Thursday, December 07, 2006

[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/06]

Niki Chow's Mother Faces Intruders in Home

Niki Chow's mother was faced with a man and a woman intruder in her home yesterday morning and as she has high blood pressure, Niki and her older brother took her to hospital yesterday for some checks to make sure she was alright. The incident has been handed to be dealt with the police. Afterwards, a statement was made by Niki's record company BMA, saying that this inexplicable and illegal behaviour makes both Niki and the company very angry and they will pursue justice to the end. If the photographs taken in the incident are published through any means, the company will reserve the right to pursue legal action against the perpetrators.

Reports indicate that yesterday morning, a man and a woman were posing as delivery people, bringing a flower basket to Niki's home and at the time Niki was out filming so she was not at home. Mama Chow answered the door without any suspicion, but the people rushed into the house and took a number of photographs with their mobile phones. Mama Chow became frightened and asked them why they were taking photographs and threatening to call the police. In the confusion that ensued, the phone was dropped to the ground and the battery came apart. The couple then escaped without a trace. When Niki heard about this during filming, she was very angry because her mother suffers from high blood pressure and she was worried that her mother's health would be affected, so she and her brother took their mother for a check up. All was fine though and Mama Chow was allowed to go home and rest. Niki said furiously: "As an artiste, then I accept these things, but why bother my family? Pretending to deliver a fruit basket is very despicable and they should not intrude on private property. If these photographs are published, then we will know who the culprits are."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/06]

Raymond Lam Day at Disneyland

Today is Raymond Lam's 27th Birthday, but he is currently away filming in Canada for "The Drive of Life", so he will be working on his birthday. However, before he flew out, his manager arranged half a day off for him especially to celebrate his birthday at Disneyland and when the theme park found out that it was Raymond's birthday, they presented him with a giant chocolate birthday cake and arranged for Mickey and Minnie to have their photograph taken with him. Mickey and Minnie also presented him with a special birthday kiss and the experience took him back 20 years to when he was just 7 years old!

Having visited Disneyland before, Raymond never imagined he would spend his birthday there or get so close to Worldwide Superstars Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As well as their kisses, Raymond also received an autographed birthday card from the famous duo. He says: "My favourite cartoon characters are Chip n Dale, but I have to rush back to film in the studio so I don't have time to have my photo taken with them. I have found plenty of their souvenirs in the gift shop though as a consolation."


[Ta Kung Pao 08/12/06]

Lydia Sum Flies Back to Canada for Mother's Birthday

Still recovering from her serious illness, Lydia Sum was accompanied by Mimi Chu yesterday as she set out for Canada, to rest and celebrate her mother's 95th birthday and Christmas. Lydia's daughter Joyce did not accompany her though as she left in another car before Lydia set out for the airport. It is planned that Joyce will join her mother and grandmother later for their family reunion.

Lydia arrived at the airport at around 1pm yesterday and was being pushed in a wheelchair. Her good friend Florence Chan's son had arrived in advance to make all the arrangements for her. Aided by two members of the airport staff, Lydia was taken into the gate area, stopping for a moment for the press to take photographs. Although Lydia was wearing sunglasses, she still looked a little tired and a little yellow. Although she allowed the reporters to take photographs, she only responded to questions from TVB's official crew and did not reply to any other questions. When the TVB reporter asked how she was, she said: "Very good, thank you."


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