Saturday, December 16, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 16/12/06]

Ron Denies Charmaine's Provocative Behaviour

Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Sonija Kwok and Ana R were among the guests at the opening of the Juicy Couture showroom. There were reports earlier that Charmaine Sheh had been flirting heavily with Ron and was spotted stroking and sitting on his thigh in public when they were at a karaoke bar. In response to this, Ron indicated that he has not seen the reports, but the details are not true, so there is no need for him to clarify.

Ron says that the report does not show any photographic evidence and raises doubts about authenticity. Ron and Charmaine are currently filming for "The Drive of Life", so when asked if there is any awkwardness between them, Ron says that there is nothing. He adds that he has never been to karaoke with Charmaine and he rarely goes out at night because he would rather rest at home and watch DVDs: "I have bought 300 DVDs that I am yet to watch."

With Christmas approaching, Sonija indicates that she will be working this year, but she will try to take some time out to celebrate with her mother and her friends. Asked if she feels lonely when she sees other people celebrating as a couple romantically but she is on her own, she says directly that she does not have anyone in pursuit at the moment, but if she is dating, then she will let everyone know. She does not agree that her selection criteria is too high and says that as well as loving her, he has to love her mother as well, but he does not have to be too handsome.

Bernice and Moses were well matched as usual and although they deny that they are dating, they still openly appear together. Asked if she will be spending Christmas with Moses, Bernice avoided the topic and just said: "I will go out with Ron and Tavia Yeung."


[Ming Pao 16/12/06]

Lai Lok Yi Denies Dating Emme Wong

Lai Lok Yi took part in a wedding fashion show yesterday and asked about his rumours with Emme Wong, he denied dating her and said: "We were with a big group of friends who went out for a meal and a movie. Those friends were her assistants from her record company and I got to know them when I was filming 'Hearts of Fencing' with 2R." He says that Emme is a very direct girl, but he would prefer to date a girl from outside of the industry and he plans to get married when he is 35.


[The Sun 16/12/06]

Myolie Bears the Cold in Backless Dress

Myolie Wu took part in a costume fitting for her role in "The Drive of Life" yesterday, wearing a silver dress that reveals most of her back and legs. She says: "The story tells of me taking part in the Miss Exhibition pageant. I have been to the trade exhibition before but have never watched the pageant." She indicates that she will be filming at the exhibition centre next week and wearing such a skimpy dress, she is worried about catching a chill: "I am afraid of the cold! I have to cry in that scene as well because it tells of my character being attracted to Raymond Lam and he agrees to support her in the contest, but he goes missing afterwards and I am very upset. (Do you have any kiss scenes with Raymond?) I don't think so because I have a romance in the show with Mainland actor Feng Shao Feng."


[The Sun 16/12/06]

Niki and Kevin Share a Shivery Date

Playing a pair of lovers in the series "The Seventh Day", Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng are very compatible and even if the weather is getting cold, they are still very natural in their performance. Their previous series "Hard Fate" and "Under the Canopy of Love" have done well, with the latter breaking into the top ten rated series for 2006 in seventh place. Kevin also won the 'Best Actor' award at the TVB anniversary for his performance.

Asked if the previous good results gives them expectations for the new series, Kevin says: "I will do my best! It is hard to predict the ratings because sometimes a good series may not necessarily have good ratings." Niki says happily: "No matter what the ratings were previously, I will still put my heart into it. This is not a sequel to 'Canopy', but we are working with the same cast and crew, so we already have the co-operation there and I hope that when the show airs, there will be a lot of viewers tuning in."

In truth, the chemistry between them is unspoken and this shows in their acting. During filming, the weather was quite cold and Niki's clothing was quite thin so she was shivering in the chilly winds. When the cameras stopped rolling, Kevin immediately told Niki's assistant to hand her a jacket and carefully helped her to put it on. With the male and female lead so well tuned into each other, then this series should do even better than the past and win even greater results.


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