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[Ta Kung Pao 10/12/06]

Kevin Cheng Experiences Being Shaved by Beauties

TVB leading male Kevin Cheng was dressed in a 'men in black' suit yesterday, appearing at a shaving promotional event and he had shaving foam applied by model Ankie before being shaved by another beautiful model Amanda S. He smiles willingly: "I have never been treated like this by a woman." However, he had already shaved that day and he laughs that a man's appearance is very important. In the past he has grown some stubble to film for a series and he was once photographed with a lot of chest hairs, so he wants to maintain a clean image now.

With his popularity rising, Kevin's negative press seems to be flooding in and the most recent has reported that he is very arrogant during filming. In response, he says: "On that day, there was a big group of reporters present, so why would I be frowning when there are so many people around. I have tried to maintain a good relationship with the media and reply to their questions politely and only one media company has written this about me, so it is definitely made up, but I understand that these things happen all the time and is beyond my control. (Have you changed after winning TVB's Best Actor award?) Of course not! I daren't change because in life you should not be too pessimistic when you are sad, but also you must not be proud when you are happy. You have to find a balance."

Talking of his rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow's recent incident of intruders to her home posing as deliverymen and frightening her mother and then involving the police, Kevin was asked if he has been to visit Auntie? He smiles: "Ha! Niki did mention it to me, and I have asked her to pass on my wishes to her mother. (Will you tell your own mother to be careful when answering the door?) I understand that the media has to find news, but they should not take things too far and should stay within limits and professional conduct, otherwise it will be like a rotting branch and affect the relationship between artistes and the media."


[Ta Kung Pao 10/12/06]

Shirley Yeung is Not Yet Prepared for Marriage

Shirley Yeung wore a pink chipao-style dress to model a special set of wedding jewellery and revealing a special golden pig statue as well as joining in some games. Shirley is very pleased with her fee for this event and she was also presented with a miniature golden pig. If she gets married, will she be sponsored with even more jewellery? She smiles that when the day comes for her to get married, then she will think about it then.

Asked if she has prepared her jewellery for when she gets married, she says she has not, but she feels that gold is a good investment, so she will buy a golden goat pendants to match her own zodiac sign. Asked if she will give one to her boyfriend, Shirley smiles at first that she does not know which will match her boyfriend's zodiac sign, but then she jokes: "I think he will be most compatible with me, but there are no pendants with me on for him! (If there were pendants with your image on, would your boyfriend wear it?) I don't know, I don't think he will." Shirley says that she and her boyfriend rarely match their outfits, but as he has recently been attracted by her phone, then they might soon have matching phones.

Asked if she minds shooting ads together with her boyfriend, Shirley admits that they have been asked to do this in the past, but they could not match their schedules to take the job. The most important thing is to make money, so she would be happy to work together with her boyfriend. Shirley would most like to work with him to model the latest lovers' diamond jewellery.


[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 10/12/06]

Carol, Anne, Niki and Kevin supporting Anti-Smoking Campaign

Carol Cheng (Dodo), Anne Heung joined 'Smokeless Dining Ambassadors' Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng at an anti-smoking event in Causeway Bay yesterday and the health-conscious Carol shared her experiences of days with bad vices, when she would smoke and play mah jong, once playing for three days solidly at the new year, even crazier than some housewives.

Carole has always supported anti-smoking, but in the colourful world of showbiz, it was hard not to be affected by other people. She smiles: "At the time, I decided not to film any more series, so I started arranging to meet people to play mah jong. As the other three people were all smoking, I ended up trying it as well, but it was very unpleasant as her home and clothes all smelt terrible and she felt like I was wasting so much time, so I decided to quit smoking and quit Mah Jong." Does her boyfriend Lui Fong also not drink or smoke? Carol says that he also plays mah jong with friends and although he will not smoke in front of her, she believes that he does smoke outside. She says: "He will sometimes come home chewing gum and I think this is to take away the smell of smoke, but it doesn't matter. He has his own habits. (Is he not allowed to kiss you after smoking?) I will tell him off. However, he will be appearing in concert in March, so he has to train by running, so he should not be smoking now." Asked how she will support her boyfriend, Carol says that she does not know how to make soup or do massage, nor will she help him sort his costumes out, so she can only support him silently.

Anne has severe respitory allergies so she has supported the anti-smoking campaign all along, but she did have to learn to smoke whilst filming for a series earlier. In the end, the producer deleted all her smoking scenes because he said they looked too fake. She smiles: "Although it was a shame, but that experience made me hate smoking even more because it made me stink. (Will you choose a boyfriend who does not smoke?) Most of my friends around me smoke, but my boyfriend will not smoke around me because this is an element of respect."

Niki says that when she was filming for her first movie "Fighting for Love", it was filmed on a small set and everyone else was smoking, so it caused her to have a nosebleed. At the time, the crew laughed and asked her if she was having a nosebleed after meeting Tony Leung. After the earlier intruder incident, Niki indicated that her mother is much better now and many friends have offered their well wishes. Asked if she will be taking legal action, she says: "If anything happened to my mother, I would pursue it to the end, but we have not lost anything and knowing they were not thieves has put our minds at rest a little."


[The Sun 10/12/06]

Miss Hong Kong Winners Freeze in Chipaos

Leanne Li joined Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui as models for a youth photography competition in Shatin yesterday, wearing traditional chipao costumes from different eras, but as the weather is rather chilly now, they were shivering with the cold. Aimee said: "Although I am a little cold, but the costume is so pretty, I will not wear a jacket." Janet reveals taht she has recently developed over 500 photographs of them, some of which she had downloaded from the internet.


[The Sun 10/12/06]

Charmaine Does not have Time to Play 'The Last Princess'

Charmaine Sheh is currently busy filming for new series "The Drive of Life" and there were rumours breaking yesterday that renowned mainland writer Yu Zheng has invited her to play the role of Princess Yunxiang in the forthcoming production of "The Last Princess". However, due to clashes of schedules, they are now preparing another role for her portraying a legendary Chinese actress and working opposite Suen Hing.

When the press asked TVB executive Virginia Lok for confirmation of this, she says she does not know about this at all because Charmaine is currently busy filming for 'The Drive of Life', so she will only finish this in May of next year and there is no way she can take on any other series during this time.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/12/06]

Jessica Hsuan Promotes Caring for Animals

Jessica Hsuan was interviewed in a radio show yesterday and chose ten of her favourite songs to air on the show. Among them included theme songs as well as classics such as Alan Tam's 'Ngoi Dik Gan Yuen' (The Root of Love) and her own favourite performance song 'Kap Ji Gei Dik Ching Shun' (A Love Letter to Myself).

If the listeners felt the same way when they were listening to her songs, then by sending a blank message in, they could donate money to a charity for abandoned animals. Jessica is a dog-lover and she is full of praises for this charity, who rescue many abandoned animals to avoid them being killed. In the past, her friend lost her cat and it was later found battered to death on a car.

Jessica regularly does charity work and she will donate her old clothes and soft toys to charity organisations, but sometimes there is too much and some charities refuse to accept them, so she takes them to the Salvation Army so they can be passed to those who need them. Has she also thought about setting up her own charitable trust? She smiles that she does not have the attraction of Leon Lai.


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