Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pic 1: Chinzy Choi (Rotterdam), He Mingzhu (Chicago), Bamboo Cui (Montreal), Pic 2: Aimee Chan (Hong Kong), Sherry Chen (Toronto)

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 13/01/07]

Miss Chinese International Continues Tour of Foshan

The twenty-one Miss Chinese International contestants continued on their tour of Foshan yesterday, experiencing the local culture by trying the lion dancing, making 'blind mans cake' and making lanterns.

Number 6 Chinzy Choi (Rotterdam) was rather clumsy with her lion head and could not even lift it on several occasions, turning an 'alert lion' into a 'dead lion' instead. She says: "This is the first time I have tried lion dancing and because the head is quite heavy, my muscles seized up. Following the steps of the master was quite difficult but I do go to the gym, play golf and go running with my dog. I rarely do such heavy exercise though."

Contestant numbers 1 to 5 were sent to make the cakes, but their handiwork was rather poor and they did not wear gloves, so it was quite unhygienic. Number 2 Aimee Chan (Hong Kong) indicated that she had washed her hands: "Making the cakes was not hard, it was like doing some craftwork. I ate six cakes, but not ones that I had made myself because they fell apart. I did not know how famous blind mans cake was in Foshan and it is made from olive oil, so it is quite healthy and not as fattening." Sherry says the hardest thing is getting the measurement of the ingredients right because if you don't, then it is easy to fall apart.

Number 12 Sarah Song (Sydney) and Number 14 Susana Su (Vancouver) made lanterns for the first time and Sarah indicated it was good fun, but it is hard to master. Number 13 Yvonne Chapman (Calgary) and Number 15 Novel Lim (Kuala Lumpur) were making papercuts and found it difficult but did learn something from the experience.


[Ta Kung Pao 13/01/07]

Moses Braves the Cold to Show his Skills

Having finished filming for his TVB series "Heart of Greed" earlier, Moses Chan immediately headed out to Hengdian to film for the film "Qi Family Army", where he plays a general, so there are numerous action scenes, many which he did himself personally. Don't mistake his rather studious image as his action scenes are very good.

As the weather there is rather cold at the moment and the action scenes are quite hard work, Moses was asked why he did not use a body double. He says: "I feel that as an artiste, you have to try a lot of different things. This is a rare opportunity to show off what I can do, so why not! Haha!" It turns out that this is Moses's third visit to the Hengdian studios and as he is very afraid of the cold, he was quite worried about the cold weather there. He has prepared himself well this time though, purposely buying himself a diving suit to wear under his costume and taking four different levels of winter jacket to overcome the minus 10 degrees C temperatures.


[The Sun 13/01/07]

Steven Ma Denies Falling Out with Bernice Liu

Steven Ma and Bernice Liu were filming yesterday for new series "The Entire City Dances" and they made their responses to an untrue rumour. They were filming an argument scene earlier, but when the press took the photograph of the scene, they suggested that Bernice kept having NG's (outtakes) and this made Steven angry. Steven says: "The reporters did ask me some questions, but I just talked about the storyline. I also said that having worked with Bernice before, we had an understanding. With such a serious answer, they still had to make something up."

Steven hopes that in the Year of the Pig, he can distance himself from such pointless reports: "My sign clashes with the stars this year, but it is not too bad. There will not be so much luck in romance, but there will be a lot of people helping me out and I have even received an offer of work for a stage show in April in America and Canada." Bernice says: "There is no need to clarify these things, the viewers who have watched me for a while will understand. When I was filming for 'Healing Hands', they siad I was always losing my temper, but that was what my character was like!"


[Ming Pao & The Sun 13/01/07]

Speculation for JSG Awards Tonight

TVB will be holding its Jade Solid Gold Music Awards this evening and a blessing ceremony was held yesterday. Initial speculation is that Joey Yung should take the Most Popular Female Singer award for the fourth year running and despite Gold Label's best efforts to back Leo Ku, the Male Singer award should be going to Eason Chan. Andy Lau and Kelly Chen should take the Asia's Most Popular awards for another year. Leo Ku should still win the award for the 'Golden Song' for "Loving Too Late" as a consolation. As for TVB's godson Hacken Lee, he should still make one of the top ten with his song "Heavenly Water, Walled City".

Liza Wang and Kelly Chen's song "Goddess of Liberty" should be in the running for the Most Popular Duet and for the newcomers, the gold, silver and bronze frontrunners are Vincy Chan, Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan. TVB's daughter Bernice Liu will be awarded with a Newcomer Promotion award and Twins are likely to take the Most Popular Group.

Leo has been filming through the night recently for his movie, so he was rather lethargic as he answered the questions about his chances: "I don't need to think too much, just go with it calmly." As for Hacken, he does not seem to hold out much hope as he says: "The award is not down to what I think, it is what TVB thinks. If I win, I will go onto the stage to accept it, if I don't then I will continue to work." Hacken is not too bothered about the awards and is more interested in the encounter between Eric Tsang and Joey: "Eric is a top level host, so we will have to see how she copes. After all the show is so big!" When Eason was asked if he longs for an award, he says: "If it is yours, then it is yours. You don't need to long for it."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 13/01/07]

Louisa So Would Like Some Time Alone with Boyfriend

Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies and the Hong Kong Museum of History have joined to host a celebration of Hong Kong Theatre in the form of an exhibition that will be open from 11th for over ten days at the Hong Kong City Hall, profiling the developement of Hong Kong theatre over the last ten years. Exhibits include the sets from 'Lei Yu', manuscripts from Drama Master Chao Yu and the costumes from the popular show "I Have a Date with Spring".

Guests present at the press event yesterday included the former Chairman of the Arts Development Board Mr Ma, China Joint Office Promotions and Community Department Deputy Director Mr Choi Man Chung and artistes, including Chung King Fai, Lai Suen, Chu Hak, Bau Hon Lam, Mak Chau, Mok Yan Lan, Anthony Wong, Louisa So and Alice Lau. Chung King Fai indicated that this is the 100th year of Chinese Theatre and he is part of just the fourth or fifth generation of artistes in this field. He feels that the productions of today and the training of actors and backstage crew have vastly improved. Although there is still a long way before they catch up with the professional companies of Europe, at least now the Hong Kong audiences are growing to like theatre more and more and there is a great scope for development. Hong Kong's dramatics is also spreading overseas as the federation has been invited to perform at the Japanese Dramatics Festival in October.

Louisa wore a multicolored dress at yesterday's event and she indicated that the dress was sponsored and is a French label, worth about $20,000. She has also previously appeared in another of her sponsor's dresses worth $60,000. She does not spend so much money on her clothes though and her most expensive item only cost her $4000. She explains that artistes usually only wear their outfits once, so she does not mind wearing cheaper clothes. The 16th of January is Louisa's birthday and she has received some crystals as a gift already. She has not received anything from her boyfriend yet and she hopes to spend her birthday with him. She will be holding a celebration with her fans today, but she has told them not to buy her any gifts and to make a donation to charity instead.


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