Tuesday, December 26, 2006

[The Sun 26/12/06]

Romance in the Rain as Bosco and Natalie Share a Soaking but not a Kiss

Bosco Wong and Natalie Tong were filming earlier for a romantic rain scene where they were soaked to the skin and shivering with cold. Still suffering from his earlier illness, Bosco did not have anything underneath his costume either, but Natalie was smart and covered herself with cling film protection.

Bosco and Natalie were filming for a scene in TVB's new series "The Seventh Day" in a rain scene that tells of them still having feelings for each other after splitting up and nearly succumb to the temptation of a forbidden kiss. Bosco is still suffering from flu but he was without fear as he filmed the scene without anything under his clothes and although he claimed he was fine and could hang on, he was sneezing and his nose was running throughout. Fortunately, his mother had prepared a flask of ginger tea for him, which he shared with Natalie to warm up.

Talking of their earlier kissing scene, Natalie was asked whether she was afraid of Bosco infecting her with his germs. She said: "On that day, he had recovered a lot, but afterwards, I did have a slightly tickly throat. Fortunately, everything was fine and it proves I have a strong immune system."

Aside from this, Natalie has just split up from boyfriend Amigo Chui and asked if he was afraid that this scene might stir up some of her emotions, Bosco says: "Oh? I did not know they had split up. She seems to be fine though and in this series, I am treating all the girls as my sisters and I will look after them. (Will you comfort her?) She is fine." Natalie was in high spirits and laughing and joking with the crew during filming.


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Sequel King Bobby Wins another Continuation from TVB

The series "Forensic Heroes" won much acclaim and high ratings in July this year and came second in the Top Ratings Series for 2006. Leading stars Bobby Au Yeung, Frankie Lam and Yoyo Mung all petitioned TVB immediately to film a sequel and this has been signed off to begin filming in July of next year.

When Bobby found out that TVB had accepted his suggestion, he was very happy and as many of his earlier series such as "Files of Justice", "Armed Reaction" and "Witness to a Prosecution" were all awarded sequels, he has now been officially named as the 'Sequel King'. Currently filming with Yoyo Mung in "Trouble Daddy", Bobby laughs: "Wow, that means I will be seeing her all year! She is great fun and is smart and open. The best thing is that if you have your hand on her shoulder when you go out, there will still be no rumours about you."

In Yoyo's last sequel series "Healing Hands", her character was killed off right at the beginning so this was a disappointment for her, so upon hearing the news of this sequel, Yoyo was very excited.


[The Sun 26/12/06]

Raymond Lam Injures his Eye Opening Presents

Raymond Lam took part in a Christmas event at a shopping mall yesterday and revealed when when he was having a Christmas Eve Karaoke Party with his friends, he received many gifts and the most unusual was from some friends who had gathered together all his news cuttings for him. Also there was a box full of emergency medication because his friends know he will soon be filming abroad, so it is for him to take with him in case of emergency.

However, there was a small incident during the celebrations because there was some confusion during the present unwrapping and Raymond accidently injured the corner of his eye, which still left him in some pain yesterday. Raymond's younger brother has just returned to Hong Kong for the Christmas break, so he has taken his brother out for a special Christmas Dinner.


[The Sun 26/12/06]

Nancy Wu's Car Breaks Down on Christmas Eve

Nancy Wu took part in a Charity promotion yesterday and she says that she was very unlucky on Christmas Eve because when she was getting ready to leave TVB City, she found that she could not start her car and even with Bobby Au Yeung's help, they still could not get it to start. In the end, he had to give her a lift. Kelvin Kwan was also at the event and he says that he had a party that night and drank a lot and did call Jill Vidal on that night, but he did not send a gift to his girlfriend abroad. He think she will not be jealous.


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