Sunday, December 17, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 17/12/06]

Raymond's Dog Mimi Enjoys a Massage

Raymond Lam and Natalie Tong took part in a "Smart Pet Carnival" event earlier and under the guidance of an instructor, Raymond's beloved pet dog first enjoyed an aromatherapy reflex point massage and she sat obediently seemingly enjoying herself - some dogs really do have a good life! Also, they also joined the instructor in making some special Christmas Doggy Cake that made Mimi very excited as she ran over to the audience to say hello.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/12/06]

Charmaine's Ambition to Open a Kindergarten

Charmaine Sheh was dressed in traditional Korean costume at a promotional event for the animated version of "Dae Jang Geum" at the New World Centre earlier. As well as making picked vegetable sushi, she also played games with the audience and handed out some gifts in an excited atmosphere. Charmaine sings the theme song to the cartoon entitled 'The Crowning of Stars' and she admits she is feeling a little pressure from singing a children's song for the first time, but she hopes that it will bring her a group of young fans. Charmaine reveals that she has an ambition that is to open a kindergarten and watch the children playing happily at school because that would be very satisfying for her. However, she believes that this wish will only happen after she is in semi-retirement.

This is the first time that Charmaine has worn a Korean costume and she feels that it is a lot simpler than the Chinese ancient costumes. Talking of her sushi creation, Charmaine says that her culinary skills are only average, but before she entered showbiz, she had tried to make heart-shaped steak for her boyfriend, but failed. After entering the industry, she has never cooked again with any boyfriend, so she says that she would like to meet a boyfriend who is a good cook.

There were earlier reports that Charmaine was flirting with Raymond Lam, Joe Ma and Ron Ng and suggesting that she even sat on Ron's thigh. Charmaine says angrily that these reports are so pointless, so there is no need to respond. Asked if she was unhappy about the reports, she admits that they did make her a little unhappy.


[Ming Pao 17/12/06]

Lee San San Avoiding Chin Ka Lok at Racing Event

Former lovers Chin Ka Lok and Lee San San both took part in the C1 Super Cars Charity Event in Zhuhai yesterday and San San seemed to pretend not to see Ka Lok when she walked past. When the reporters asked them to pose for a photo together, she immediately bounced away as if she had seen a ghost.

Afterwards, she was asked if she was avoiding Ka Lok. She responded that she has seen him in Zhuhai, but there was no awkwardness. She says that before the race, there was an instructor giving her some training and so she thanks him for the thought, but she does not need his assistance. Ka Lok compliments San San for her driving skills and her determination.

In the race, Ka Lok took first place, Carlo Ng came in second and San San took a respectable sixth place. During the race, both San San and Anya crashed out into the grass, but they were unharmed.


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