Friday, January 19, 2007

Pic 1: Group Pic, Pic 2: Aimee Chan (HK), Pic 3: Yvonne Chapman (Calgary), Pic 4: Sirena Wang (New York), Pic 5: Ivy Lu (Johannesburg), Pic 6: Parichat Wisuthiphatt (Bangkok)

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 20/01/07]

Miss Bangkok Parichat Wisuthiphatt Takes MCI Miss Friendship 2007

The 2007 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place this evening at Foshan TV News Centre and the 21 contestants underwent final rehearsals for the swimwear parade yesterday. The vote was also held for the Miss Friendship award and this was taken by Number 16 Parichat Wisuthiphatt (Lam Nga Chi) from Bangkok. In their swimsuits, the girls showed off their figures as well as their shortcomings, that included flat chests, waistlessness, elephant legs and forced chests. Number 5 Singapore's Leow Cai Ling, Number 16 Parichat Wisuthiphatt and Number 18 also displayed some rather distasteful scenes with their clinging bikini bottoms.

After the blessing ceremony, the girls paraded in their bikinis and Number 2 Aimee Chan from Hong Kong had successfully slimmed down, but her 'soup bowl' bust was still very full and coupled with her muscular form, was quite an attraction. Number 3 Suzanna Wu (San Francisco) and Number 18 Cindy Hsu (Auckland) showed off their great busty figures and somewhat overshadowed her. Conversely, Number 1 Tina Leung from Seattle had a rather flat figure and Number 11 Bamboo Cui from Montreal was quite obviously plumper than the rest and displayed some elephant legs. Of the more confident contestants on the stage were Number 6 Rotterdam's Chinzy Choi and Number 13 Yvonne Chapman from Calgary, with the latter striking various poses for the press, earning herself the title of 'Pose Queen'.

Asked about her bust size still being the hot topic of conversation, Aimee says she does not worry about this and indicates that the other contestants also have beautiful figures and they are all very balanced. Asked if she was successful in her slimming, she admitted that she had and says that she has always been careful with her diet and has always done exercise. As for whether she developed the muscles on purpose, she smiles that she has always been very sporty, so she has always had the muscles. Asked if she is confident of an award, she says that she will go in with a peaceful heart and just enjoy the process, because it is a rare opportunity.

Bamboo said frankly that her rather large figure was the biggest pressure on her taking part in this contest, but her frame is like this, so there is nothing she can do. She has been studying ballet since she was young, so she cannot reduce the thickness of her legs and this put a lot of stres on her. She says she will do well in other areas and she will try hard to just be herself. Asked if she is confident of winning, she says that she is not entering for the awards and would just like to make some friends. After putting on a swimsuit, Yvonne seemed to shine and she smiled happily: "I will try my best to show off myself. (Are you worried that the language barrier will affect your performance?) I have already worked hard to practise and as there will be a strong Canadian accent with my Cantonese, I am learning to speak Mandarin."

Miss Bangkok Parichat was voted as the winner of the Miss Friendship award by the other contestants and when the result was announced, she was so happy that she was blushing. She was presented with some flowers and congratulated by the other girls, with Yvonne stepping forward to shake her hand and give her a hug. She indicated that this made her very happy and shocked. Asked about the tradition that this award goes to the least threatening contestant, she does not agree and says that she has got on very well with the other contestants. So is she confident of a win? She says she is confident and will work hard to do even better.


[The Sun 20/01/07]

Deep Ng and Nancy Wu Still Say Hi

The 2007 World Boutique Show was held earlier to mark the grand finale of the Hong Kong Fashion Week held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and numerous celebrities and models were invited to take part, including Yumiko Cheng, Deep Ng, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong and Vivien Yeo and they model creations from Hong Kong's best young designers.

After their break up, this was the first event that Deep and Nancy had attended together and Nancy said graciously: "I did say hi to him and I don't find it awkward. We are both still friends. (Why did you not appear together?) The rundown was set by the organisers." She also smiled that she has wanted to do a fashion show for a while and she has had a special hairstyle done that adds an extra few inches to her height and reduce the difference between her and the other models. She adds she has no interest in the six foot tall male models. Deep says: "We will not be embarrassed, it is just a job and I did greet her. I am not as petty as that."


[The Sun 20/01/07]

Lui Fong Will Marry Carol Cheng When he Wins Top Award

Lui Fong announced earlier that he will be holding his concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on the 9th and 10th of March and on his birthday yesterday, a group of dedicated fans prepared soft toys and chocolate flowers to celebrate with him. There were slight hiccups when the waiter knocked over some champagne glasses and the curtain above the promotional boards would not lift.

Asked how he would be celebrating his birthday with girlfriend Carol Cheng, he says: "It will be a very simple meal. (With gifts?) She has prepared one, but I don't know what it is, but every year is about the same." When the reporters asked if there is a third piece of good news in that he will propose to her at the concert, Lui Fong says: "No, I won't do these things. I have not proposed to her after so many years, wait until I have won the top award. (Can she wait?) We have been together for fifteen years now. (Carol is your secret strategist?) She has given me moral support and makes coffee for me to drink. (Will you invite her on stage?) She doesn't know how to sing."

Dubbing himself as the 'Prince of Love Songs', Lui Fong will focus on romantic melodies in his concert and will not show off his muscles. Asked if the pressure is great, he says: "It is always there." His music special will be aired this evening with a special appearance from Carol, who is the surprise guest, bringing him a birthday cake.


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