Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 20/12/06]

Ron and Shirley will be in New York for Christmas

Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Alvina Kong, Jack Wu and Ha Yu were filming for new TVB quiz show "Questioning Showbiz" yesterday.

Ron took his pet dog that he has had for five or six years to film a promotional clip earlier because he felt the dog was a bit too fat, so he wanted to show him off. As for Christmas, Ron will be heading out to New York for a stage performance with Shirley and setting out today, so he will be working on Christmas Eve. Asked if he will be giving a Christmas Present to rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon, he says: "No, I wont. I will give to my friends though. (She is a friend also?) I don't think I will see her this year, but I don't want to talk about these things now." Shirley has already bought a gift for her mother, but she has not bought anything for her boyfriend yet. This quiz show will be asking questions about entertainment news and Shirley has usually kept an eye on the gossip, most recently checking out Cathy Tsui's fairytale wedding news.

After leaving TVB in 1999, Alvina marks her return by hosting this show and she says that she has met some old colleagues giving her a very warm feeling. As for the show possibly touching on some sensitive issues in the entertainment industry, is she afraid of upsetting her friends? She says she is not worried because true friends will understand her personality and she adds: "All my friends are 'neat and tidy', so there is nothing for me to reveal about them."


[Ta Kung Pao 20/12/06]

Bernice Sings at the Asian Television Awards

The Annual Asian Television Awards ceremony was held on 30th November in Singapore. TVB was nominated in six categories and took the award for 'Best Music Programme' with its presentation of Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung's Music Special.

Bernice Liu and Amigo Chui were invited to perform at the event and present an award and they were both excited and nervous. Bernice opened the show with a rendition of "The Greatest Love of All" and Amigo also performed the song "Love - Very Simple" in the show. They were guest presenters for several awards and when TVB was presented with the Best Music Programme Award, Amigo represented the company in accepting the award. Both Bernice and Amigo are proud of TVB's achievements on the international scene.

The award-winning show starred Miriam, Leo, Mark Lui and Justin Lo, talking of them taking a trip to Australia to look for musical inspiration. They held a special ad hoc open air concert in the centre of Melbourne and then they ran around as they sang. Whether they were on the hills, on the roads or beside the lakes, they could find inspiration from all these places and performing in harmony with nature.


[Ming Pao 20/12/06]

Raymond Lam will be Working at Christmas

Raymond Lam, Angela Tong and Linda Chung took part in the 'Hong Kong Harmonious Family Selection' opening ceremony at Olympian City yesterday and attracted many fans to support them. Talking of Christmas, they each have their plans. Currently busy filming for "The Drive of Life", Raymond will be spending his Christmas working: "I have worked through Christmas for several years now, but I will try to take some time out to celebrate with my family. Recently I have found myself a little stressed and I even woke up after having a nightmare one night, then all I think about are my lines for my scenes and it is like I am crazy. So I hope to take a rest and go to Tibet to absorb some mystic natural forces and recharge my batteries."

Linda will be flying to Germany and Canada to visit her family and go on holiday. She says: "For the past few years, I have had work over Christmas, but this year I finally have some time off. The happiest thing is to be able to have a white Christmas." Angela plans to have a small party at home and in a change to tradition, she will be having a Chinese Basin Meal and crabs for her rather unusual Christmas Dinner.


[Ming Pao 20/12/06]

Charmaine Sheh is named as one of Four Top Chinese Females 2006

At the tom.com entertainment awards held on Monday in Beijing, Charmaine Sheh joined Ruby Lin, Liu Yifei and Vicky Zhao in the line up for the "Year's Top Four Female Stars Award". To win such a prestigious award alongside some of the mainland's top names has certainly boosted Charmaine's market value. Although the temperatures in Beijing are at -5 degrees C, the stars still defied the cold as they appeared in their elaborate outfits and Charmaine wore a low cut backless dress.

In response to winning this award, Charmaine smiles: "I am very honoured and very happy. (Do you feel pressure from winning so many awards this year?) No, the most important thing is the work I have in hand and I hope that next year I will meet with more great scripts. (What hopes do you have for next year?) I would like to do a stage show because I have turned one down this year because of my schedules and I hope that after filming 'The Drive of Life', then I will have another opportunity, however I am afraid because on a stage show, you can't have any NG's."


[The Sun 20/12/06]

Janet Chow is Turned Down by a Boy

Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in a Charity Voluntary Service Day event yesterday, playing games and holding a Christmas Party for disabled children in a very heartwarming scene. However, Janet was turned away by one of her young friends. She had invited a boy to have his photo taken with her, but he refused blankly and left her a little embarrassed. Afterwards she explained: "He didn't have anything against me, he just didn't like having his photo taken. I told him that photos are like memories. (Do you mind being turned down?) Not at all, when you are with children, you have to be very patient, so I don't mind how many times I am turned down."


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