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Hope 2007 brings great things!
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[The Sun & Ming Pao 02/01/07]

TVB Lets the Girls Go Wild for the New Years Eve Party

TVB's young female artistes led the New Years Eve celebrations in sexy costumes and alluring dances. Angela Tong stole the show again with her rendition of Jolin Tang's suspension dance.

TVB held a special event at Olympian City, attracting several thousand people to come and watch as the shopping mall was totally packed out. Stars taking part included Linda Chung, Vivien Yeo, Angela Tong, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Leanne Li, Elaine Yiu, Suki Chui and Sharon Luk, who all took part in various dances, letting their hair down for the new year celebrations. However, not to be outdone by the girls, four male artistes, including Chan Shan Chung, Martin Lau and Vin Choi dressed up as the assistants from "Beautiful Cooking" to give their own sexy dance routine.

Reprising her impersonation of Jolin for this show, Angela took a lot of the press attention and she also showed off her trademark splits and strappy dress, showing off her great figure and receiving wows from the crowds. Afterwards, she said: "With so many people in the audience, I was very nervous, but I had put down a lot of tape beforehand and followed all the safety precautions, so I was not worried about revealing myself. (Did you feel embarrassed?) No, but the happiest thing for me was after taking Yoga lessons from Margaret Chung, I could do the splits tonight. (What wishes do you have for the new year?) I hope that I can learn to speak Mandarin better so I can respond in interviews."

Wearing a sexy dress, Linda Chung did a dance routine with Vincent Wong, giving him a nice New Year gift. Asked what her wish for the new year, she says she would like to find her other half: "Aside from wanting to try new things in the new year, I would like to find my true love. (What is your criteria?) They have to love me and the family, be ambitious and preferably not someone from the industry."

Lui Fong was also present at the show and he said it was a great feeling to share the countdown with the public like this. His most memorable New Year was spent on his own one year promoting his album in Taiwan and only able to speak to girlfriend Carol Cheng on the telephone. He says he felt very lonely at the time. In the coming year, he will be busy preparing for his concert and he has no plans to get married yet.


[The Sun 02/01/07]

Shirley Yeung Did Not Have a Romantic New Year

Shirley Yeung, Ron Ng and Jolie Chan took part in the Yuen Long New Years celebrations, attracting a crowd of around three hundred people. Usually unafraid of talking about her romances, Shirley seemed to have a change of heart yesterday and when asked if will see in the new year with her boyfriend, she says: "I don't know. I will be dining with my family. (How about your boyfriend?) Maybe he will have to be with his family." After saying this, she adds that she is pleased that she is not filming this year over the festive season, so she can take on external shows and make some extra money.

As for Jolie, who even brought her own party hat, she says that in the new year, she hopes to further her career in music, TV and film, but she would also like to get married in the next few years: "Age 25 is like a checkpoint, I don't want to keep floating around. I plan to get married after I am 30, so I have to work hard in my work for the next six years." She also reveals that she sees Maggie Cheung Man Yuk as her target and she will watch 100 films a day to perfect her acting.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 02/01/06]

Charmaine, Steven & Moses Bring in 2007 earning $100,000

Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma and Moses Chan appeared at a Tseung Kwan O mall for the New Years Eve celebrations, each singing two songs and pocketing over $100,000 for a night's work. Charmaine says she has won a jackpot for the new year and she plans to save the money. She says that she likes to save for a rainy day and put the money away in her bank account, so she can look on her internet banking and cheer herself with the balance.

Asked about the news that Gigi Lai has bought herself a diamond worth over $1 million, Charmaine says that she could not bring herself to do that and smiles that she will have to borrow it from Gigi to try on. Charmaine has also taken on filming for Wong Jing's Chinese New Year film and although she is also busy filming for new series "The Drive of Life", to have this chance to earn some more money then she is prepared to work a little harder.

Thinking back to 2006, Steven says that he has had a good year and he hopes that he can try some very different roles for 2007 and be an ever-changing actor. He will continue working hard to make money and buy another apartment.

Moses says he hopes to gain more fame and fortune in the coming year and it was joked that he is saving up money to marry a wife, making him smile sweetly. He says that he will not talk about personal affairs, but he hopes that Hong Kong's economy will get better so that there are more opportunities to make money, so that he can invest in stocks and property.


[The Sun & Ming Pao 02/01/07]

Bosco Helps Tavia Out in Tai Po New Year Performance

Tavia Yeung, Tiffany Lee and Bosco Wong took part in the new year celebrations at Tai Po's Mega Mall and they appeared supporting their roles in "Dicey Business", holding hands and singing together, winning the affections of the audience. However, when Tavia was singing, she stuttered on some of the lyrics and Bosco had to help her out, singing along with a copy of the words and making the fans call out in support.

Bosco and Tavia both wish for new cars and new homes in the new year. Asked if she would like a boyfriend, she smiles that if she did then that would be a good thing. She says that pretty girls will naturally have men after her, so she will have to make an open appeal for a boyfriend.

Bosco hopes that everything will go well in 2007, he will make more money, film some movies and release an album. He would also like to move to a 1000 sq ft home to live with his mother and his two dogs, but he does not even have enough for the deposit at the moment. Will he be celebrating the new year with rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu? He says he will not. Asked if he will be sending a New Year SMS to her, Bosco says: "I will send them to a lot of people all around the world."


[The Sun & Ming Pao 02/01/07]

Myolie Wu Wants to Tone her Hips through Horseriding

New Years Eve is an ideal chance for artistes to make some extra money, but for Myolie, she chose to spend the time on a boat trip with her family in Tsimshatsui. Myolie took part in a New Years Day event yesterday, where she played games with the audience and made her new year wish, saying she would like to sing one of the songs for new series "The Drive of Life" and adds that she finds her hips are not toned enough, so she would like to learn to ride a horse to help tone her figure and make herself look better. ""I would like to learn to ride, dance, Japanese, French and Italian."

Asked if Bosco was with her for the boat trip, she said: "No. (Has Bosco sent her an SMS?) I will not send him an SMS and I did not receive one from him either. I did receive them from other friends though."


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