Monday, December 18, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 19/12/06]

Myolie Wu in Miss Exhibition Pageant Shoot

Myolie Wu was filming at the Causeway Bay Trade Exhibition yesterday filming for the series "The Drive of Life" in a scene that tells of her entering the show's 'Miss Exhibition' pageant and handing out flyers to the public. During filming, they attracted many people to crowd, watch and offer their comments, but this did not affect Myolie as the shoot went very well.

Asked if Miss Exhibition needs to wear a bikini, she says there is no need, but she did wear a backless dress for the scene yesterday and as it was cold, then as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, then she would put her coat on to keep warm. Myolie smiles: "Fortunately I did not reveal any of my fat belly. (You lost your weight very quickly though!) Yes, a lot of people have asked me how I have lost it so quickly and I suggest they go to my sponsors and find out." In the past, Myolie has taken part in the trade events at Tamar Site, is she a little uneasy with so many people around her? She smiles: "I was just worried about NG's. Luckily it was all okay."

With Christmas approaching soon, Myolie says that she will be going to the Mainland to do a stage performance on Saturday and then she may have a rest on Christmas Eve so she might have a party and have some fun. Talking of 2006 drawing to an end, how does she feel she has done this year? She says that the past year has been ok and has been a very memorable year because she has become fat to play 'Fat Tin' and then lost the weight again and it is worth remembering. As for her outlook for 2007, she hopes to break into the music industry and make more progress whilst she is young.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/12/06]

Louisa So's Book Sells 2000 copies in Days

After winning the title of 'Beautiful Cooking Goddess', Louisa So has not only had plenty of offers of work, she has also launched her own cookbook, entitled "Louisa's Delicious Stage" and she held a book signing and sharing event yesterday, feeling very excited. She says that at first, she had only thought about writing a book about life and her acting and she had never imagined that she could write a cookbook with her kindergarten level cookery skills, so she is very satisfied.

Louisa also smiles that to be able to release her own book feels like having a child. The first print of 5000 copies have gone out for sale in South East Asia and North America and she has already sold over 2000 copies. She presented the first few copies to her manager, her family, Ronald Cheng and Vincent Kok. She says a special thanks to Ronald because without his show "Beautiful Cooking", then she would not have been able to write this book. How about her boyfriend? She smiles that he has seen it a long time ago and was responsible for testing the food. Her friends are now calling for her to make a meal for them to try her cooking, so she has prepared a special New Year Dinner for her friends and family to try her banquet and thank them for their love and care over the year.


[Ming Pao 19/12/06]

Melissa Shows off her Shoulders Confidently

Melissa Ng has been the spokesperson for a skincare brand for seven years now and she has been shooting a new set of ads for it recently, wearing top that reveals her shoulders and looking very confident. The photographers were briefed to capture every aspect of her beauty and her smile, but for Melissa, this was not difficult. During the shoot, Melissa was chatting about the results with the photographer and asked for some tips on how to touch up photos. She reveals that she is quite interested in photography, so she would like to make her pictures look even better.


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