Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[The Sun 25/01/07]

Bernice Liu Suffers Foot Injury From Prop Trolley

Bernice Liu suffered an injury to her toe after a props trolley rolled over her foot and she was in so much pain that she cried uncontrollably. After treatment in the hospital, an X-ray fortunately showed no fractures and she insisted on continuing filming again yesterday with a bandaged foot, showing her commitment!

Filming on Monday evening for her series "The Entire City Dances", Bernice had an accident with a colleague who was pushing a trolley and this caused her toenail to split and pierce her skin. Her foot was also very bruised and swollen like a 'pigs foot'. As she was in so much pain, she hid behind the prop wall and cried so much before having the injury treated at the Tseung Kwan O Hospital and after having an X-ray, she was sent home to rest. Although the doctor advised her to rest for four days, Bernice still carried on with her work as she filmed on location yesterday.

Asked about how the accident happened, Bernice said: "At the time, the trolley hit two toes on my right foot and because I was wearing the open-toe dancing shoes, my nail split and it went into my flesh, so it was extremely painful. Fortunately there were no broken bones and the doctor gave me four days to recover, afraid that if I stand too much, the swelling will not go down." She says that the crew member did not do it intentionally, so she will not bear any grudges against him. In order to avoid delay to filming, Bernice still continued with her work and she wore a slipper with the word 'safe' written on it and she explained that this was a gift from her mother: "My mother wanted me to stay safe, so she bought a pair of slippers that says 'Safe coming and going' on them. 2006 went smoothly for me, I only suffered a cold. Small illnesses are better than big ones."

Co-star Steven Ma indicated that when the accident happened, all he saw was Bernice crying and when he went to comfort her, he just heard her say in English something about 'the cart' and he had to ask Kate Tsui to translate for him. He smiles: "I have given another of my firsts to Bernice as this was the first time I have massaged a girl's toe. I don't mind though because I just wanted her not to hurt so much."


[Ming Pao 25/01/07]

Aimee has Over 100 of her Own Design Products

Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan was a guest at the opening of the latest branch of the Trade and Development Council's Design Gallery based at Hong Kong Airport and as a former design student herself, she fully supports local designers. She says: "The outfit I have on today is one of my own designs and sometimes for my friends birthday, I will design some special scarfs for them as a present. I think I have over 100 of my own products and I hope to have my own label in the future."


[Ming Pao 25/01/07]

Fiona Yuen Buys a Lucky Home for Family

Fiona Yuen and Janet Ma were guests at the Oggi Best of the Best 2006 Awards where they presented the awards for Perfect Vitality and Metropolitan Style Attraction. Fiona's family will soon be moving back to Hong Kong from their home in Germany and to give them a comfortable environment to live in, Fiona has bought a 900 square foot apartment for them on Hong Kong Island costing $5 million. She says: "This is a lucky fung shui house and I hope it will bring popularity and wealth. As for romance, she is in no rush."

Janet says that she has some attraction: "Does my husband [Michael Wong] think I still have attraction? You will have to ask him. He used to feel that way, but I don't know now. My appearance and my figure have not changed much, but my husband might have changed."


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