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[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Myolie Wu Shows off her Great Slim Figure

Myolie Wu took part in a promotional event earlier, taking part in a fashion show for the first time after slimming down. Her slimming regime has gone to plan and she will be shooting a set of final product photographs wearing a bikini and possibly filming on location abroad.

The style of her swimsuit will be selected jointly by Myolie and her sponsores and will be a very seasonal red colour. Asked if it will be quite skimpy, she says openly: "Even if there is not very much cloth, then it is okay for now but it will not be too bad because she still has to keep covered up." Will she be asking for comments from her 'good friend' Bosco Wong? She says that she can make her own decisions and she is not worried about her friends being unhappy about it because this is her work after all.

Myolie was presented with the latest digital camera at the event and she says that with this camera, she can write her blog. Earlier she had planned to write a book about her slimming experiences, but as she was too busy, this idea was scrapped. She has shot some short clips to chart her progress and she laughs that she does have the potential to be a film director and now that she has a camera, then filming will be even more convenient. With the recent reports of Walter Hau's blog being forged by someone in the mainland and revealing the sexual preferences of some male artistes, she feels that to forge a blog is not easy because there is a lot of personal information in blogs and it is very easy for people to see that it is a fake.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Raymond Lam's Early Birthday Party

Raymond Lam will celebrate his birthday on 8th December and as he has to fly out to Canada to film for "The Drive of Life" on the 6th, his Hong Kong and Taiwanese fans held a special party for him yesterday, where they presented him with a cake and flowers and various gifts before singing Happy Birthday to him, whilst Ray conducted them. His fan club had also recorded some clips of well wishes from his friends in the industry, including Ron Ng, Sunny Chan and Virginia Lok.

Raymond has already had two birthday celebrations before this - the first was when his manager tricked him to a business dinner that turned out to be a celebration with 20 friends from within and outside the industry, that was a great surprise. The other time was a celebration held with his Shanghai and mainland fans. He says: "Last year, the mainland fans came to Hong Kong especially to celebrate with me, so this year, as I was filming in Shanghai, I took the chance to meet them so they did not have to make another trip. (Have you received any special gifts?) I only arrived in Hong Kong yesterday, then I had this party today, so I have not had a chance to open them and take a look, but I have brought them all back with me. (What would you most like to receive?) I have already received this and that is everyone's thoughts."

As for his birthday wish, he says he has already received a reward from his career and that was to win the Favourite TV Actor award at this year's Annual Artiste Awards. He says: "Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me. As I did not have many series aired this year and have been busy filming all year, then there will be more of me on the screen next year and I hope that I can fight for this award again then." On a personal note, he hopes that he can have a week's vacation to let his brain rest. He says: "The changes to my role in 'Drive' is very big and it is making me a little bit schizophrenic, especially as the pressure is heightened with it being a country-wide project." He hopes that when filming is completed in April, he can have time to learn to dance and follow the advice of his seniors because dancing can help develop your body language as well as being good exercise to stay healthy. Talking of having a 'white birthday' in Canada, he thinks he will be celebrating at Gigi Wong's home: "Working with her, she often makes us food and soup and share it with everyone. She makes a lot so we are worried about putting on some weight when we get back."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Halina Tam - Slimming First Breast Enhancement Later

Beauty queens Halina Tam, Vivien Yeo and Leanne Li were dressed in sexy outfits despite the cold weather as they took part in the opening ceremony for a new slimming and beauty centre. Halina has signed a six-figure contract to be spokesperson for this company for a year, of which six months have already passed.

Talking of slimming tips, Halina says that as well as eating more plainly, she will go dancing to lose weight. Asked why she is still slimming when she is paper thin already, she smiles: "Dancing helps to slim the parts that you want to be slim. (So which parts do you want to be fatter?) I am working on this, this time I am slimming, next time it will be breast enhancement. I feel I fit this spokesperson position very well. (Does your boyfriend prefer you to have a larger or smaller bust?) He is very obedient and does not mind my appearance, so no matter how I am, he can adjust."

Although Halina is the spokesperson, her figure is still not as good as the other two ladies at the event and asked if she was worried about her role being in jeopardy of being taken? She says confidently: "Of course I am not worried, we all get along peacefully." Vivien quickly supported Halina, saying: "I hope to become a spokesperson too because I have seen that Halina does not have any fat on her body." Upon hearing this, Halina was very pleased. For Christmas this year, she will be working, so she cannot spend a sweet festival with her boyfriend, so she hopes he will bring her sweet soup to the set.

Vivien does not have a boyfriend this year, so she is waiting for her Prince Charming to appear. She will be heading over to a show in Singapore in mid-December and celebrate her brother's birthday, which is on Christmas Eve. Leanne will be busy being a bridesmaid for her friend at Christmas and this is the first time she has done this.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Joe Ma Admits to having Discussions with Producer

Joe Ma joined other celebrities at an occupational health event yesterday and as their promotional ambassador, he demonstrated the correct position to adopt when you sit at a computer on a desk. Asked about the earlier reports about TVB being unhappy with his negative press and deleting his scenes from high profile series "The Drive of Life", he says that this has not happened and he finds it all very amusing.

Joe says that he has asked the producer about this and they have not reduced his role. He says: "I have been working as normal, life has been normal and very happy. I have always had a good dialogue with the producer and we are all adults, so this should not affect my work." As for reports that he has been begging for mercy from TVB executive Virginia Lok, he says that there was no such thing and that the company have given him plenty of opportunities. He replies: "I have always been very good and there has been little effect on my work." However, he says that although his wife is in France, technology is advanced and she can still see the reports about him. As for what the situation with his son and wife, Joe refuses to discuss this on the grounds that it is personal.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Matthew Ko and Charles Szeto on IFC Charity Stairclimb

The charity stairclimb up the IFC Tower 2 was held yesterday and the celebrity team consisted of Matthew Ko, Charles Szeto, Marsha Yuen and Cheng Pui Pui and team captain Andy Hui. 46 teams took part from all walks of life and Matthew took the first leg, running up the first 33 floors, Marsha ran 20 floors, Pui Pui ran 12 floors and Charles ended the relay with the last 23 floors, bringing the celebrities in 24th.

Marsha is usually quite sporty and she goes jogging with music in her area without sweating at all. She says: "As I do not sweat, it feels like I have not been exercising so I will be going to the gym later to do some sweating." Matthew says that he did overtake three other teams on his leg, but when he got to the tenth floor, he was feeling the train and when he reached the 30th floor, he was starting to feel dizzy. He also says that the weather was too dry on that day and when he was panting, he felt his lungs were very uncomfortable. Swimming expert Charles says: "The celebrity team was faster this year and I have done my best, but the final leg was quite difficult and as I ran, I had to slow down to a walk to complete the task."

Andy reveals that he did take part last year, but he was worried about not being able to make it this year, so he did not run the race. He smiles that he has been promoted to captain to support everyone else. Asked about the recent scandal involving photographs taken of him by Leslie Kee that were revealed without his consent, Andy says: "He did call me, but I did not take the call as I will leave it until I see him at the company and talk about it then because the situation is both simple and complex." He explains that he took the job because he couldn't stand the persuasion from Leslie any more, but after he saw the photos from the shoot, he had indicated that he did not want these to be published, to which Leslie had agreed to respect his wishes. Andy says he still has copies of the emails as evidence and he will leave it to the company to decide whether to issue a legal letter or not. Andy says he has known Leslie for over ten years and he feels that they have built up a trust after working together for so long, but now this has been betrayed, he feels both upset and hurt and that he has made the wrong decision. Talking of just a few hundred dollars of the thousands from the cost of the photobook going to charity, Andy feels that this is not enough. Asked if he feels he has been used, he says: "I feel unhappy that the trust built up in over ten years and a seemingly charitable cause has caused so much upset."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/12/06]

Four Pretty Girls Promote New Entertainment Show

TVB will be launching a new entertainment show in January called "Questioning Showbiz" and as the host and guests for this show have not yet been confirmed, four pretty girls Suki Chui, Jolie Chan, Nancy Wu and Selena Li helped with promotional activity yesterday, attracting many members of the public to watch. During the event, they performed some hula hooping as well as holding a quiz with members of the audience. Wearing a skirt for the event, Nancy accidentally revealed herself when she was judging and when she realised, she quickly held onto her skirt.

Suki was due to take part in the 'Karaoke Stars' for this Saturday's Tung Wah Charity Event but she indicates that she has been too busy working and has not had enough time to rehearse, so she has had to pull out. She smiles: "I was worried about singing badly, so I will learn to become better at singing before I perform for everyone. (What else would you like to learn?) I have learned to drive and now I am learning to swim. I will be learning to sing in January and this is all to prepare myself for filming."

Jolie reveals that she would like to go and further her career in the mainland and Taiwan, but she needs to find a suitable manager first and she is currently making contact with a number of potential managers in the hope of finding success this year and to start working next year. She is looking for someone who has similar goalsto her and whom she can communicate with. "I am feeling quite nervous because I feel I have matured, so I cannot handly many more mistakes."


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