Friday, December 22, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 22/12/06]

"Dicey Business" Stars Discuss Christmas Plans

TVB's series "Dicey Business" held a Poker King Challenge Promotion yesterday, attended by cast members including Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong and Jessica Hsuan. Veteran Star Ha Ping was the big winner after receiving a kiss from all the male stars. With Christmas approaching, Jessica is busy filming for "The Drive of Life", so she will not have any special celebration this year, but if she has time, she would like to have a meal with her family and friends. She has bought most of her Christmas presents now and her parents and her maid will all definitely receive something. She says that there are still two weeks before "Dicey Business" dras to an end and the reviews have been very good, so she thinks that the ratings for the finale will be very good.

Asked if she has been invited on a date, Jessica smiles: "Of course not! I will have to wait until next year. (What presents would you like to receive?) Nothing in particular, I would like an apartment, but I will buy that myself. If someone did buy that for me I would not accept it and then I would run away from them. I already have an apartment of my own where I live, but I would like to have one to collect rent with, so even when I get married, I can still be a landlady." Bosco says he has not bought any presents and he smiles: "I will wait for other people to give them to me. (Are you not choosing something for Myolie Wu?) She should choose something for me!" He also says that he will not give her anything and he will be spending Christmas with his family and friends.

Bobby headed out to Guangzhou earlier to shoot a washing powder advertisement and saw a big increase in his fee for the ad which will be aired on CCTV. The sponsors had sought a model and a child actor to play his wife and son in the ad and the boy bore 90% of Bobby's looks. He is currently working on new series "Trouble Daddy" with TVB's own child star Jacky Wong and he is full of praises for the young actor, saying he is very smart and has a good memory, so they are working well together. Asked if this is making him want to become a father in real life, he smiles: "I will think about it! My wife and I like our life on our own though, so we have not thought about having children yet."


[Ta Kung Pao 22/12/06]

Cindy Au's 13 hour Shoot for Ad

Cindy Au has become the spokesperson for a slimming company and the sponsors provided her with five evenng dresses and eight sexy images for her latest set of ads. The shoot began at 10 am and finished at 11 pm, lasting a total of 13 hours, but Cindy was still full of energy and was praised by the sponsors and the photographer. The sponsors have agreed to arrange massage and spa treatment for her and her friends and family as a reward to help ease her tiredness and she was very happy about this.

Cindy says that she was quite slim when she was younger, so she has never thought much about losing weight. After entering the showbiz industry, it was a great change for her and she put a lot of weight on and after she got married, people even mistook her for being pregnant, so at that point, she decided to slim down.As well as changing her image, she has found that she has a lot of freckles from filming on location too much and this has also led to her getting fine lines beside her eyes, so she was introduced to this beauty and slimming spa treatment. In the end, after a month's treatment, her freckles and lines have disappeared and she has regained her slim figure.


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