "Originally I had two endings, when I give myself up in the show, then Jessica continues to wait for me, but there was a clash in schedules and we never got around to filming it."


[Ming Pao 05/01/07]

Gigi Lai and Moses Chan Take Top Awards in Beijing

"War and Beauty" has won awards at this years "Entertainment China Star Awards", with Gigi Lai and Moses Chan winning acclaim with the awards for the Most Popular Imported Actress and Actor awards and the series taking the Most Popular Imported Series award.

There were plenty of stars from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong present at the ceremony in Beijing and they received a warm welcome from the audience when they appeared. Gigi wore a white net evening dress that was very eyecatching and her fans from Tianjun came to see her especially. Gigi never imagined that "War" would be so successful in the mainland and her award was the result of votes from the 220 million network users and a panel of experts. She was overjoyed at winning and she indicates that she will soon be starting to film an 80 episode series, where she hopes to give an even better performance.


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