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[Ta Kung Pao 29/12/06]

Chan Shan Chung, Sharon Chan and Tracy Ip on Gossip Quiz Show

Tracy Ip, Sharon Chan and Chan Shan Chung took part in filming for TVB's entertainment gossip quiz show "Questioning Showbiz". As this game talks about the hot topics in showbiz gossip, is Tracy worried about her rumours with Don Li being brought up? She says that she is prepared for it and before when she took part in "15/16", the hosts had already made a joke of her, but she does not mind and just laughs along with them. Tracy smiles that with game shows you have to take what comes and deal with it, for the sake of the prizes and prize money.

Don has been recently reported as being involved in a homosexual affair resulting in a later tearful interview where he explained himself. Asked if she had seen this news, Tracy says that she has not and does not know what they have said, so if there is any commenting then she will leave it up to the people in question. As for the suggestions that this was all part of Don's plan with the magazines to stir up some news, Tracy indicates that her experience in showbiz is still very fresh, so she does not know how to analyse this and hopes that someone can tell her about this. Sharon and Shan Chung are usually as close as a brother and sister, but in order to win, Sharon revealed some gossip about Shan Chung promising she would share the prize money with him afterwards.


[The Sun 29/12/06]

Leila Tong Makes Giant Plasticine Picture

Leila Tong joined five hundred school children and their parents earlier at a promotional event in Olympian City, where they collected together forty plasticine tiles to make a Christmas picture measuring 12 ft by 25 ft as a gift to the public. Leila reveals that when she was young, she loved playing with plasticine and she felt that this event was very meaningful and she says that the creativity and imagination of the children really impressed her.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/12/06]

Louisa So Cooks up $1million for the New Year

The title of "Beautiful Cooking Goddess" has brought Louisa So an extremely fruitful year and she admits that the last three month's offers of work have increased dramatically and earned her a seven figure sum already. Yesterday, she invited some good friends and media to attend a special lunch to thank everyone for their support.

Louisa booked three tables at a hotel and she had arrived an hour beforehand and made a few dishes herself. The meal included starters, main courses and desserts, with dishes such as Crabmeat and Butternut Tomatoes, Pumpkin Curried Chicken, Seafood Puffs, Baked French Oysters, White Wine and Herb Cockles, Double Chocolate Plums and Fresh Cream Cooler. Louisa gave a demonstration of cooking the seafood puffs herself at the event.

Louisa says she has received a lot of help from her friends this year and fortunately their hard work has reaped rewards, so the meal yesterday was to thank everyone. She feels that the relationship between artistes and the media can be very close. Louisa published her first cookbook "Louisa So's Delicious Stage" earlier, with 5000 copies in the first print. On New Year's Eve, she will be at the HKCEC for a book signing. She smiles that she hopes to be like the politicians and take her promotional tour all around Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. She also plans to open a restaurant, but she will have to take out sufficient time to look after it.

Louisa is presentable in the kitchen and outside the kitchen and has become the 'perfect wife' in many men's eyes. Ursule Wong was present at yesterday's event and she smiles that many of her male friends would like to marry Louisa. Asked if this has made her boyfriend think about proposing to her, Louisa says that he really has not and she has to think hard about why he has not proposed to her for six months now. Asked if she has turned him down in the past, Louisa smiles that her boyfriend has hurried her about it, but she feels that whether or not they are married is not important because men and women now are financially independent, so there is no real point to marriage. When she is ready for marriage, then she will let everyone know.

Ursule offered to MC at the event because she has always admired Louisa's cooking. She says that many years ago, her late father James Wong worked with Louisa in a stage performance so she has always been a fan of Louisa's.


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[The Sun 29/12/06]

Esther Kwan Returns to TVB to Rescue Sitcom Ratings

After playing the role of 'Ngo Jer' in the "Armed Reaction" series, it has been six years now since Esther Kwan left TVB. Recently, under the persuasion of TVB executive Catherine Tsang, Esther has agreed to return to TVB once again after her maternity break and will join 'Ratings Lucky star' Angela Tong in a new sitcom that will follow "Welcome to the House" in a bid to rescue the dwindling ratings in TVB's evening sitcom slot.

Once one of TVB's lucky stars, Esther left TVB in 2000 after filming "Armed Reaction II", which gained ratings points of 37 and "The Legendary Four Aces". She headed into the mainland to further her career there. Since her departure, the producer of "Armed Reaction" had invited her on several occasions to reprise her role in the series, which continued for another two installments, but she declined the offer at the time. Recently, there have been reports that Ms Tsang has been in negotiations with Esther again and successfully persuaded her to return to TVB for a year to film a sitcom. Reports suggest that because the ratings for "Welcome to the House" have fallen, TVB is looking for emergency measures, so they have given their sincerity to inviting Esther to return and anchor their new production. This show will take over from "Welcome" when its run ends in March.

In the year since the birth of her daughter, Esther has been putting all her attentions into being a mother. To take her time away from her family, Esther has been won over by the respect given to her by Ms Tsang and also the attractive cast planned for the new series, including veteran actress Elaine Jin and recent up and coming starlet Angela Tong. The show will centre around female life and TVB is pinning its hopes on this to give the ratings a much needed boost.

When Angela was asked about this news and the return of Esther to TVB, she said: "I have heard about this, but I have not received an official notification yet. If it is true, then I will be very happy. A long time ago, I worked with Esther in 'A Loving Spirit' and 'The Taming of the Princess' and I have not seen her for a long time. I'd like to see what her daughter looks like too!" Esther was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.


[The Sun 29/12/06 & Ming Pao 21/12/06]

"Deal or No Deal" Loser Wins TVB Contract Instead

In a highlight of Hong Kong television's quiz show dramas, "Deal or No Deal" contestant Joe Yau refused an offer for $390,000 in a bid to win the grand prize of $3 million, but in the end, his case revealed just $1 in prize money. Joe's tearful disappointment at losing the popular quiz show caused much outcry from netizens. His performance also caught the eye of TVB General Manager, who felt that he was a very genuine person who had good communication skills, so he arranged a screen test for Joe. At the time, Mr Chan indicated that it is up to Joe's performance at the audition and he draws from his success with earlier recommendations for new talent, such as Amigo Chui. He feels that the most important factor is talent and Joe has the qualities to be a good host. As for TVB newcomers being on loa salaries, Mr Chan admits this, explaining that in the early stages, the company has to invest a lot of additional resources on them.

Latest reports on Joe's progress suggest that he has been successful at the screen test and has been offered a contract for a year to do some hosting jobs, whilst continuing with his own job selling insurance. He says he has not signed the contract yet, but his girlfriend of four years is very supportive of him entering showbusiness. Their relationship is stable and he is not worried about changing heart.


[The Sun 29/12/06]

Kate Tsui's Dance Skills not Required in New Series

Kate Tsui is a talented dancer and recently she has been filming for the new dance-related series "The Entire City Dances", but she has not been needed to show off her dancing talents because she plays a strong businesswoman in the show and has more dialogue scenes instead.

She says: "Each role has different needs and different opportunities to shine. Even if I don't dance, then it doesn't matter because I really love this character and I don't actually know how to do ballroom dancing. I took a couple of lessons earlier and found it extremely difficult." Asked if she has the qualities to be a successful businesswoman in real life, she smiles: "I don't think so. You have to be very tough in business and very decisive and brave. I couldn't do that."


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