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[The Sun & Ming Pao 23/01/07]

Myolie Wu Refuses to be a Pig Bride

Myolie Wu was a a guest at a shopping mall event yesterday in Sheung Shui and she had her fortune told by geomancy expert Yeung Tin Ming, who said she was sure to win the Best Actress award at this year's anniersary awards and that she only lost out last year because she did not have enough confidence. Master Yeung also says that she will have a new rumoured boyfriend this year and he will have tanned skin, be tall and have short hair. Men born in the year of the rat, pig or ox are most suited to her.

Afterwards, Myolie was asked whether she would like to win the award as Master Yeung had predicted and she smiles: "I really wasn't confident before and I will not be like that again this year. Even if I have no series aired, I will still be confident of winning!" She is also waiting for a new romance to come along: "They are always linking me with him (Bosco Wong), what if no-one else wants me? I do quite like the type of man that Master Yeung has described and it is best if he is older than me and can look after me."

Wearing a gold pig pendant and carrying a golden pig ornament, Myolie appeared as 'Golden Miss Piggy' for the event. With the year of the pig being a good year for getting married in, Myolie was asked if she would be preparing for marriage this year. She says: "I will look out this kind of guy when I meet new friends, but I do not want to have a lightning wedding and be a Golden Pig bride."


[Ta Kung Pao 23/01/07]

Sharon Chan Shares her Birthday with her Fans

January 17th was Sharon Chan's birthday and as she had to film for "Welcome to the House" on that day, she celebrated earlier with her fans at a Tsimshatsui cafe.

She says: "After I finished work, I went out to celebrate with some friends from within and outside the industry. Because of this, I took some time out beforehand to go out with my fans." On the day of the party, as well as Hong Kong fans, there were also some fans who had flown in especially from Shanghai and Korea and this made her very happy, especially as the Shanghai fans had brought some of their local delicacies for her. They also played back some messages from other overseas fans who could not make it and she was very touched. The fans presented her with her beloved Winnie the Pooh toy, but she says that she has a lot of them at home already and she is just happy that they were there to celebrate with her and should not have spent so much money. Asked what her birthday wish was, she said: "Good health, of course I hope my career will get better and better and have lots of opportunities in different fields and to play some even better roles."

There have been reports earlier that Sharon has been spotted having dinner with a man, but she says that he is just a freinds and she is quite tomboyish, so she has a lot of male friends. She is currently concentrating on her career and will leave romance down to destiny.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/01/07]

Sarah Song Presents Prize Watch to her Mother

Newly crowned Miss Chinese International Sarah Song, first runner up Ivy Lu, second runner up Sherry Chen and Miss Friendship Parichat Wisuthiphatt attended another prize giving ceremony yesterday at 3D-Gold's 'Swiss Golden Palace' showroom, where they were presented with Blita watches.

Also taking the award for Chinese Culture Ambassador, Sarah was presented with two watches, worth $76,000 and $50,000 respectively. Ivy and Sherry's watches were worth $60,000 and Parichat's was worth $50,000. After receiving their prizes, the girls tried to learn some French from Blita's Asia Pacific General Manager and showing her winner's spirit, Sarah was complimented for speaking it very well, whereas Sherry was corrected on several occasions for her accent. They then took a look around the Swiss Golden Palace.

Sarah reveals that she used to speak French, but she has forgotten much of it now because she rarely speaks it. She plans to give one of her watches to her mother and with her $200,000 prize money, she plans to buy herself a handbag, some jewellery and a laptop computer. Asked why she does not buy property or cars, she says that cars lose value and she has to save a little more before she can buy an apartment. She also smiles that she might buy some gold for her mother.

Sarah is currently studying in Sydney and has another year before she graduates so she is not sure yet as to whether she will be stopping her education to pursue a career in showbiz. As for the gossip that she was an unexpected winner and about her cape falling to the ground, she smiles that it was a little chaotic at the time and she felt so good that she did not even know when the cape fell. She does not mind about being called a surprise winner and smiles: "I still won after all!" Sherry did not mind being corrected with her French and she found it good fun to learn to speak the language.

After the four girls returned to Hong Kong from Foshan earlier, they were invited to a celebratory party by the hotel sponsors, where they received vouchers for spa treatment. After receiving her prize, Sarah immediately checked into the centre's massague suit, where she enjoyed a super luxurious caviar and pearl skincare treatment, red wine treatment and aromatherapy massage package worth $40,000. Beforehand, she had allowed the other three girls to look around her suite and a very excited Sarah sat beside her princess bed to pose for the press before playing with the water in the spa bath and then posing with the other girls on the balcony beside the red wine treatment. Asked if she likes having spa treatment, she said with great joy: "Usually I rarely get the chance, so this is great that I have the opportunity to wash away all the fatigue from the contest."


[Ta Kung Pao 23/01/07]

Fiona Yuen's Tattoo Wild Girl Look

Fiona Yuen and Kenny Wong have been filming recently for a joint infotainment production between TVB and the ICAC at the Tamar Site Carnival in Admiralty. In the show, Kenny plays a prisoner, who is a couple with Fiona. In order to keep her lover from being lonely, Fiona's character has a nude photo taken and sent into prison for Kenny.

With blonde streaks in her hair, Fiona appeared in a wild party girl look yesterday, wearing a short skirt that revealed her belly button and a fake tattoo on her back. There was ample opportunity for Fiona to go on the rides yesterday, but she says that she used to go on them when she was in Germany, now she is older, she cannot meet the challenge any more and the last time she went on a vertical drop ride was five years ago. Fiona says that she lived on the 25th floor when she was young and she used to hang her leg over the balcony, so thinking back it was quite dangerous.

Kenny went on the rides two years ago and he says his mind just went blank, but since then he has not wanted to go on them again. He has also been on a 10-revolution roller coaster in China and although he was not sick, he had to recover for a while afterwards.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 23/01/07]

Suki Chui is a Gaming Fan

Suki Chui and Jason Chan were at a promotional event for Xbox 360 game "Crackdown" yesterday, where they put on a 'Crackdown Rescue Scene' performance to introduce the game. As they played out this hero rescuing the beauty scene, they didn't do very well on the suaveness, but did raise plenty of laughs.

Asked if she would like to be rescued by a hero, Suki says she has never met with such an unfortunate incident and of course she would never wish it to happen. Talking of playing games, she became quite excited and says that she has been a gaming fan snce she was at school and once played for 20 hours non-stop, even ignoring her homework and eventually being scolded by her father. Fortunately, she learned to regulate this after a while and she even gave up her console to avoid getting too caught up in it again. Suki also reveals that she will soon be starting filming for her second series before joining the Miss Hong Kong goodwill tour to Sapporo in Japan in February. She is a little worried about having to wear a chipao in the snowy weather though.

Jason said to play the hero for the first time was quite exciting and he syas that he has played war games before, but he forgot to wear a bulletproof vest and when he was shot over ten times, the plastic pellets hurt him a lot and he was even bleeding on his arms and chest.


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