Monday, December 11, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 12/12/06]

Miss Hong Kong Re-live their Winning Moment - Liza Wang Comments on Eric Tsang's Behaviour

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Janet Chow joined Liza Wang at a promotional event for a watch company yesterday. They wore their watches that they won from the contest, with Aimee's worth $300,000 studded with diamonds and very valuable. Asked if she likes to buy watches, Aimee smiles that she does but she has to look at the design. As for the most expensive watch she has at home, she says she does not know because most of them were bought by her mother.

Aimee says that the most expensive watch she owns overall is the one she won at the contest and she will choose the occasion to wear it because she is worried about scratching it. For Christmas this year, she still does not know if she has to work yet, but she has bought a lot of Christmas gifts already because she loves Christmas and hopes that she can have a meal with her family at Christmas. Asked if she is not giving any chances for men to pursue her, she smiles that her friends know that she has been very busy after winning Miss Hong Kong, so they will not invite her out.

Liza was also presented with a watch and she says that the watch reflects her work ethic: "Artistes are not omnipotent and just need to be able to show off their talent. Being punctual is important, but also sincerity to work, in tune with the times and always improving themselves." She says that she has high requirements from a watch and she will invest in expensive watches. Her most expensive watch is worth over $200,000.

Liza was an MC on the earlier Tung Wah Show and talking of Yumiko's incident, she said comfortingly: "For young girls to wear a thong is nothing to be afraid of. She has a great figure and no matter what happens, she will comfort herself in that it was all for charity." She believes that this accident was caused a wardrobe error because she should have chosen non-slip trousers. As for Eric Tsang's untasteful comments, Liza says: "Maybe he has not had a chance for his danger warning to kick in, the camera should also have steered away."


[Ming Pao 12/12/06]

YouTube Agree to Delete TVB's Clips

After the Yumiko Cheng incident at this year's Tung Wah Show, the clips quickly appeared on the internet and TVB were very displeased about this. Yesterday, TVB's legal affairs department issued a letter to YouTube, demanding them to delete the clips and the company have complied as all clips were removed from the site yesterday.

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan indicates that the copyright of the clips belongs to TVB and callous uploading is illegal, so TVB have requested that they are removed from the site. TVB's External Affairs Assistant Director Tsang Sing Ming says that he has asked the legal department to urge YouTube to delete the illegally uploaded clips, otherwise TVB reserve the right to pursue further legal proceedings. Finally, all clips were removed from the site yesterday evening.

TVB has also sealed up the original footage, never to be broadcasted again. Mr Chan says that when the show is aired overseas, this scene will be deleted out of respect for the artistes.

Asked if Yumiko will be seeking responsibility from the company for the accident, Mr Chan says: "This was an accident, but I feel that her costume could have fit better or been a one piece outfit." As for Eric Tsang's derogatory comment, Mr Chan responds: "Eric knows about it and he was just aiming to inject some humour. He did not mean it to be malicious."


[Ta Kung Pao 12/12/06]

Winnie Young gives birth to Baby Boy

Winnie Young had a baby girl a year ago and quickly became pregnant again with her second child. On December 9th, she gave birth to a baby boy, weighing 7 lbs 7 oz.

On the day, Winnie was watching the Tung Wah Charity show when her contractions staarted, so she rushed to the hospital. The birth was very quick, just taking six hours from leaving home to giving birth. Her husband did not accompany her into the labour room this time. She has no plans for any more children at the moment because one girl and one boy is already perfect. The baby has not been named yet.


[Ta Kung Pao 12/12/06]

Jessica Hsuan and Alex Fong Love their Dogs

A charity that protects abandoned animals held a special adoption event yesterday at Whampao and celebrity dog-lovers Jessica Hsuan and Alex Fong (Chung Shun) did some skipping on the stage with a dog that had just been adopted. Despite his masculinity, Alex seemed rather clumsy at skipping.

Afterwards, Alex explained that he was afraid of hurting the animal so he would rather be hurt himself. The dog that Alex has kept for many years died earlier from old age, leaving him very upset. He did think about buying a new pet, but in the end, he decided to adopt an abandoned animal instead. The dog he has adopted is already a year old and he feels that these roaming dogs are very good natured and highly alert. Alex has been busy filming a movie with Fiona Sit, where he plays her father. As filming is hard work, he plans to go out to sea on his yacht and go diving to relax.

Jessica has adopted a few stray dogs and recently, her fourteen year old dog had kidney failure and needed dialysis. The vet warned her to be prepared that the dog will die soon. Currently she is feeding her dog its favourite foods and is prepared that her pet will soon be leaving her. She says: "I know that I will cry, because he is always so good and every time I pack my luggage to go away, he will be very longing and hide in a corner quietly."


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