Sunday, December 24, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/06]

Fiona Yuen Spends a Warm Christmas with her Family

Fiona Yuen and TVB educational show host Wong Yi Hing took part in the Winter Gourmet Carnival yesterday, promoting a drinks product. Fiona is particularly happy this Christmas because her brothers and sisters and her mother have come to visit her in Hong Kong and spend the holiday together. From Friday, she will be spending three nights on the run having dinner with her family and she even went out food shopping herself for yesterday's meal, ready to show off her cookery skills.

Will she be giving Christmas presents to her friends? Fiona says she has not prepared many gifts, but she will be taking her mother to go and watch Paula Tsui in concert. Fiona also spent a seven figure sum on an apartment for her family to live in, so this in itself is already a great present. She explains that her own home is too small at the moment and her sister and brother have to sleep in the lounge, so she will be moving into a larger place and this is the second time she has bought a property.

As she will be spending Christmas with her family, does this mean that potential boyfriends need not bother inviting her out? Fiona syas that she does not have many pursuers at the moment, but she has received some gifts from men such as necklaces. Although it is not so sweet not to have a lover to spend Christmas with, she feels that spending the time with her family is very warm and after all, it has been eleven years since she has spent Christmas together with her family and this chance is hard to find now.

Recently there have been reports that her ex-boyfriend Wu Man San and Don Li have developed some chemistry with each other after playing tenpin bowling together. Fiona says she does not believe this and she does not want to say too much. She feels that it is the magazine making things up and their imaginations are running wild. Asked if she believes Wu has changed his sexual orientation, Fiona says she does not believe this and she just smiled when she saw the reports. Wu himself was unavailable for comment.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/06]

Michael Miu Hands Out Autographs to Young and Old

Michael Miu appeared in his "Dicey Business" character Kiu Ching Chor, wearing a suit, at a trade exhibition yesterday promoting his clothing sponsors, holding an autograph session that attracted a large audience. The special Michael calendars that had been printed were quickly distributed and Michael indicated that he has not been to an autograph signing for a long time now and when it was pointed out how popular he was, he said modestly that it was just the event being quite busy and his series is currently airing, so the response is greater.

When the reporters commented that his attractiveness is no less than in his heyday, he smiles happily and says: "Really? I don't know, it is all thanks to the support from the viewers." Asked if he would like to be a 'housewife killer', Michael smiles that he does not because he doesn't just want to be a killer for housewives, he would like to attract them all. He asks in reply: "Surely you don't want my supporters to just be housewives?" Will he consider setting up his own fan club? Michael says that his mainland fans have set up a fan club and website for him and this has been going for ten to twenty years now, but he has only found out recently about this website, so he will go on and leave messages there and upload some of his recent photographs to share with the fans.

Michael says that he has a lot of fans on the mainland and he will set up a tour for them to come to Hong Kong and meet him. He has also met with local fans to go for tea. He says that these fans have supported him since the days of 'The Legend of the Condor Heroes' and beforehand, they had continuously called for him to make a comeback and now he has.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/12/06]

Maggie Shiu at Christmas Promotion

The Winter Shopping Carnival took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday and was attended by Maggie Shiu, Lee Sze Kei, Priscilla Ku and Wu Fung at various times of the day, who were all promoting their relative sponsors' products. The company that Maggie had earlier invested in had a stand at the show and she made a special appearance to support them. She says that her company partners felt that if she said one thing it would better than if they said ten things, so as a member of the company directors, then she will support them as well as act as a spokesperson for them.

Maggie has been busy filming for her movie "The Curse" recently and she will be heading out to Thailand for location filming soon. Earlier she was filming at a disused chemical plant in Tuen Mun and the scariest thing about the place was not any ghost or spirits, but when the crew told her that there were rats there that were the size of cats. She admits that she is very afraid of rats, but she never thought that the male staff around her were even more afraid of cockroaches.

Priscilla and Sze Kei were there to promote their health food sponsors and Priscilla indicates that she will be spending Christmas with a group of celebrity friends at a party at a secret location. Guests will include Carol Cheng and Lui Fong and they will play a version of 'Deal or No Deal' for everyone to select their presents and she will be offering a bonus gift of $10,000. Christmas Eve is her husband's birthday also and she laughs: "Jesus was born on Christmas Day, but there were stories that the devil was born on the 24th, so my husband is always saying he is the devil!"


[The Sun 24/12/06]

Virginia Lok Returns to Thailand for Christmas

TVB Executive Virginia Lok was with her sons and her family when the Boxing Day Tsunami struck Thailand two years ago, fortunately they all survived the disaster. Two years later, the shadow of the incident is still deeply etched in their memories. However, this year, Ms Lok will be taking her two sons back to Bangkok for their Christmas vacation. After the tsunami, Ms Lok was able to recover her purse and watch that were kept in the safe of her Phuket hotel and although it has been damaged and soaked by the sea water, she still keeps it by her side as a reminder of how lucky she and her family were.


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