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[Ta Kung Pao 13/12/06]

'Curious Detective' Blessing Ceremony

TVB's new series "Curious Detective" held its blessing ceremony yesterday and cast members present included Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and Margie Tsang. Sonija plays a tough cop in the show and she says it has been hard work because there are so many action scenes and she smiles that her role is more like a superhero.

When filming an urban chase scene earlier in Central that tells of Sonija involved in a car crash, despite there being a stunt double there, she still did a lot of the action scenes herself and it left her with a rather bruised thigh. She smiles that if she meets with a car coming towards her, she knows to jump to safety over the car. Conversely in her forthcoming series "Warlords", she played a girl who was always crying and very different from her current role.

When Roger arrived, he was telling everyone excitedly that the ratings for "Glittering Days" has risen to 34 points. He also reveals that he has received news that he may be working alongside Tony Leung Ka Fai in a mainland movie, but it depends on when this series is completed. Roger says that he has known Tony from his early days in the industry, but he has never had the chance to work with him, so this would be a great chance. He smiles: "Tony is a 'film king' and I am a 'TV king', so I am slightly inferior."

Although Kenneth and Margie have never admitted to dating, there is definitely some flirting between them and they seem very compatible. When they were making their offering at the ceremony, it was joked that they looked as though they were getting married. Afterwards, Margie said she had not thought about this at all and does not understand this response from the reporters.

When the press pointed out how compatible they seem to be, Margie laughed: "How compatible? (You are exchanging glances?) You must be joking!" She says that she does not have any scenes with Kenneth in the show, so when asked why the producer had not arranged this perk for her: "Don't use those words, it wouldn't be so easy to see." Asked if she has asked Kenneth for advice in returning to the television world, she smiles that he is like her leading light and is teaching her how to navigate TVB City.

Kenneth also points out that he has more scenes with everyone else over Margie and Margie laughs that if you want to see them both on the stage together, then you may have to wait until next year's Tung Wah show. Asked if she wants to do the acrobat stunt, she smiled: "So sensitive, not saying." Margie and Kenneth were finishing each other's sentences and showing how well they were together and were made fun of again by the reporters, Margie couldn't help responding: "Standing together like this is already being quite open, we are colleagues! After all, if you believe it then it is, if you don't then it isn't."


[Ta Kung Pao 13/12/06]

'Homeland Beauty' Finalists Revealed in Swimwear

L-R: 1. Wang Peng Peng, 2. Gu Meng Ling, 3. Wan Mei Jia, 4. Tang Yan Qing, 5. Ma Yan, 6. Li Bi, 7. Huo Yan Jing, 8. Zhao Ying Ying

The eight mainland finalists from the earlier episodes of "Homeland Beauty" (aka 'Landscapes & Beauties) appeared to meet the press in their swimwear yesterday ahead of this week's final. However, before the photoshoot, there appeared to be a 'battle of the elbows' with Number 1 Wang Peng Peng and Number 8 Zhao Ying Ying winning on the elbow front and pushing the other contestants out of the way and covering their competitors with their elbows.

Number 4 Tang Yan Qing was the worst off as she was pushed to one side completely by the other contestants. However, she indicated that she did not mind and pointed out that if everyone put their hands on their hips, then the group photo would not look good. Number 8 Zhao Ying Ying indicated that she did not know she was covering Number 7 Huo Yan Jing and if she did, she was very sorry. She adds that Number 7 stood facing the wrong direction and she did not want to be obstructed, so she had to do this. She also says that she has had to adapt to this because they have not rehearsed together before, so there will be some minor problems. She believes that Number 7 will not be angry with her because they share a room and are good friends.

Number 6 Li Bi is lacking a little in height and in the official photos, it was found that she had not shaved her armpits. When she heard this, she immediately reacted strongly: "What? Really? That's disgusting! I hope you don't publish that photograph, I am young and naive." She says that she does usually shave her armpits and she will pay more attention to this in future.

The show will be hosted by Wong He and Ha Yu. Originally it was supposed to be Wong He and Bowie Lam, but there have been rumours that they have fallen out and Bowie has pulled out of the job because he allegedly could not stand Ah He for stopping him from eating meat and as a result Ha Yu was asked to step in.

Wong He responded to this yesterday with resignation. He said that the company told him that Bowie has other work in hand at the moment and so he will not be taking on this job. Asked if he has told people not to eat meat, Ah He says that he does eat meat, but just those animals are not killed for him or killed in front of him. He will eat this type of meat and he is not a vegetarian. As for what Bowie has said, is he angry? Ah He indicates that they have known each other for many years and they will be filming a long series together later, so of course he will not be angry and nor will he let this get between them. He says that there is no animoscity between them and so it is hard for him to respond.

Asked if he has spoken to Bowie about this, he says: "This is not an incident that I have caused, there is no misunderstanding betwen us and it is beyond our control. You should ask the person who created this gossip to talk about it." He does not believe that Bowie said what he is reported to have said.

As for constantly being reported as falling out with other people, Wong He says that this is news from a long time ago and he knows that people have this view of him that he is trying hard to change and he will work even harder to try and get on with everybody. As for the latest gossip, he feels this is like a recurring criminal and so the finger will be pointed at him even before things have been clarified. What difference is this to being left with a death sentence?


[Ta Kung Pao 13/12/06]

Yoyo Mung Avoids Talking about Ekin

Yoyo Mung, Teresa Carpio and Chan Shan Chung took part in the opening ceremony of a beauty centre yesterday and they have a special facility there, that is a 'couples spa'. Shan Chung jokingly suggested that Yoyo should go and try it out with her 'good friend', but she pretended to be stupid and said: "I will definitely try it out after I have found a boyfriend." Since the reports broke about her romance with Ekin Cheng, their names have been continuously linked, but Yoyo continues to evade talking about him.

With Christmas approaching, Yoyo was asked whether she would re-enact Ekin's birthday and make a cake for him. She says she has not thought about this and the last time was just because she had borrowed an oven from her make-up artist, so she made a cake for him. Will they be spending the festival together romantically? Yoyo says that she will be starting to film her new series soon, so she will be very busy and so she will probably not have time to celebrate.

As for the media concentrating on the topic of their romance, she changed the topic again and did not respond. She said that she headed out to Europe to do some promotions for TVB and she suspects she had some unclean food that gave her severe food poisoning and Moses Chan also fell foul to it. So is Ekin worried about her? She continues to ignore the mention of Ekin and continues: "All my colleagues have recovered well. After going to Europe, my skin has dried out so I will need to do a few more masks to get back to rights." So has she put a mask on her boyfriend before? She could not resist it any more this time and told the reporters not to mention Ekin any more, but she believes that putting on a mask for her friends is not a bad idea.


[The Sun 13/12/06]

Lai Lok Yi and Emme Wong Openly Meeting Up

There have been reports recently that Emme Wong and Lai Lok Yi have begun dating and have been spotted going to the cinema together. The reports also indicate that Emme has dumped Shawn Yue as as a result. However, on the telephone yesterday, Lok Yi denied the rumours: "Emme and I are just friends and there were six of us in a group at the cinema that night. We were openly meeting up together and there will be no awkwardness in the future, when we will continue to go out. (Are you interested in Emme?) I prefer girls from outside the industry because if we are both from showbiz, then it would be difficult to find time to date. (The reports suggest you forged a romance through badminton?) Oh, don't say silly things. I cherish my friends from the industry." As for the other party, Emme says that she just found the reports rather amusing.


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