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[Ta Kung Pao 23/12/06]

Myolie Wu Wants to Take Prize Money for Christmas

Myolie Wu, Anne Heung and Linda Chung joined Chen Guokun (GK) and others in the latest episode of the quiz show "Questioning Showbiz". As this show is concerned about showbiz gossip, and with Linda not having lived in Hong Kong for long and not too accustomed to the entertainment news, she had to seek the help of her entourage. Earlier there were reports that Linda had been ostracised by the other cast members in her series, leaving her on her own, but she explained yesterday that on the day in question, she was just too tired so when she had time, she used it to catch some sleep at one side. She says: "I get on very well with the other cast members and I have always been someone who enjoys their work."

Myolie claims to have some knowledge of the showbiz gossip, so she was confident of winning the prize money to spend over Christmas. As for whether she will be buying a present for Bosco Wong, she says frankly that maybe she won't because she does not have time to go and choose anything. Earlier, there were reports that Jay Chou was tipped for the lead role in the series "The Legend of Bruce Lee", but this role was later given to GK. Asked how he felt about beating Jay to the role, GK said he had not won because Jay had not presented himself for the role at all and he is just someone who likes Bruce Lee a lot.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/12/06]

Sheren Tang is Guangzhou's TV Queen

Sheren Tang, Moses Chan, Nick Cheung, Eric Tsang and Tavia Yeung appeared in Guangzhou yesterday for the "Southern Grand Awards Ceremony". For the celebrities winning a mainland award for the first time, this was a very exciting affair and they all hoped for more opportunities to work with the talented actors and crew from the mainland and make more great productions for the viewers.

The Golden Awards for Film and Television is calculated from internet votes and ratings calculations and 'Made in Hong Kong' productions hold strong with the Guangdong viewers because of the language and culture advantages. Kwong Yip Sang's "New Taming of the Princess" won him the Best Direction Award, whilst Sheren Tang took Best Actress for her role in "Love from Qingdao". Sheren was extremely excited when she won the award and said that this is the first time she has received an award for Best Actress and it is a great encouragement to her. She says that she will work harder in the future to make more great shows and hopes that she can work with all the great talents in the mainland again.

Other awards presented included Hong Kong/Taiwan Artiste with the Greatest Potential - Tavia Yeung, Most Popular Cantonese Comedy Actor - Nick Cheung, Outstanding Comedy Master - Eric Tsang, Most Popular Hong Kong/Taiwan Male Star- Moses Chan and Most Popular Hong Kong/Taiwan Female Star - Sonija Kwok. Eric continued his comedy aura as he accepted his award and seemed very relaxed in the knowledge he would win as there were no other nominees. However, he seemed a little agitated when he was asked about the complaints he received about his comments after the 'Yumiko incident' at the recent TVB Charity Show, saying: "It seems to be a new trend in Hong Kong, where it is so easy for people to complain, so they will do it if they are the slightest bit unhappy. I have always wondered if there is a special organisation that plot to complain. I feel that this trend is very strange. I feel that the problem was not that big to start with, but there are some unhappy people out there."

Eric adds with resignation: "In our line of work, not everything can be done to make people satisfied. If I do my work, I hope that the majority of people will be happy and not just those one or two."


[Ta Kung Pao 23/12/06]

Miss HK's at TVB External Affairs Christmas Party

The ratings for ATV grand production "Relentless Justice" (aka "No Turning Back") have not lived up to expectations and as they have to prepare for flotation, the company have had to hand out some redundancies to staff at Christmas. However, on the other hand, TVB plan to hand out bonuses to their staff to drive motivation in a show of their relative strength in the market.

TVB's External Affairs Department held their Christmas Party yesterday and department Assistant Director Mr Tsang Sing Ming revealed the good news, indicating that the board had responded to the good results and rise in profits, so they have decided to allocate 1/16th of the basic profit for 2006 to their long-serving staff as bonuses this year. There will also be exceptional bonuses paid to high performers. The actual amounts of the bonus will vary depending on the employee's basic salary and should be paid on 12th February.

The three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in yesterday's party and Koni and Janet indicated that they do not have to work at Christmas. Koni will be attending a fancy dress party, where she will dress as Santa and she has already received a number of presents. As for Janet, although her boyfriend is abroad, she does not mind spending Christmas alone. As her friend is returning to Canada, she will pass on a Christmas gift to her boyfriend, which is some handmade chocolate and a frame with her photograph in it. She has not received anything from her boyfriend yet though.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/12/06]

Joe Ma and Bernice Liu will be Working over Christmas

Bernice Liu and Joe Ma will both be busy working over this year's Christmas holiday, with Joe filming for "The Drive of Life" and Bernice working on her new series whilst promoting her new series "The Brink of Law".

Talking of 2006, which is rapidly drawing to a close, she says she has been very satisfied because she has a pair of beloved dogs and they have had a wedding now, so she is wondering if they will have puppies in the Year of the Pig. As for her future plans, she says she will continue working hard to make more money because she would like to move into a bigger home. She bought her current home two years ago and at the time, Jessica Hsuan had advised her to save more money and then buy a larger home in a few years time, but she was too eager at the time and bought the apartment. Now she has found that the space is not enough for her, because her parents have come to live with her in Hong Kong and she has two dogs, so she would like a little more space. As for whether she would like some romantic bliss in 2007, she says that she hopes to find someone to share herself with and chat to her. At the moment, there is just her father, so she does hope for the opportunity to meet someone."

As for Joe, he will be releasing his own record soon and he says that there are five songs on there and one is from his new series "The Conquest" (aka "Warlords"). He hopes that the audience will like this song and though it understand his role of the Wu Emperor. He points out that he has already released two records and hopes that next year, there will be another record entitled "Joe Ma's Theme Songs" to allow people to re-live the characters he has played.


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