Friday, December 22, 2006

[The Sun 22/12/06]

Sharon Chan: Waiting for a Reply From Santa

Children have fantasies about Christmas time, but even 27-year old Sharon Chan has them too. When she was younger, she believed in the stories and secretly wrote her wishes in a letter to post to the Antarctic for Santa to read. Of all the festivals in the year, Sharon's favourite is definitely Christmas: "Every year on Christmas Eve, it feels like I have so much to prepare, such as putting up the tree, the presents and everything is just for Christmas Day. The atmosphere abroad is stronger than that in Hong Kong and a white Christmas is very romantic."

When Sharon was just four or five years old, she had already felt that Christmas was a magical time: "When I was young, I deeply believed that Father Christmas would give presents to good children, so every year at Christmas, I would be extra well behaved." The young Sharon hid in her room and keeping it secret from her mother, she would write to Santa, saying she would really like a Barbie doll: "I think I was really smart because I even knew that Santa lives in the Antarctic, so I sent the letter to him there."

Growing up is cruel and after waiting for a long time and not hearing anything back from him, the young Sharon grew wise to the fact that Santa is just a story, but for the young Sharon, this was a very sweet dream that she had.


[The Sun 22/12/06]

Kenny Wong Plays a Schizophrenic Cop

After taking the award for Best Supporting Actor at this year's TVB anniversary awards, Kenny Wong has had plenty of offers of work and recently he has taken his first stage production in "The Eye that has Lost You", where he plays a police officer who is suffering from Schizophrenia. Recently, he has been busy in rehearsals: "After filming TV series for over ten years, doing a live stage show is very different because there are no NG's in theatre, so you have to be very well rehearsed."

As for his performance, Kenny does not hold out much expectations because he has already gained a lot from meeting such a group of like-minded people: "Although I have been in TV circles for a long time, it has not been a waste because this is like a new start in my life. (What roles would you like to play?) In the past, I always have action scenes or play psychopaths, I hope I can take on some more comedic roles in the future."


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